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Kingston A2000 NVMe 1TB $158, Seagate BarraCuda 120 1TB $139 + Del @ SE

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    It's not X380 yoga. Do you have a deal for it?

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    The X380 yoga is still $1499. You've linked to the ThinkPad L13.

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    that UDM price is awesome! sigh..got it at $624 in May

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      What's so good about UDM that makes it worth triple price of other routers?

      • I asked the same question, and I got these responses:

        • Built-in VPN

        • UniFi Network Controller

        • Cloud Key

        • VLAN Support

        All of this is confusing to me, I don't know what half of these things do, but it seems to be all about security.

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      When includes shipping its about a dollar cheaper than CA price.

    • Whats so good about this router

      I have Unifi AP AC pro … what benefits does this one have apart from shitty NBN we have

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        The UDM is a combined Router and Wireless Access point - your Unifi AP AC Pro is just a Wireless access point, it's not a router. Big difference …

  • Thoughts on this SSD as the only drive for gaming etc?

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      Has DRAM and uses TLC. Can definitely do more than gaming. Can't go wrong.

    • Used it in my new build as boot drive and the only drive I have (Would buy another m.2 if I need later down the track)
      2 Months in and no problemo! Later down the line I'll probably buy another 1tb for my other m.2 slot

      If you use any RGB software for your mobo / system may want to do some googling - I've heard of a bsod issue that may have been sorted out by now but I don't experience it as I haven't even installed RGB Fusion on my system

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    How does this L3 compare to the recent E14 think pad deals? As I bought one and they changed shipping eta to October. Need an alternative

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    Umart currently has the Kingston A2000 1TB for $165 if anyone has one nearby. I'm planning on doing that so I can pick it up tomorrow and I have a physical store to return it to if there are issues (not that I expect any).

    • same with centrecomm , $168, so a bit more than SE but you can pick-up.

      wish they had free postage on these high value small bulk items.

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    Seagate BarraCuda looks to be cheaper at PcByte

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    Thanks OP, got the 1TB NVMe for the new build. Great timing :)

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    Kingston 1tb 169.88 to melb posted.

  • Is this motherboard any good?

  • Great price for A2000, want to get another one

  • Great price for A2000,

  • What’s the difference between the Gigabyte Rtx2070 Super Gaming vs Windforce?

    • Not sure , I have one oc gaming ,looks like better Freq for overclock. I can do stable 1925MHz.

    • Gaming usually has a better heatsink and higher stock clocks.

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      Super Gaming has higher clock compared to Windforce (1785 vs 1815) and better cooler. Windforce known to be tad noisy.

      Also it is cheaper, so win win win!!

      • The Gaming version is also qualified for one year extended warranty (4 years in total) from Gigabyte: )

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    Centrecom is $165 with free shipping for the A2000

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    $139 for Seagate BarraCuda 120 1TB???? Crazy good price. Why is it so cheap? Anyone have experience with this SSD?