This was posted 1 year 9 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Pillow ($54.50 Instore, $66.49 Delivered) @ Spotlight (Free Membership Required)


Spotlight have a promotion on the Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Pillow for $74.50 each which in itself is a reasonably good deal.

Stacked with 20CELEBRATE (requires a free membership signup to VIP program) it comes down further to $54.50

Given COVID you might prefer the delivery option for an additional $11.99 (nb. delivery cost is per shipment, not per unit - so feel free to stack your cart) for a total delivered cost of $66.49.

Promotion ends tomorrow.

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  • Code doesn’t work even I am logged in

    • Worked fine for me at 9.37am this morning. Have you used the 20CELEBRATE code already perhaps?

      Try a fresh browser session, no cookies, etc. Add product to cart, then try promo code; if that doesn't work then try signing in to your Spotlight VIP account, then promo code to basket. I know, convoluted. But it'll work one way or another.

  • Is this the OzB's Choice pillow?

    • +2

      Not for me, at least.

      • $50+ saved. Cheers

        • or maybe u are missing out on the best value pilllloooowwww

        • -1

          I don't think anyone would buy this pillow at RRP

    • If I recall these pillows now come out of a different factory than the one they built their reputation on, people who had the old ones and have bought the new say the quality isn’t as good.

      • I have two new ones… 3 months old… perfect in every way… nothing wrong with them at all… best to listen to people who actually use them rather than the 'Chinese whisperers'. Maybe there is someone out there that also owns them but don't like them, at least their viewpoint would be valid.

        • I mean it’s great you enjoy yours but you also didn’t try the originals so your point doesn’t disprove that people believe the quality isn’t as good as it used to be.
          The TLC rep mentions that their pillows are made from the factory that these used to be made from.

    • +2

      Best pillows are adjustable .

      I use a towel

    • +1

      Not anymore. They've changed where the pillows are manufactured, and there's a noticeable decrease in quality. Check out the TLC pillows - they're essentially now the new Dunlopillo.

  • +20

    Not to pick on retailers but it's worth telling the story: I originally ordered these pillows during the Harris Scarfe promotion of $69.95 ea on July 4 but they never arrived - instead I was refunded on July 30 as they stocked out. To make matters worse, the next day (July 31) the were back in stock at full price which surely seems like bait and switch. I contacted them via email to see if they'd honour the ordered discounted price given its in stock and they refused.

    During that same time, PlanetLinen originally matched Harris Scarfe (there were a number of sales on at the time eg Click Frenzy) but then put up their prices in a staggered increase to $99 on Amazon, $89 directly on their website. I contacted PlanetLinen rep on Ozbargain and via direct website enquiring on price increase during the first hike but had no response back.

    So I am very please that I will be receiving my pillows cheaper than both these retailers. I'm also picking up the Tontine Coolmax Pillow Protector from Spotlight at the reduced VIP price of $12 which the equivalent Dunlopillo Coolmax Pillow Protector retails from $30-$55 each. Tontine and Sheridian are both owned by Pacific Brands, it's the same product.

    Hope this helps people out there to get the bargains and avoid ripoffs.

    • Tontine and Sheridian are both owned by Pacific Brands, it's the same product.

      Thanks for sharing. This statement of yours isn't necessarily true though. Just because both brands are owned by the same parent company doesn't mean they make the same products.

      • +1

        Fair call.

        But both are using Coolmax tech, product specifications and materials are the same, they both look the same except the branding.

        So I’ll call it a hunch I guess!

    • Tontine and Sheridian are both owned by Pacific Brands, it's the same product.

      That doesn't mean it's the same product

    • how do you become a VIP?

  • Hate to ask but how do you do click and collect - only seeing delivery as an option?

    • +1

      While on the product page itself, click 'Select a Store' under Find my Store. It will show if there's stock first locally. ie can't do it from checkout.

      • Ah ok so if the store says low stock it won't let you choose click and collect. Delivery it is! Thanks tom.

        • Ring the store - many times they've put stock aside for me to pickup. Easier than finding in-store.
          Low stock usually means 1 or 2.

        • store says low stock it won't let you choose click and collect.

          It won't let you choose click and collect because they don't offer click and collect, regardless low stock or excess stock.
          Either check which store has stock and drive up there to buy, or delivery.

  • bought one, thanks op

  • Great pillow, great price!

  • +4

    Probably like everyone else, I bought this because of the recommendation in Barefoot Investor. My honest opinion is that it is way way overhyped for what it is.

    • So what is your recommendations?

    • +1

      Imagine actually taking advice from the barefoot investor lol.

      I have this pillow, it’s a great pillow. I liked the pillow so much I bought one for each of my parents and it helped them a lot with their back and neck pains. It might be overhyped if you’re younger but if you’re even in your late 20s then it’s a worthwhile spend for something you rest your head on for 6 hours a day.

      • Agree my husband has back pain (mid 40s) and we got them because lots of folk on here recommended. he says its helping a lot.
        Annoyed I paid $60 when I could have got for $54 :P

    • +1

      That recommendation is old. Dunlopillo have changed where they're manufactured, and they're no longer as high quality.

  • I’ve just bought a new pillow. It’s obscenely expensive, but expected to last well over 10 years with proper care. It’s light years ahead in comfort and support than the Dunlopillo. I’ve never slept on anything like it.

    • +2

      This is ozbargain mate

    • +1

      it's a bloody hipster pillow.

  • +2

    i bought one about 1 month ago, didn't like it at all. it felt like head on a ballon, and medium profile is still felt high to me. so i am back to my memory foam pillows

    • You mind me ask what you using now?

      • i am using a woolworths memory foam pillow atm, but still trying to find a low profile pillow

        • I don't mind these. My biggest annoyance though is that pillow slips are way too big for them.

          • @Bullion78: omg, my exactly thoughts, if they are flat at the lower end, it will be perfect for me.

    • That was also my opinion.
      Found it too high & "bouncy" as a side sleeper. Was not a good experience. I am more used to a lower profile pillow.

      Bought a Denton contoured pillow designed for side sleepers - much better for my needs.

      We are built differently & sleep differently. So what suits one may not suit another person.

      Choice's guide to selecting a pillow

      Some here find it too low… We find it too high. Waiting for the Goldilocks of pillows😉

    • It was the same for me. Which memory foam pillow do you use?

  • I bought this a year ago, I’m still not sure why it is so popular, the standard pillow is too low for me, not sure if I should try the high profile one.

    • I agree. I bought it last month and I feel like I wasted my money. Not sure what the big deal is. I keep waking up during the night and changing pillows.

  • i'm considering the Memory Foam pillow:

    Anyone have experience/reviews with that one?

    • +1

      I bought that one in 2012, still using it today. The foam and shape remains the same.
      There is an internal cover which tightly surrounds the foam and holds the shape, and an external cover.
      You can remove them both to wash, however I usually just wash the pillow case, and wash the external cover every few washes.

    • Latex is healthier. Memory foam takes the shape of your twisted neck. Latex pushes back fixing it.

  • I loved medium height, firm feel - until my wife stole it

    Now I'm waiting for the next sale/discount to get one for sub-$80

  • -1

    saved $94.50 for me, just sign up and get it, that's what I did.

    I needed a pillow badly.

  • +1

    Was eyeing off this one combined with the 25% off code but the contour and lack of reviews outside of their site stopped me. I like it has adjustable height and cooling pad though. Anyone had experience with it or neptune?

  • Hi Applause
    The pillow looks good. Would you please able to share 25 percent discount code. I also want to buy

    • +1

      The banner at the top said code is "SLEEPDAY".

      This pillow is also usually on sale but normally at $69

      • Thanks. Just saw it. By the way, did you brought one? Looks alright. I am confused this one the spotlight one?

        • No, haven't bought still thinking.

          No this one is different. This one is from Neptune, Spotlight's one is from Dunlopillo. Hope that helps to clarify.

          • @Applause: @Applause: Thanks for info. The spotlight one is a latex on and this one is a memory foam one. Tried to look for reviews, there is non. Only the channel 9 news about it on youtube. So, really confused. The Napture one looks good and its conture one and the spotlight one is a classic one. Let me know, if you brought one, I will follow ur lead.

            • @Donask: Still undecided. Now thinking maybe I should start off with an adjustable height and fill one to see what I like, just don't know if that even exists.

  • Just asking ! How do you get it for 54 aud ? ( I noticed that I couldn’t click and collect)
    I have stock at the shop nearby but how’s am I gonna claim the code in the store ?
    Appreciate any inputs on this ?

    Thanks in advance

  • For me no free pick up …I couldn't sleep at night if I payed extra!

  • +1

    Buy the TLC. Dunlopillo's aren't what they used to be. TLC is the new Dunlopillo.

  • Anyone got Down feather pillow deals?

  • So when I bought my Dunlopillo recently I almost got it from Spotlight, but I noticed they weren't listed as a stockist on the Dunlopillo website so I got it from Harris Scarfe in the end. I emailed Dunlopillo to find out whether Spotlight was an authorised legitimate seller, but they never got back to me. You can also get dodgy Dunlopillo's from Kogan, so maybe Spotlight source them from there?

    Anyway TLDR Spotlight aren't listed on the Dunlopillo website as a stockist -

  • Jeez you guys are fussy about your pillows, I got 10 of these for free

    • At $2 each - good luck! Even free with the code it's not worth wasting the code.

      I suggested those in the original Spotlight Deal. Rejected after trying in-store.

      Think people are fussy about their sleep. I like my sleep too much to risk using those. Will likely go flat & uncomfortable very quickly.

  • I just created a new account and the code worked for me off the bat. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, I bought a high profile & medium feel, it was also on sale. I already have one, but my wife keeps steeling it.

  • Aldi has latex pillows coming soon, I remember another ozbargainer happy with them.. they will be $30, worth a shot I think.

  • Just picked one up at Rockdale. Maybe 5 more even though website said OOS(now says it has stock). Didn't ask for email, only needed barcode.

  • Will this get rid of neck pain?

  • Mine just arrived. Do people use the washable cover that comes with it or are other pillow protectors better?

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