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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodles 5pk $4 @ Woolworths


This is the big bold flavour that more Australians are embracing? Then you have to experience Shin Ramyun “ soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, ready to eat in just 5 minutes. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you're guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour.
Multipack, better value.

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    waiting for $3/pack

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      ^ not a deal unless it is this haha

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      Coles had $3 last month

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        And rainchecks are back so got 4 packs 3 weeks after the sale.

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      20 for $12 at costco

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        Note that the ones sold at Costco might not be made in Korea (though I'm happy to be corrected). There is a difference in taste and texture between the Chinese and Korean versions.

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          That was the case when they first started stocking them, but they should be Korean-made nowadays

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          They are made in Korea, I bought the 20 pack this week

          • @deathjr: I stand corrected then! Off I go to Costco.

    • Waiting for $3 per pack too~got multiple of them from Coles when they were for sale last month~

      Nicely worded product description btw OP~lol

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    best noodle ever

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      Should try more options

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        haha I'm korean. I don't think you tried other noodles than me :)

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          I didn't try you so I can't really compare.

        • Tried indomie yet?

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          한국인 라면부심 보소

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            @Steve J: about ten people vote here and i think all those can read korean

          • @Steve J: Hope you guys make more videos of asian hot guys. I don't wanna see anchovies or fat and bald japanese….!!!!!

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          Then you never tried Samyang

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          As an expert… Could you tell me please if there is any good noodles for people who doesn't eat that much chilli? :)
          From my experience "mild" noodles from Korean shop is the top I can handle.

          Bough Nongshim Shin Ramyun from Costco following advice from OzBargain - could not finish a single pack :)
          Accepted it as a mistake. :)
          Might try to test Costco's return policy. :)

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            @SickDmith: Just use half the flavouring sachet

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            @SickDmith: Not sure if we can find the first one but would recommend:

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            @SickDmith: Try Potato Noodle Soup, Chapagetti and Jin Ramen Mild

            • @BROKENKEYBOARD: Yes, good advice, spot on!
              Tried them all. :)
              Tried Potato Noodle before - will get more.
              Chapagetti - I found the sauce a bit "too sweet". These are a good choice for people who can't each chilli at all.
              Jin Ramen Mild - I still have 2 bags left from my recent purchase. :))) I was referring to them when I said "mild". This is as hot as I can go. :)

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            @SickDmith: Neoguri mild is an option. I also actually really like Nissin cup noodles and there are plenty of non-spicy options. If you don't mind spending more, I would try the OG Japanese ones.

            If you don't mind spending a bit more, you can get Japanese instant yakisoba. They only come in a cup (it's like a tray) and cost around $4.50 for the really good ones (my favourite is the myojo brand one, link for reference: https://www.amazon.com/Myojo-Ippeichan-Yakisoba-Japanese-4-7...), but there are cheaper options that I think are made in China.

            • @callumds: Thank you. Will try them all.

              If we are talking cups…
              I found Suimin cups are not spicy at all.
              But they stopped making noodles in bags due to supermarket chains stopped ordering them (destructive power of the monopoly). :(

          • @SickDmith: Have a try Potato ramyun, soft and non spicy you will like it. It is Korean noodle as well.

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            @SickDmith: If you want kiddie ramyun, then Ottogi Jin Ramyun Mild should serve you well.
            Cook it for 2 mins, then add an egg, chopped spring onions and a slice of cheese, then put the lid on. Turn off the heat, wait 1m then serve.

          • @SickDmith: Nissin black Kyushu are insanely delicious. No chilli.

          • @SickDmith: try adding tomato (or some ketchup) and egg when cooking the noodle

      • What's your alternative then?

        • Namja Ramyun beats Shin Ramyun by miles… I donno what drugs Jerome is on.

    • second after mama creamy tom yum.

    • i poach an egg in it while boiling

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      Neoguri from Nongshim is even better imo

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    Anyone tried the light version?

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      Light version? Never heard of it

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        I assume he means the black version which is more creamy

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          black version is better for sure. However the cheapest black version I ever bought was more than $1.50 but I only pay $0.6 for this one.

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          Once I tried the black ones, I never go back

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    • Yeah not bad less calories. Win

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        umm need to be cheaper, I pay for calories.

    • The light version has better noodle texture in my opinion.

      I find it interesting though how the light version they give you a sachet of oil to add in which seems to defeat the whole purpose.

      • The normal one im pretty sure like most instant noodles . The noodle is deep fried

    • Light version is very similar except slightly less tasty in than the normal one in my opinion. I'll stick to the normal one in future.

    • Less spicy, but less kick. Still prefer original.

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      I've tried the light version, and believe it or not I found it more spicier than the original. But the broth was more flavourful, and the noodles had a better texture. Black version is definitely the least spiciest.

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    I saw a mountain full of these just now entering woolies

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    Delicious. Add a raw egg at end and be transported to heaven.

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      Throw a slice of cheese on top and let it melt on top

    • Try cooking it in milk instead of water. Top it off with cheese and spring onions. Yum.

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        i have seen korean cooked it with coke too. tried the milk myself, not bad, but preferred original version

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      Wait, do you die?

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      What does 맛있는 (mas-issneun) mean in Korean?


      • 이런 애들 많이 발굴 했으면 ㅠㅠ 멸치랑 탈모 개저씨 그만 보고싶음 일본 특유의 경박스런 혀놀림 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ
  • Is this super spicy? 🙄 Only started getting into more "premium" noodles other than the good old 2 min Maggi noodles and Mi Goreng. Thanks

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      if you don't eat much chili i'd consider it decently spicy

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        Spicy for most people. But just don't add as much of the seasoning powder or add in more water to dilute the seasoning.

        • Chilli acceptance is very personal.
          I want to say adding less powder and more water dilutes "the broth" and makes is plain.

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      Yeah definitely spicy and it will give you the liquid shits without fail but it’s worth it occasionally

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      maggi noodles are "good old"?

    • Is this super spicy?

      In case it wasn't clear… For me - yes, it turned out to be too much. :)

    • I don't mind a bit of spicy, but these were almost unbearable for me.

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    Weak sauce.

    This is where it's at: https://www.myasiangrocer.com.au/samyang-buldak-hot-chicken-...

    Seriously, though. I love the 1x version of these noodles. 2x for me is just masochism.

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      Oh nice. Haven't heard about 3x, need to buy some

    • Tried the 3x version, never again! It set my mouth on fire!

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        I drank about half a litre of milk and still wanted to die. All I could do was sit as still as I could and wished the pain away for half an hour.

        • F

        • put sugar on your tongue and let it dissolve next time.

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        Tried that last week. Taste was bad because all you could taste was spice

    • Wow, 3x?

      I love Shin and I tried the 1x version of the Samsung and found it not pleasant, it just overpowered everything in the dish and was too hot for me. So forget this and the 2x for me.

      I guess reason is the Shin being a soup noodle and the Samsung being a dry noodle means the heat is concentrated in the latter.

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    For a good alternative try Jin Ramen, i prefer it to Shin now

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    In my experience, Korean ramen noodles are greasy and bigger than other ramen noodles. The soup also tends to be spicy. This is my conclusion that I have experienced a lot of ramen in Australia.
    If you have such an appetite, I recommend it. For your information, I am Korean, and the taste of Shin Ramen in Australia and Shin Ramen in Korea were a little different.

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      Different taste even though both are made in Korea?

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        It's plausible, Shin Ramyun has two varieties: one for domestic (Korean) distribution and one for international distribution. I think the ingredients are different, but probably not to a huge degree.

    • How different ? in spiciness level ?

    • I don't think you are Korean. No Korean people call Shin Ramen but Shin Ramyun. :)

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      I was just about to post this! I did so in the thread when they were $3 at Coles over a month ago. The couple that run this YouTube channel are the best! Not only great cooking tips, but they are entertaining as well.

      My go to is the milk ramen method in the video, and I add in some cheese at the very end. It's so good that I can't even consider trying one of the other recipe hacks.

    • Absolutely love the milk cooked ones….

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    I am worried for my butt hole…

    • Try the milk ramen recipe hack (see Donkeyhokey's youtube link). The milk helps reduce the spice. I used to eat the ramen with just water and the entire spice pack, and I was dripping with sweat from it. It's both tastier and less spicy in the milk ramen recipe.

      Alternatively, don't use the entire spice pack. Use trial and error to find the optimal amount of it.

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      I take it you've read the Ramen Regret review?

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    I love these. I drain the water out and stir through all the seasoning, yum! Also add fried up salt pepper chicken to it when I can be bothered, awesome lunch!

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      What?? You are meant to eat these with the soup

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        I know, but I like it like that.. Ever tried?

        I drain the water before adding seasoning

  • I slow simmer these in a cup and a half of milk with a handful of enoki mushrooms (can use a little less milk if the mushrooms are very fresh and moist) and usually add a spoonful of sambal or gochujang.

    So good.

  • Adding egg or eating salad with mayo with it helps with spice. But generally, add about 1/4 to 1/2 of spice packet.