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$30 Vodafone Prepaid Starter Pack with 100% Cashback @ ShopBack


$30 Prepaid Starter Pack - 15GB + 25GB Extra Data* + $30 Cashback, FREE after cashback.

Prepaid cards - SIM must remain active for 60 days after activation.

Update: See comment from Shopback. This deal has been marked as expired at 10:10am.

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  • +4 votes

    Hi everyone, the cashback for this offer is $20.10, but understand it said $30 under the "Deals" section of the page which is an error

    $30 Prepaid Starter Pack - 15GB + 25GB Extra Data* + $30 Cashback

    • We are happy to honour it for anyone who purchased prior to 10.10am AEST. No action required on your end, this'll automatically update from $20.10 to $30 in your account in 48 hours
  • I'm too sad from a recent breakup to check the terms and conditions, so I'm asking my fellow ozbargainers : what's the catch?

    • Well if tracking fails, you lose $30. With the similar Catch & Kogan deal you only risk $1-5

    • +12 votes

      As pointed out in a different post below… the sim needs to stay active for 60 days.

      The $30 covers the first 28 days and then you'd need to top it up with more money. You might be able to get away with changing to the Pay and Go recharge which is $10 and lasts 60 days otherwise if you stayed on the Combo recharge you'd need to spend $40 to keep the service active for the remaining 32 days.

      • staying active would just mean not cancelling your service. so the way i see it is the sim is free and just let it become inactive itself after 6-12 months when they deactive it. its a prepaid sim not plan.

      • No you just activate it as a pay and go for 180 days

    • Sorry my dude. Life only gets better even though it's hard now. If you found love once, you can find it again.

      Just think how much more awesome you get each year, and the possibilities that opens you up to 😊

  • Man, I've still got half a dozen from the Optus Netflix deal.

  • +19 votes

    Hard to spend $30 now and HOPE that the cash back comes through after 6 months! I think i'll pass. Thanks for posting though op.

    • Cashback came fast when I used it for the pizza hut deals but hearing all these stories just makes me wanna stay away

  • cannot complaint! free is free but yes risk of tracking failure is indeed a concern

    Is there a limit per account? Wouldn't mind stocking up more than one.

  • After clicking the link, go to view cashback info in the bottom (android app) i see:

    24 or 36 months plan with handset, cashback is 100%

    What? Am I reading it wrong?

    • I’d imagine that would be the first month cost? Right? RIGHT?!?

    • Don't know how different the iOS and Android apps are but once you tap "cashback info" tap promo and this deal should be at the top

    • Surely too good to be true. Must mean access is free and you pay for the device with the 100% CB deals? Anyone know?
      Cashback Rates
      24 or 36 Month Plan with Handset100.00%
      24 or 36 Month Mobile Broadband Plan with Tablet or Modem100.00%
      12 Month Plan with Handset65.00%
      12 Month SIM Only Plan65.00%
      12 Month Mobile Broadband Plan with Tablet or Modem65.00%
      Month to Month SIM Only Plan40.00%
      Prepaid SIM Card25.00%
      NBN Broadband plan$30.00
      Prepaid Exclusive Offer$20.10

  • Terms & Conditions
    Both postpaid and prepaid cards - Activate the SIM card within 30 days of purchase.
    Prepaid cards - SIM must remain active for 60 days after activation (unless expiration date is otherwise stated by Vodafone).
    Postpaid cards - SIM must remain active for 90 days after activation.
    Cashback is validated within 90 to 150 days from the date of purchase.
    Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.

    ShopBack doesn't mention limit on number of cashbacks…

    Still, no good for SIM hopping if the service has to be active for 60 days.

    • So we need to top up once ie spend $60 get $30?

    • Thank you for identifying the main catch on this one. This fully invalidates the deal in this post. Unless ShopBack can confirm this will work without renewing the prepaid after the first 30 days then forget it.

      Upvote revoked

      I'd say this is potentially misleading under ACCC - this catch is buried too deep in the conditions.

    • Dud with the 60 days crap , doubled down if relying on SB tracking !

  • and imagine if it doesn't track.. wasted $30 on something you probably didn't even need in the first place

  • Id sooner pay 5 than risk 30

  • I thought SIM cards stay active for 365 days after activation? I did this many years ago, doesn’t make sense to activate it temporarily once paying for it then cancel the sim, I guess that depends which plan you choose so just choose the long expiration plan so it expires 365 days…

  • The purchase tracked successfully but only for Prepaid Exclusive Offer of $20.10

  • If I choose 6 months long expiry plan, do I get my cash back?

  • I think it's $20.10 cash back not $30?

  • So will I get cashback if not extending after 30 days? As it takes 90 days or more to processing cashback

  • Too many inconsistencies or lack of details with this deal
    -$20.10 cash back vs 100% cashback
    -Shopback site has $30 Prepaid Starter Pack - 15GB + 25GB Extra Data* vs vodafone site has 10GB included data + 15GB Extra Data
    -Can we activate on PAYG prepaid plan (180 day expiry) or have to activate on combo plus prepaid plan (even though the GB numbers dont match anyways)

    Then Cashback tracking failures as previously mentioned

    • $20.10 cash back vs 100% cashback

      We've quoted $30 Cashback in our Deals section (error) so that's probably where the 100% calculation came from in this post.

      Shopback site has $30 Prepaid Starter Pack - 15GB + 25GB Extra Data* vs vodafone site has 10GB included data + 15GB Extra Data

      You're right on this, going to double check with Vodafone on this as we were advised to push 15GB + 25GB Extra Data, but we've switched to what's accurate on their site right now so thanks for bringing this p.

      Can we activate on PAYG prepaid plan (180 day expiry) or have to activate on combo plus prepaid plan (even though the GB numbers dont match anyways)

      Feel free to activate on any

  • this deal is hard to understand as hard as finding corona vaccinne


  • A good deal from Shopback after so long! Where were you? We are waiting for deals on Groupon/Kogan, CatchConnect.

    Any upcoming 100% CB deals?

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