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Dell 27" Monitor E2720HS $227.05 Delivered @ Dell


1080p and 27 inch and 8ms and 60hz

Haters be haters but imho this is a sweet deal.

Instant tax writeoff as < $300

Great for regular office work

From comments

Panel Type: IPS
Native Resolution: Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Input Connectors: HDMI 1.4, VGA
Display Position Adjustments: Height, tilt
Vera mount
Integrated speakers

You can also get it for $239 without the code and use cashback (@6%)

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  • +2

    I haaatte
    ..cos im a hater

    • +1

      I hate haters

      • Do u hate yourself

  • +2

    Panel Type: IPS
    Native Resolution: Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
    Input Connectors: HDMI 1.4, VGA
    Display Position Adjustments: Height, tilt

  • +5

    This monitor has speakers and VESA mount. Sweet deal!

    • I have a dell with either and it’s annoying I should probably jump in this haha

  • +2

    Don't Forget 6% cashback

  • +1

    I have the older 24” models of these for about the past 5 years, they match an iMac glass and contrast almost perfectly, only shame is these are 1080p. But still a great deal.

    • If you’re just going to be using it for work (email, documents, etc) that’s really all you need. Not ideal for gaming or design work these days, though. Excellent deal, and being a Dell it should be decent quality as well.

    • Dell IPS usually looks good, the UltraSharp range anyway. They are usually ten times as thick as a MacBook/iMac display though. And rarely made of actual glass.

      • +1

        I wouldnt put anything less than an ultrasharp alongside an iMac screen, preferably at least 2K resolution, but ideally higher especially at 27 inches. Any less and the quality difference would be too annoying as you moved between screens.
        If one is already paying a premium for the colour calibration and 5K resolution of an iMac 27, skimping on the second monitor might not be the best idea.

        But yes Dell U series ultrasharp or PremierColour are great screens for the price IMHO. I wouldn’t purchase E series for myself.

        • My work iMac is 7 years old, still going strong for HD editing and VR production. But I’d love to have a 5K one!

    • +1

      Many of Dell and Mac panels are actually sourced by the same supplier. Neither Dell or Apple actually make the panel themselves.

  • +4

    I tried the auaffiliates15%off voucher from the other Dell post to see if it works.

    Thought I was being slick but instead the price goes to $509.

    • Tried that and epp5 not working either

      • I tried both before posting the deal. I did some due diligence as a 'professional'

      • Use ECU5. It works and reduce price to 227.05. Just ordered

  • +6

    Haters be haters but imho this is a sweet deal.

    27” 1080p is weird imho…

    • +4

      agreed, but it's probably not hating - it's just being aware and informed ;) for me a minimum is 1440p @ 27" my 24" at 1080p is probably my limit for 1080p

      • I have a 4k 28" and I find 4k is just too small… exacerbated by the poor scaling of Win10. Its nice ot have the scalability in future.

        1,440p is just perfect. 125% scaling.

        1,080p 100% scaling is a nice sort of relaxing thing I use whenever I'm lounged back and just wasting time.

        I'd hate to be locked at FHD.

        • Win 10 still struggles with 4k scaling? 150/200% doesn't come across well? - that's a shame to hear

  • +1

    Anyone knows the height of the monitor only (without the stand, can not find it on the specs)?

    • Standard 27” panel height + 5mm-10mm top and bottom for bezels

      • +2

        Need more of the exact measurements.+/- 2mm

        • you can always chistle or duct tape

        • +7

          Why downvote someone for wanting exact measurements? They may require it to fit into an existing enclosed space, such as an arcade cabinet or something similar.

    • +1

      This site gives vertical size of casing only without stand at 366.31mm

      Suggest you confirm with Dell though.

  • +1

    Don't businesses have like up to 10k instant writeoff these days?

    • +2


      • +2

        The $150k limit ended at the close of the 19-20 FY.

        -edit- I'm wrong, it was meant to end but they extended it to the end of the calendar year.

  • +1

    Thanks! Grabbed a couple for the office and my deteriorating eyesight…

    • +1

      is it deteriorating because of all the metal cast puzzles

      • LOL! Perish the thought.

        To the contrary, metal puzzles are one of the distractions away from other ahem "habits" which have been alleged to affect eyesight…

    • +4

      Yeah, being in lockdown and not being about to mingle with the opposite sex is having this effect on many people.

  • Good deal. Just bought one for my son.

    • +1

      Are you a Television 📺?

  • +4

    27" and 1080p shouldn't be in the same sentence!

    Everything will look a bit pixelated, probably good for Minecraft 😅

  • Pretty good price tbh, just 27" 1080p if you're willing to live with that.

    27" 1440p 108ppi
    27" 1080p 81ppi
    24" 1080p 91ppi


  • +2

    If you're after a $300 tax write-off, why not use all of it and get a usable 27" 1440p monitor? The Viewsonic VA2719-2K is normally $329 at Umart and MSY (AOC Q27PI $349 if you want IPS), so should be <$300 when on sale. Its not about being a hater, 27" 1080p is simply awful and shouldn't exist (lower PPI than the ORIGINAL Gameboy). If people would stop buying these junk monitors, manufacturers would make more 27" 1440p monitors, so they won't constantly be out of stock.

    • How many times can you claim the $300 write off? Once or as long as the item is under $300 you can claim it many many times over?

    • any more details about this $300 tax write off?


    • +2

      Many people without 20/20 vision are very glad that monitors with higher dot pitch exist.

      It's not all about you…

      • +2

        I never said it was about it me and I don't have 20/20 vision.
        DPI scaling exists… you don't have to deliberately get a low res monitor!
        In fact, text at 1440p with 125% scaling is easier to read than 1080p and you can still fit more on screen.

        • And if people post stuff thats cheap and with relatively poor specs then expect to get criticism… the vast majority of people do not have substantial enough vision problems and you dont need 20/20 to sit 3 ft from a monitor and realise FHD on 27 is a compromise…

          Maybe they should give away a white cane and a golden retriever with this monitor…

  • Is the lack of DP an issue? Is HDMI OK for computer monitors?

  • Just the monitor I was looking for.

    Free with the AMEX business offer.

  • what do you guys think of Dell's refurbished monitors? are they worth the risk?

    • +3

      I have bought a few dell refurbished monitors and they were indistinguishable from new

  • Can anyone see what Dell displays in this size or the next couple of sizes up can be used in portrait mode using the stand it comes with?

  • -3

    Great deal but 27" and 1080P should be illegal.

    • +5

      I used to be in your boat. Then my eyesight started to deteriorate.

  • Looking at getting a new monitor for work, emails, browsing and may watch the occasional Netflix show, would you recommend this or https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-28-ultra-hd-4k-freesync-m...

    • I wouldn't recommend a TN panel. Colours and gamma shift become problematic if the monitor isn't centred perfectly. But then I wouldn't recommend this either due to the low resolution. 1440p IPS or VA are the best ones to go for.

  • I'm looking to get a monitor that I can rotate vertically. Will this be a good one to use?

    • it will work. but i wouldn’t recommend as the shortside will be too wide with respect to the resolution horizontal resolution. Stick with a 24” 1080p panel for vertical setup.

    • I have 3 Dell monitors in portrait mode (rather than the default landscape), using 2 different models. For these under "Display Position Adjustments" it had "pivot". So I suspect this one won't do what you're looking for. You also want height adjustment (which this has) because when you switch to portrait it can make the bottom of the monitor very close to the desk height, unless you can raise it.
      Edit : I'm assuming you mean with the default stand. Obviously if you want to get your own stand it can be in any orientation you prefer.

  • I am considering this or the AOC 27B1H for 27” under $250. Which one would be a better monitor for excel and web browsing? Never bought a monitor from dell before. What would the delivery be like? Days or weeks?. Thanks.

    • I used both brands (not the exact same monitors).
      To me, both are fine for your use,
      But these may be important to consider for me
      AOC: nice v slim bezel/ modern look , especiallly if multiple monitors,
      Dell: more flexible stand with height and tilt adjustment and VESA mount

    • Looks like 3.5 weeks for my order! :-(

  • +4

    Add up with ECU5 and get extra 5%..ordered one thanks ops.
    Reduced to $227.05

    • Thanks, I will update the post

    • What! Can I cancel 1st order and reorder.

      • Yes

  • +1

    Says ECU5 code has already been redeemed :-( Was working before.

  • Listed at $349 on the website now, looks like the deal is over.

    • +1

      I still have it in my cart and still showing $239 at the checkout. Says $360 cash off ends Thu 29 Oct 2020 (see pic)

      • Yeah, same. Was able to buy it thankfully it’s still in my cart after the deal has expired.

  • Now priced at $349
    Use code "AUAFFILIATES15%OFF" to bring price to $296.65

  • Still had it sitting in my cart, so it gave it to my at $239, used a $60 discount from previouls laptop purchase and also 12% shopback. Hopefully decent screen.

    • Your personalised discount will cancel the cashback.

      • Thats fine, wasnt going to use the discount code previoulsy. Cashback will be a bonus if it tracks.

  • I just got an email saying delivery has been delayed until September 17th. Ordered on August 1st and initial delivery date was August 26th. Similar delivery time as ordering from Banggood. Has anyone else received their monitor?

    • Spoke to their CS yesterday arvo and said delayed till 4/9 then got the same email as you last night :-(

    • Yeah, my 2 are delayed until Sep 16th. I figured that might be the case when I checked the status last week and they were still on production.

      I bought a 27" 1440P 165Hz from them at the same time and its delayed until early October.

      Having a great run.

    • Yep. Received my two last week.

      Great, cheap purchase that allowed me to scale my zoom back from 125% to 100% on my old 24"ers and reclaim some real estate.

      • Received one of my two today, despite the fact that my order status hasn't progressed.

        It's pure random luck when it comes to Dell shipping.

        • Got an email from customer service today saying it will be delivered tomorrow!

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