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Face Shield Flexible Protective Mask - 1 Piece $3.99 + Shipping @ Bulk Buys


Featuring a fixed elastic strap and cushioning foam for the comfort of the wearer, and packaged with a removable protective sticker that prevents scratches, smudging and contamination of the lens before use, these face shields are ideal for prolonged wear in situations where the risk of fluid contact is high and optimal visibility is a necessity.

These masks are anti-scratch, anti-fog and one size fits all.

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    1 piece $3.99 @ Bulk Buys

    Vendor name doesn't check out.

  • +1

    These don't offer nearly as much protection as a surgical mask. They have their purpose though, just know that alone they won't do much.

    • -1

      Why they won't do much when these can cover both your mouth and nose and can prevent droplets from both sides?
      I think it even more practical and better than a normal facemask which most people wear now.

      • +1


        In short, they stop droplets from flying at your face from the front, but aerosol particles will still flow around and through the sides, where they can be breathed in.

        Masks will probably be better in real world situations, like on the train where there are likely to be more microdroplets in the air.

    • +2

      Suppose to be used in conjunction with surgical masks and is a part of the PPE kits for confirmed incidents. It's not a replacement for the surgical mask itself.

  • Looks good in a riot.

  • +1

    So people wearing face shields now? Hazmat next?

  • -1

    I saw a person in the supermarket today with one of these instead of a face mask. Might be a viable option if people get sick of wearing face masks as the Melbourne lockdown is likely to last longer than 6 weeks?

    • +1

      i serves a different purpose than a face mask like buying a mule instead of a car

      • +2

        Or like buying a mustang instead of a Mustang.

        • i dont know some horses are pretty pricey, might be better investment, so Mustang instead of mustang ?

        • I would rather buy a Musty Ang, you know, someone that is actually useful after a bender.

    • I don't think being "sick of" masks is a reason to wear this instead of a mask, but if you have a condition which precludes you from wearing a mask this may work for you instead. In which case it would be much better than nothing.

  • +1

    Great for oil splashing cooking

    • And chopping onions

      • And Industrial Welding

        • And showering without getting your face wet

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