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Dr. Oetker Ristorante Frozen Pizza $4 (Save $3.50) @ Woolworths


Not quite half price, but pretty close.

Available in:

  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Spinaci 390g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Funghi 365g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Hawaiian 355g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Speciale 345g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Quattro Formaggi 340g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella 335g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Barbacoa 330g
  • Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Peperoni 310g

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  • Quick poll on favourite flavour? Personally like the funghi and quattro formaggio

  • Are these good/worth buying?

    • Nope

    • I usually purchase them, then add extra topping on it (extra cheese, ham, bacon, tomato etc)

    • If you enjoy it for what it is, a lazy Sunday arvo 12 minute oven filler.

      I quite like the Peperoni, but its still a frozen pizza - don't be expecting miracles.
      Try it and decide for yourself, sometimes its nice to have a backup just in case plans fall through or your too tired to organize a meal.

      • +23 votes

        I quite like the Peperoni, but its still a frozen pizza

        Try cooking it…

      • I'm really curious just how good these are, because they aren't really cheap. Even at this sale price, they're still expensive for a frozen meal.

        Maybe I'll wait till I get an air fryer then try one. So I guess I'm not looking at a small air fryer any more.

    • Probably the best of the frozen pizza options.

    • Yes. It tastes pretty good and is oh so convenient especially with an airfryer. The cheese topping on the quattro tastes better than the bland cheese you get in Domino's $5 range or most of their other pizzas for that matter.

    • Yes, when they are on sale. Spinaci is my favourite.

  • Dr. Oetker are the best frozen pizzas.

  • Woolworths cutting their discount margins to milk us for more dollars always sold for a little cheaper I'll pass.

  • Bought these a few weeks ago and Woolies had a limit of 2 per transaction. Not sure if it still applies. [VIC]

  • ive said it before and ill say it again….not sure why you wouldnt spend the extra $1 for a dominos value range (unless none are close by to you…)

    • Are you saying that domino's value range are better than these? Coz that's not what I'm reading from everyone else.

      Serious question. I'm feeling like I'm missing out not trying these. But it would have to be good. I'm not getting slapped for bringing home junk food unless it's worth it.

      • i think a value range dominos is wayyy better - but each to their own. I guess these have different topping options, like mozzarella, so that may appeal to some.

  • These really are proof that you can package up budget frozen pizza as a premium product by throwing some stupid words on the box. Dr Oetker, ristorante.
    Working in marketing must be the easiest (profanity) job going around.

    • Bait only works with the right fish though.

    • I really like them. They're the only frozen pizza I've tried that doesn't taste like cardboard.

    • I don' think so. I've always ignored them in supermarket because I know supermarket pizzas suck.

      But what I'm reading is, people who have tried them reckon that they're actually pretty good - that's what's tempting me to buy.

      • Mate, judging food based on the palate of fat 18 year old Ozbargainers isn't a good science based approach.

        • lol good point. But generally if a lot of people are keen on a product, it would suggest it's a cut above the competition and perhaps worth a try.

          My method of trying anything if it's cheap enough has been far from foolproof. Especially when I forget what is bad and try it again.

  • If you want a good, cheap pizza. Get a dough ball for $2 from Woolies, tomato paste, shredded cheese and salami. Throw in the oven and you'll have a pizza 100 times better than anything frozen.

    • Do you know the price of shredded cheese these days?

      Granted you will get a much better tasting pizza, but it will cost substantially more.

      For a good "pizza hack" the three pack @ Aldi (made in Italy as well lol) with a base, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese go for $6, add your toppings and your on a winner. In the frozen section.

      • Yea fair enough. I guess I assumed most people would have the ingredients I mentioned already in their pantry.

        IMO a pizza base is what makes the pizza. I've never been a fan of the thick ones used in pre-made/frozen ones use. I also like a thinner crust and used to use pita bread as a base and was much better than pre-made pizzas.

        The ready made pizza dough from Woolies is a game changer because making dough is tricky to get right and this saves a lot for time and effort.

      • it will be cheap, but the base just MAKES the pizza so much. I actually think nice base with basic topping is way nicer then crap frozen base and loads of toppings

  • These are great for pimping. Especially if you prefer certain toppings or have leftovers

  • Over in Europe there are over 20 different Dr.Oetker pizza's if you include the sweeter ones (deserts ones) i.e. Chocolate.

    Even more surprising is there is far less options over there, you get Dr.Oetker, a house brand, and maybe one other brand with a a few different toppings. It's pretty much 80%-90% Dr.Oetker. These are more you normal supermarkets, not your Aldi/Lidl places which have their own lines.

    What really blew my mind was these "pizza's" were about 6-7 euro's, like $10 bucks here. A complete rip off, especially when there are much better frozen or fridge meals for the same price.

    It's not just the tax factor (VAT over there is in the 20's%), but I think they sell these half price here to push out the other players in our market.

    • I don't know where you bought your pizza but I remember seeing in the UK two years ago they where on special at Tesco for £1. Right now they are £1.50 at Tesco for which is about $2.70.

      • Good find. I haven't been everywhere, but I remember seeing these in a few different places, getting excited to try a few new toppings and thinking "6 euro, stuff that!

        It wasn't the UK that's for sure. Southern Europe, Mediterranean (Italy, Portugal, Spain)

        I checked their online stores, was 3.99€ now 2.99€, so maybe things have changed in a the last two years.

        Still even at 1€ I'd probably give them a miss…I can eat this crap in Australia…..

  • PSA - NQR have varieties for $3 in Victoria. I got a bacon and mince one yesterday.

  • One of the best frozen pizza around.

  • The base is even better than the fresh domino's pizza.
    If you use the pizza stone to reheat it.
    I would choose this one over the Domino's pizza.

  • i've eaten one of these everyday since COVID19 started. great cheap eat, no need to cut, just fold it and eat like a big sausage roll

  • if you use the pizza stone, base is crispy like biscuit.

  • Geez - profile the average OzBargainer based on number of comments to deals - not pretty :-)

  • I like the Speciale the best, souped up with small cut anchovies filets, baby capers, sliced Kalamata olives and some more cheese on top.

  • Thoughts Dominos $5 value pizza vs Dr. Oetker $4?

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