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Bosch 9kg Serie 8 Front Load Washing Machine WAW28620AU $1388 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Matching Serie 8 washing machine to the dryer I posted earlier. This machine is made in Germany. No steam function on it and only 9kg. Wife wants a big front loader for superking bedding so am still looking.

$1559 on Applicances Online

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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  • They’ve just dropped a combined washer dryer on TGG commercial that’s 8kg / 4.5kg for $1200 that looks the goods.

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      I had an older version of these that just died. Was Bosch 7kg/4kg. That 4kg drying really isn't very much though and only works on the cottons mode. This is why we are looking at separates now.

      • You either do two small loads without transferring, or your do one big load in the washing and a big load on the dryer. Big loads in dryers use far more power also. Each to their own really.

        • Previously I had a Bosch 6.5kg heat pump dryer which was pretty good till it died after about 7 years. That didn't seem to add much to the energy bill. I thought it was just my luck for that dryer dying till this thing went on me. Now I'm seriously considering the Korean (LG washers are made in China and Samsung washers seem to be made in Vietnam) and Chinese brands but don't know if they'll only last the 2 yr manufacturer warranty period.

    • What's the model number?

  • LG WV9-1409W for $942 is also a good option. Top rated model by Choice and Consumer Reports in the US say that LG front loaders are the most reliable consumer brand (although I'm not sure if either website includes the more expensive Bosch and Miele models in their comparisons).

    • Thanks! Now looking at LG WV9-1412W for $1100 at TGG Commercial as it seems to have what the wife wants - big 12kg capacity and steam. Just am worried about longevity as it is out of the China factory.

      • Consensus on OzBargain is Bosh>LG. But I wonder how much of that is driven by the perception that German/Japanese brands are always better than Korean/Chinese ones. Large consumer surveys on reliability or service ratios from retailers are more subjective evidence.

        I bought the LG because it was cheaper than the Bosch and am reasonably satisfied. The detergent dispenser gets partially filled with water after each wash (but apparently this is a fairly common issue across all brands). The manual and app are also not very polished suggesting poor attention to detail from LG.

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          I've got an older version of this Bosch 9kg and it is an absolute lemon. Door replaced 3 times before warranty was up. Also has a handle design fault as the latch works on a small bit of plastic that snaps. But the worst part of it is that the wash quality SUCKS. They went hard on water saving functions and my washing will come out with dry patches after a cycle. It only works if you turn rinse + on and aqua saver off. They've obviously improved them, but the one I have is the worst appliance I have ever owned. Just chiming in to say don't buy into that German brand perception, all vendors make the occasional turd. You couldn't give me another Bosch washing machine now even if they have improved them.

        • @gotz - I've had my Samsung front loader for 7 - 8 years.

          I found them really good when dealing with an out of warranty claim. Especially considering it was around $1k for the unit.
          If the LG has the same kind of support, I'd have no issue buying one. Just because something is built in Germany, I don't think it means it's better or worse.

  • I don't have a commercial account unfortunately. Can someone screenshot the page for me and I'll see if Appliances online or someone can match? Thanks in advance :)

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      • Thanks mate!

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          I'm in Brisbane and have a commercial account if you need help getting one

        • Let us know how you get on with price matching. I'm after this machine but no TGG Commercial unfortunately.

          • @Speedster: The best they could do was $1477 - next day delivery and disconnection and taking away my old crappy machine though. I thought it was worth it and bit the bullet.

            • @leeson865: Was that with AO? I think it was around $1480 previously so well done. The included delivery, connection and disposal of the old machine is probably worth $90 in not having to stuff around.

              • @Speedster: Thanks. Yeah, that was with AO. Great process and service, really impressed with next day delivery too. Unheard of in slow poke Australia!

    • Easy peasy
      Sign up to SunSuper for free
      Use them to get TGGC membership
      Use this membership to buy what ever you want

      SunSuper - don't put any money in that account and thus you shouldn't incur any fee

      Win win !!

      • Any cons to having an empty super just sitting thete empty?

      • How long does this take to setup?

        • Sign up to SunSuper - 10 mins
          Sign up to TGGC - 10 mins
          Wait time for approval - few hours

  • I'm in the market for one. Is the price between WAW28440AU and WAW28620AU worth it?

    The WAW28620AU seems to only have an additional automatic dosing system?

  • Whats the difference between that one and the WAW28440AU model? It's also 9kg and $1110 on TGG Commercial.

  • Great chat OP

  • Does this sunsuper thing still work so i can buy from gg cheaper? Also in regards to extended warranty if a similar machine cost wise from another retailer with warranty of $190 aint that on the high side?
    Im curious if you guys spending this much on a machine or similar buy extended warranty or take the risk.
    I personally never buy extended warranty on anything i buy to date and have lasted past any extended warranty but like anything in life as much as a brand name is good or not you do get lemons and get unlucky.

  • Does anyone know how to read/interpret the water and power consumption indicator on the panel? If the power indicator shows 1 bar on the cotton mode that runs for 3 hours (cold water temperature), does it mean that it’s cheaper on the electricity bill compared to the Quick Wash mode that runs for 30 mins but showing 3 bars on power consumption indicator?

    I’ve read through the operating manual but can’t find anything.

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