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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global Edition (Local Stock) $47.95 Delivered for Gearbite Members ($59.95 Otherwise) @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have received a batch of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and have placed this for an awesome price for their members.

This is by far the cheapest price I've seen on this band for Local Stock, looks to be cheaper than getting it delivered from China which would take much longer, and this has a 12 month local warranty also from a very reputable supplier.

I believe that there is currently an allocation of 200 in stock so get in quick if you want one, otherwise these can be placed on pre-order also at the same price.

In Order to Retrieve the $47.95 price, please follow these steps:

  1. Join the Facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive'.
  2. Follow easy instruction there in the most recent post to retrieve the code via Facebook message.

Otherwise, this is also available for anyone via their website for $59.95 using the coupon code FIVE.

Main Features:

  • Large screen with dynamic color display, the display area is increased by about 20% again, 100+ themed watch faces
  • 11 sports modes, rowing machine, skipping rope, yoga, elliptical machine
  • 50 meters waterproof, can be worn in rain or swimming
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time monitoring, heart rate warning
  • 24-hour sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement, sporadic naps
  • New women's health, physiological period record and reminder
  • 14 days long battery life
  • Magnetic charging, direct charging without disassembly

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As always, enjoy :)

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  • NFC?

    • Don't think so, unfortunately.

    • +4

      No, Ive been holding off from this release as its rumoured they'll be a 'pro' version with NFC and Alexa integration. Alexa I couldnt care less about but having NFC would be massive and adds a lot of value

      • There are some new media reports today with more information about the upcoming Mi Band 5 Pro.

        It will have the Amazon Alexa assistant, as well as the SpO2 blood oxygen sensor. It may be sold in the US market under the Huami brand name.

        • I just bought a Honor band 5, wanted the Mi band 5 but the lack of SpO2 steered me to the HB5.

          Apparently the HB is also more accurate.

          • @nub: That's good to know, I was hoping the MiBand 5 would have the sensor. Not sure if I want to flip bands. How much did you pay?

            • +1

              @mrhugo: Paid $45 from here

              AU $40.00 39%OFF | Global Version Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Wisband Better Than Band 4 Heart Rate Oxygen Smart Band Waterproof Smart Watch

      • Ya I'll buy this in a heartbeat if it has NFC support

    • +4

      This GearBite sale is not the NFC version. Apart from the the device missing NFC chip (which may not matter), it is also missing the SpO2 sensor hardware.

      If that's important to you, you might want to buy elsewhere.

  • Paid $58 for this last week through Kogan (bought on Thurs, arrived on Mon) - is this locally in AUS or do you need to wait 4-6+ weeks for delivery?

    • +2

      This is available locally in Aus and as per the page it'll ship by the 6th of August (could be earlier than that).

      • Agggh great find OP

      • Mine tracked at Melbourne Airport- so I doubt its local stock.

  • Is there a notification icon on the homescreen ..?

  • Hopefully the next one has NFC globally, still rocking the mi band 4 for now. 5 looks pretty good though if you don't have a 4, good price for it πŸ‘Œ

    • -1

      I'm betting that Xiaomi won't have a global payment system operating any time soon.

      • -1

        Would it not use Google Pay?

    • Yeah still using my 4 on the daily too, without NFC there isn't really a need to upgrade since I don't sleep with the band on and I don't get uh… Monthly visits…

  • +1

    This or wait for Honor Band 6?

    • I don't think we know anything about the Honor Band 6 yet? There are only rumours, but it hasn't been announced to my knowledge.

      The Mi Band 5 seems to have addressed some of the things that made me choose the Honor band last time, such as not having to remove the face from the band to charge, etc.

    • Honor has a notification icon on homescreen .. so if you miss the notification you don't have to go digging in the menus to check if you missed anything

      Go for honor 5 or Huawei 4

    • -4

      I'm waiting for Honor Band 9

      • +1

        Nah you will want to wait for the honor band 28. It works on optus!

  • what can this really be used for, genuinely want to know. besides it telling your steps and calories burnt, is there anything else?

    • +1

      I use my FR235 to check rough daily target of steps. I don't care about calories. The HR long term trend shows improvement in fitness/health; short term fluctuations can indicate cold, etc.

      Not sure if this one has GPS, but that for running when the kids are older and I have more time.

      • right now i dont think people are going out much tho, can it measure my walks to the kitchen?

        • +3

          You scoff, but fitbit has been essential for me during lockdown as it has reminded me just how LITTLE ive done and led me to paying closer attention and finding ways to get at least SOME decent activity every day. I'm certain without it I'd have put on about 10kg

      • +1

        None of the Mi Bands have inbuilt GPS. But if you carry your phone, the Mi app will read the GPS on your phone to log your runs.

    • +5

      I use my MiBand 4 as an alarm clock

      • +1

        The alarm feels super weak, wish they had sound to wake you up along with the vibration!

        • i use my phone if i want something loud, but the watch if I'm trying to sneak out.

        • +1

          I'm a light sleeper, the alarm is perfectly fine for me.

          • @pjetson: agree - i have a lot of 6am meetings and it is perfect for waking me up but the not the wife :)

    • +2

      Using mainly as a smart watch (miband 4), check calls, read texts, find my phone, music controls and ofc check time!! Can't complain when one charge lasts for about 3 weeks. Lately noticed some issues with connectivity to mobile where I had to restart phone couple of times.

      • My partners Mi Band 4 kept having issues staying connected to her Pixel 3. Tried all the tricks on the internet to fix it, but alas still unreliably connected. Mine is rock solid with my S9+

        • Mine is on S9. Seem to have stabilised over the last couple of days. Will monitor

      • I had problems with notifications on MIUI 11, but since i updated to 12, I've had no issues. It could be a software issue on your phone with aggressive power management

    • +7

      Vibrating alarm clock is awesome if you wake up at a different time to your significant other.

      I'm also deaf in one ear (and sleep on my good ear for awesome silentness), my alarm clock volume usually needs to be set to 'nuclear holocaust' in order to wake me up which doesn't sit well with anyone else in the house, so it's particularly useful for me.

      I also tie it to Outlook on my phone so I get meeting reminders 5 minutes before they start. I used to be constantly late to meetings because I'd lose track of time, that is a bit of a lifesaver.

      Finally, call notifications. Don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket to ignore that telemarketer (especially good if your phone is left in another room). Excellent. Only downside is people keep thinking I'm checking my watch in meetings. But I find it good for a bit of digital downtime, it gives me the bare minimum of what I need from my phone so I can leave my phone somewhere out of reach and just have the right info forwarded to my wrist.

      Personally I'm holding off on this model though because I want spO2 tracking and NFC.

    • …staking your family.
      You can add all your friends/family to a group and then monitor how many steps they do daily/weekly, etc. You can also ping them via phone app.

      In all seriousness, it's a pretty good watch that tracks general well being. Once you bind it to your phone, when you get calls/sms, the watch pings/vibrates. My family has found it very useful as they're not near their phone all the time.

    • Everything that Galaxy Note8/S8 (90% functions, inc SpO2 & UV sensor, GPS, NFC & Magnetic card simulator) cannot do (+10%)->
      Sleep patterns, 5m water diving/swimming/shower. Gentle alarm not waking everyone. Remote camera trigger & few more. Auto step/activity (the mobiles can also do).
      All other features are gimmicks on small size watch. This one you don't even notice it's on you & not slave to daily charging (3+ weeks).
      Extra happy with Mi Band 4 (would pass it to my misses for extra REM tracking on 5 & SpO2 as my new Note10+ is missing).

    • I basically use mine it monitor my sleep (not really useful but I like having stats) and as a phone 'ringer'. I basically leave my phone on silent 24/7, rather than my phone making noises my Mi Band vibrates and I check it. No more forgetting to put my phone on silent before meetings.

  • thanks OP, got one

  • Nice, I'm still waiting for my Chinese-shipped mi band 5 that I bought as soon as it was available.

  • +3

    Nice deal. Ordered mine from China a week ago with a Red replacement band for around $58 with Cashback (Aliexpress). I should have waited but didn't know the international version was out and impulse bought when I saw it listed on there. Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas 2020 πŸ˜€

    • +1

      My AliExpress deliveries are currently taking 3 months .. tried all the various shipping options other than the $30+ couriers

      • That wouldn’t surprise me. Oh well I guess I needed another lesson in patience anyway. πŸ˜€

  • How does it compare to a fitbit charge 3?

    • I've tried the Charge 3 and Mi band 4. Loved the Fitbit, but it has a bug that makes it drop activities for no reason which means they don't get tracked (same thing happens with the Charge 4). This has been the case for years and Fitbit haven't fixed it. I returned mine.

      The Mi band is not as flash, smaller screen and I find the way the band does up annoying, but it works fine.

  • The local delivery sounds tempting.

  • Does it have Always On Display?

  • Thanks OP. Have been waiting for this to buy for my kid.
    Almost bought mi band 4 for almost the same price. Glad I waited

  • I only got my Mi Band 4 in December (from the Xiaomi store in Shanghai, no less) and the pedometer is already busted.

  • +1

    NO PAYPAL checkout :(

    Too risky !

    • +1


    • Still working with paypal with integration. Hopefully will available in couple weeks.

      • Thanks mate :)

        I know a bit of wordpress. Do you need help? It's quick if your paypal account is ready.

        • Our paypal account has been 10 years which has been use at our gearbite ebay store, but paypal have integration problem with our website at this moment, can not set up recently.

      • Is standard delivery sent with Aus post?

    • Paypal is available now, please feel free to use paypal now.

  • Just ordered one but then came to the realisation… it never gave a colour option…

    Is the standard colour shipped black?

    • +1


  • +1

    A bit off topic, just wondering what's the most affordable smart watch right now that supports NFC google pay payment in Australia? Samsung gear is pricey af

    • Fitbit charge 4

      • thanks will check it out :)

      • At a price of $245…..

        • i suppose i should say work had this promo and i was getting 75% off so that helped lol

          • @prankster: Hey mate can you hook me up with a similar discount? Lol, really needed a charge 4. Cheers!

            • +1

              @19covid: hahaha sadly it was only 1 per person who could have the discount but if something happens in the future i'll let you know ;)

            • @19covid: onsport.com.au selling it at $237 and 10% further discount for students or you can price match at officeworks

  • -1

    I just bought the watch following the Facebook steps and it charged me the full $79 despite accepting the code??? Please help

    • +7

      Followed up. Did not apply coupon code when you check out, but we will fix for you.

      • Didn't received the code

    • +2

      But why did buy it if you saw the price was still $79 in your checkout and confirm you are going to pay $79 …

  • +2

    I use my Miband 4 24/7.
    Tracks my sleep and count my steps.
    Gives me alerts when I receive calls & msgs.
    Wakes me up when set to vibrate for my alarm.
    It’s like a smart watch but it is a fitness band 😷

    • agree and a BIG plus for me is that it doesn't need to be charged every second day like many. I get a good 3+weeks out of mine each time and is around 6 months old now. Great little devices,

  • Wish it had GPS then I'd buy in a heartbeat πŸ˜‰ if you have to have your phone with you what's the point

  • I wonder what these are like in the shower as I have the mi band 4 and the water causes it to change all the settings. So annoying having your alarm disabled.

    • Dude, take it off when you shower. You should be washing all the gunk that collects under it each day.

    • -1

      I've heard the heat from a hot shower isn't ideal as it has the potential to reduce IP rating over time especially if you have very hot showers

  • Thanks OP. Bought one for $47.95

  • Nice find OP, grabbed one!

  • I've wanted one of these for ages so i'll pay the premium. It will drop to around $3x.xx sooner rather than later but meh. I want it now

  • My personal experience with the previous-gen Mi Band 4 has been mixed, not sure about this new gen. I bought mine direct from Xiaomi Ebay for $48 on sale early last October. Innacurate heart sensor, mediocre UI on the app, weak vibration on the alarm, security concerns on user data, easy scratches on the screen, the sleep tracking got innacurate recently and the band snapped within a couple of months. Steps, notification, quality of screen (bright and crisp) and customisability are the pros. Yes the common answer would be price, but I always wished from day 1 of usage I spent a bit more and got the previous gen fitbits which were on sale for $100. Again, my opinion only but the countless reviews I watched did not show the real scenario at all because the reviewers prolly have like 50 other things to assess, they show you how impressive the features are for the price but dont depict the depth of it.

    • +1

      Mine is a good 6 months old and like new (wear it 24/7). not even a scratch on it which surprises me as I have caught it on rough surfaces several times. Must be just lucky. Vibration is great as it wakes my in the morning and notifies me of calls, msgs etc when phone in back pocket. Steps are fairly accurate (as I know distances that I cover). They are not 100% perfect but for what it is not too bad. Wonder did you get a dodgy one?

      Fitbit = Not a fan myself as one has to be "Online" to update the stats, Not sure if that has changed in the last year and whether they now have a local app (not cloud based)?.

      • I totally agree. All through my travels overseas (backpacking) my fitbit was basically useless, because I didn't have internet, I couldn't sync to my phone. I'm not particularly private with my data, I have a Mi Band now :), but the logic of not giving me direct access to it pissed the hell out of me.

      • Maybe I did get a dodgy one, but rethinking my comment, I also used it 24/7 for 10 months through a lot of dirt, oil, grime etc. Some of it might have seeped through early on lol, and it still lasted pretty long so can't ask more rlly because the price was quite cheap. It's sitting on the shelf right now because the band snapped, $10 replacement for Aus stock, $3 for China not sure what to do.

        • If not in a rush then $3 otherwise $10 for 9 months isn't too bad!

        • In my experience, the only real negative has been the band snapping - heart rate seems accurate enough, as long as I stay still and hold my arm up while using it, vibration has been great, sleep tracking is ok (I'd never trust it to indicate something like sleep apnea), UI is functional (although I can't work out how to scroll through notifications I've received, if that's possible), and it hasn't got any (noticeable) scratches after at least 9 months of almost daily use.

          Currently waiting on my band replacement, ordered a month ago and ETA is September xD - been just using superglue to patch it up in the meantime.

  • Followed the steps, got the code, clicked Buy Now. It's showing $79.95. I tried to check out but no where to enter the code.

    Edit: sorted.

    • CCP or did you mean PPG monitor?
      Either way, I wouldn't be using a band like this to notify you if you have a Problem.

        • No and the Apple watch in Aus doesnt have that feature I do not believe. Regardless, consider this a toy and certainly not for serious measurements and more as a guide. To take accurate Heart Beat measurement one would need to ensure that the band is correctly fitted and not loose etc.
          Even with the Apple watch, there are so many variables, one has to question whether the feature is even worthwhile. An proper ECG uses 8 sensors in different places to measure the flow of blood in and out amoung other things. No watch is going to do much more that monitor you pulse.

      • +1

        By CCP, donkey bong was probably referring to the Chinese Communist Party monitoring the data being sent back to chinese servers

  • Does the alarm actually wake up someone like me who tends to be a deep sleeper?

    Also this can't store music, what options are there that can play music?

    • Deep sleep = probably not unless you are sesitive to vibrations, the it might but its a minl vibration so won't be shaking your arm off.
      Music = It only controls play pause skip etc for music on attached device like phone. There is no storage inside it, thats what your phone or Ipod is for :-)

  • Love my Mi Band 4 - is it worthwhile upgrading to this one? Could someone summarise what the improvements would be in this model - I've seen bigger screen, and apparently easier to charge (don't have to take the watch out of the band first)?

  • Serves its purpose for keeping track of my steps and sleep routine. The firmware update also allows music control, syncs up well with Spotify (y)

  • +2

    Is there any way to cancel my order? I bought a Garmin and won't use this band. Edit** good customer service - refunded me straight away. Thanks Gearbite

  • Thanks @doweyy.. Got one..

  • +1

    Order was marked as shipped at 04/08, however it still stays as "prepared at Aupost" after 6 days. Anyone received it?

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