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Family and Friends Offer: 25% off Storewide @ Freedom Furniture


Family & Friends offer from Freedom Furniture (Instore purchases only)

Link to register:

Step 1: Register: enter your details online so you can be sent the unique 25% off barcode

Step 2: Check your inbox on 4th August for your 25% off offer barcode

Step 3: Head into sotre and show your barcode email to staff at the counter to complete your purchase

T & Cs: 25% off valid on full price of furniture and homewares products from 04/08/20 to 17/08/20 on presentation of offer barcode. Offer excludes clearance items.
In store purchases only.
See full T&Cs at
EDIT: I'm not associated with Freedom. Got this email via a friend.

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    Just a word of warning that delivery has been horrible with Freedom and it seems for most large items they have to be ordered (from overseas?) and shipped. Waiting for months for delivery (ordered pre-CoViD) and order was eventually cancelled when after no updates and chasing up on where/when it would arrive. Talking to staff, they had similar issues with their own orders even for things like (fake) plants. Apparently they have issues with their back-end logistics or stock system?

    A discount is discount and should be able to get refunds but buyer beware particularly if you need things within a certain timeframe.

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      Same issue for me. Although the sales staff were very honest and upfront about the horrible logistic issues and did their best to provide an estimated delivery date - roughly 16-18 weeks for a lounge.

      • +1

        Wow 16 to 18 weeks? That is insane

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      My liquor trolley never arrived. I had to drink on the floor. #freedom

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      Agree with this 100%. Nice furniture but horrendous logistics and delivery. Have to keep chasing them up constantly for updates, nobody seems to really know what is going on with stock levels or when they can even get things in from other stores that do have stock.

      • +4

        They have some nice styles, but the quality is actually not that good. I got a display cabinet and TV unit from them and both had obvious chip marks in the veneer. When you pay $1500+ for a cabinet you'd expect it to arrive in one piece but unfortunately not the case.

        Anyway I ended up just keeping them as it wasn't worth the hassle of having to return them and wait another few months to get a replacement.

    • +1

      So guessing it'd be better to buy the stock in store

      And are we allowed to negotiate price before the discount

    • how common is stock not available in Australia?

    • Right. A colleague of mine just bought a table last weekend, and it is being delivered this week.

      Maybe it is just their luck?

      • Pretty standard for larger items to be back ordered in this trade, we’ve just ordered couches and other furniture for new house and most people had fairly long time from buying to delivery. If it’s smaller they often have it in shop so can get straight away.

    • I had a similar issue around Jan/Feb. It took 3 months to deliver a desk. When purchased they said it would be 2-3 weeks.

    • I can also confirm the delivery is exceptionally horrible. In my case ~20-24 weeks of wait, couldn't deliver the item eventually and refunded the money. Horrible experience with freedom!!!

    • Are they the furniture version of techfast?

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    Excuse my possible ignorance. But I’m guessing you can purchase a product in store, that must be ordered in (not currently in stock at the store) and that would be ok to get the discount?

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    Whatever tickles your fancy, but personally I find Freedom Furniture products to be massively overpriced and quality isn't that great either.

    • +7

      I thought these guys were the cheapest when they launched 20 years ago or whatever it was, now it looks like they're charging high end prices for IKEA like quality

      • +1

        They used to have a factory in Sydney (Lidcombe I think?). That's when they had good stuff - was well made of high quality.
        Now as you said, it's IKEA quality. Unfortunately people don't buy furniture for 20 years like once upon a time.

        • +2

          it's worse than IKEA quality.

          • @keejoonc: Having just spent a bit of time lounge shopping i have to disagree (a bit). IKEA stuff is much cheaper, but woeful quality compared with freedom (admittedly low bar, but still). Same with super A mart and fantastic furniture. Freedom is the next step up, say mid level. Not at the same level as say, kingliving furniture or maybe Plush.

            Note in end I just couldn’t buy anything as wasn’t happy with anything until I went up to $5k. I will wait. So I don’t know about failure to deliver issues.

            • @entropysbane: Freedom = Steinhoff Asia-Pacific = Snooze, Plush, Original Mattress Factory, Fantastic Furniture, Bay Leather Republic (et al)

        • It was Kings Park

    • Agree. It's really not that special.
      I rather spend a bit more for "designer" brands found at smaller boutique shops.

      For example, I buy a lot of furniture from Ethnicraft. It's a bit dearer, but the quality is there, design is wonderful, and it's all FSC certified wood from Europe.

  • I don't think going out to do furniture shopping is classified as essential in melbourne :(

    I think AGL also has giftcards at 7.5% discount so might be a good deal for some

    • +1

      entertainment book is 10%

  • +2

    There's a reason why Temple & Webster have nailed this market.

    • +7

      Temple & Webster are the Kogan of furniture.

      • Sorry I've never heard of Temple and Webster, do you mean they are cheap, nasty, or?

      • Exactly. Some of their stuff looks ok, but then to ship anything to Melbourne made their prices ridiculous. They're Sydney only. No point looking if you're living anywhere else in Oz.

        • They seem to have a warehouse in Sydney. I ordered something last weekend and it left the warehouse last Tuesday. The warehouse is 15mins from my place and a week later it still hasn't arrived…

  • +6

    GUYS… Stop falling into this "FAMILY AND FRIENDS DISCOUNT" trap!

    Do you really think that Freedom would allow anybody to use this voucher if it's just family and friends?

    It's literally the most basic viral marketing form. Pretend that something is for a limited use or audience, thus encouraging it to be shared. This makes you more inclined to use it because it's not like a regular thing, it's a special staff promotion!

    Yes, it's a 25% discount and that's great, use if it you have something in mind. The idea is that you feel obliged to use it and hence buy something you wouldn't have.

    • +3

      Still 25%>0%

    • So you’d rather pay full price?

      • +3

        "Yes, it's a 25% discount and that's great, use if it you have something in mind. The idea is that you feel obliged to use it and hence buy something you wouldn't have."

        My favourite part was when you didn't read my post beyond the first line

    • +4

      But they made me feel part of the family, now you're telling me i'm adopted ?

  • +14

    Warning freedom don't deliver for months after quotes we waited over 6 months and still didn't get our beds, end up at ACCC and got a refund.

    Do not buy from….

    • In store still good right?

      • If you can pick up the goods right away it's fine, anything else good luck…

        • That may be because of shipping issues. We're not able to manufacture furniture here to a price that people can afford on an average wage so most of it comes from overseas.

    • +4

      Do not buy from….

      Dude you're leaving me hanging here…

  • We bought a tallboy and it took 2 months to be delivery, the service is really bad…

  • +3

    does anyone know where I can get decent prices outdoor furniture? I find they are so expensive!

    • Bunnings

    • Ikea, Super Amart, Grays Online, eBay (when they run their regular 15-20% off selected sellers deal)

    • Good luck with Bunnings, they have practically no stock of anything on display, and then also won't order it in. Bunnings outdoor furniture displays are just an illusion. See this? Well, you can't buy it.

  • +3

    Had the worst customer service with Freedom, damaged goods with terrible after-sales support. Had to jump through hoops to submit the faults and then got continual misleading information about the status of replacement goods.

    Customer feedback is so bad that they remove all comments from their Facebook posts. They even got prospective customers to buy a "yearly loyalty program" offering discounts etc…. then removed the benefits afterwards.

    Save the trouble and buy elsewhere, no matter the discount.

  • I used to work for freedom as a sales rep, all I can say is that…… buy items that are in-stock from the warehouse.

    If you order something that is custom made or just not in-stock, don't trust what the sales rep state, the system may say 1-2 weeks but in reality expect it in like 1-2 months or more.

    • Hey do you think it would be possible to negotiate with sale rep on furniture price at Freedom Furniture before going for 25% discount?

      • +3

        Yes you can, but it depends on so many factors;
        1 - Manager
        2 - How much of a discount
        3 - How much you're buying
        4 - If sales rep/store met targets
        5 - Some stores are more lenient with "negotiating" than others.
        6 - what you're buying

    • I bought a custom couch the other day and, forgive me if i'm wrong, anything custom will take up to 3 months to make and deliver, isn't this standard for the furniture industry?

      • All depends and I know that's really vague but we are required to quote whatever it state in the system. If the system state 3 months, we will say 3 months.

        I've had custom furniture arrive 1 month early, I've had custom furniture arrive 3 months late and some people forgot about it 8 months later and it still haven't arrived.

        It's a gamble.

        And due to covid, there may be delays.

  • Buyer Beware!. The quality of furniture seems to be very low and not designed to last very long. They always have a sale with discounts ranging from 5-30% off products. Furniture can take months to deliver or not be delivered at all. I orders blinds and was told they would call me when they arrived, never recieved a call so contacted them numberous times over a 6 month period and was told they were still coming. After 6 months i went into the store and someone who knew more told me that products fall into a black hole and thats what happened to mine hence they would never arrive. I recieved a refund but if i didnt follow it up they would never have. I also purchased a 2 x sofas which pilled almost instantly with light useage. Under the Freedoms fabric warranty pilling is classified normal.

    Buy elsewhere if you can

    • +3

      Freedom used to sell high quality furniture before the South African mob aquired it along with Fantastic and some other furniture brands. Seems to be on par with Fantastic now just at a much higher price point.

      • True, their stuff used to be quality made with real wood. Now just veneer stuff with no real style or design at all.

  • +2

    Stay home! Don’t go out guys!!

  • Nick Scali was fine for me 6 years ago, wonder if they are just as bad as Freedom now. Though Nick Scali also had the same marketing model where they're always on sale.

  • Agree with all the comments here about the delay in getting furniture delivered. Ordered a couch in April and was quoted 6-8 weeks turnaround. It's now 15 weeks and a follow up call today led to a confused sales rep on the other end with no further status update. You just have to read the negative comments here and on their Facebook page (unless they've started deleting comments) to see the trend of undeliverable furniture. Don't bother unless you can buy and take items from their store.

  • im looking for a sofa but are having the same delivery issues. where does everyone recommend for a decent delivery time and good quality? im looking for a 2.5 seater for up to 2k.

    • I just bought mine from West Elm. The quality is fantastic and delivery was with assembly in 2 weeks. Just make sure you pick the one that's in stock.

      • thanks ill check them out

    • If it's not floor stock -> You're not getting anything quickly. Bought a couch end of last year from Plush -> Took 12 weeks. Previous 2 couches from Focus On Furniture -> 12 weeks each.. They're made to order/imported on order. So don't expect anything really quicker than 8-12 weeks.

      • yeah thats what ive found so far.

    • +2

      I find King Living furniture to be good quality. However, only buy when they have 40-50% sale or clearance items only. Their normal prices are a joke.

  • I just ordered a couch from King Living and the turnaround is 3 months. From what I can figure out it's totally normal. Maybe not so for smaller and cheaper items.

  • +2

    I guess they still haven't solved their logistics issues. Freedom has had terrible delivery issues for years now; I don't know how they are still trading. We ordered some furniture approximately 4 years ago, well in advance of our expected settlement date of our first apartment. We were left without furniture for weeks and couldn't do anything but ask for updates. It was an extremely frustrating experience and I would never buy from Freedom again.

  • +1

    From a consumer rights/ethics perspective I have strong feelings about Freedom Furniture (aka Steinhoff Asia-Pacific).

    • +1

      Cool.. I never knew this… glad I never bought from Freedom before! thanks for the links!

  • +1

    Still waiting for a chair we ordered at the end of March…

  • Last year's offer was much better being actually 25% storewide including discounted and clearance stock. Picked up a $500+ tv cabinet on clearance for $140

  • +1

    Fake sale (which appears to be industry standard - see Nick Scali)

    A mattress and bed frame I looked at in Freedom's showroom was cheaper a few weeks ago than it is now with this "25% off friends and family sale".

  • Cheap junk. We bought our last couch from Freedom. The back rest filing only lasted a couple of years. It’s no longer comfortable to sit on.

    We shopped around recently for a new couch and found that HN had the longest warranty terms. They were also at a similar price to every other place

    • All I can say is glhf with HN couch. You get what you pay for.

  • Anyone have other recommendations for places to buy bed frames?

  • any not overpriced stuff in there?

  • +1

    Grabbed it. Thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks OP saved $500 on a couch ive wanted for ages

  • Dont forget you can purchase discount gift cards upto 10%off to save more on your purchases.

  • +2

    Thanks bought 2 table lamps saved bit of money

  • In store only means anyone not within 5kms can go

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