Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0/IPX5 Waterproof $39.99 (Was $54.98) Delivered @ Haylou Amazon AU


Not as low compared to the flash sale but great price for a cool piece of tech. Was going to grab the non-pro version for run/gym but saw the pro at the same price. Could be a great daily for anyone looking for budget friendly TWS earbuds.

-Bluetooth 5.0: Stable connectivity
-25 Hours battery life: Charging case 800 mAh
-Battery indicators
-Advanced Audio Coding
-IPX5 waterproof certificate
-Touch control

Also a lot of useful information on the product page so I recommend to read it through.

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    • Nice, even smaller form factor! I had a look but could not find aussie stock for the plus. Seems like banggood has them from either US/CN warehouse for $38+$6 shipping.

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    I got this and unable to stick properly to my ear canal, no matter which ear bud.

  • Touch is hyper sensitive and biggest downside IMO is that you can't control volume with the buds, need to use your device each time. Not ideal at all.
    Sound is decent but will definitely be selling mine.

    • Not sure what you really expect given the size of the buds, and the price. Would be good to know if you have found a better replacement, always good to have options.

  • Have a pair of these, very happy with the convenience and ease of use. Not a sound guy but they sound fine to me.

    The big advantage these have over many of the other TWS buds in this price range is the pairing configuration, where both sides connect directly to the phone. Many others use "master-slave" setup, where the one side connects to the other, which connects to the phone. The direct connection makes them easier to setup and is much better if you ever want to connect one side at a time. From what I've seen this is not a feature usually found in this price range.

    They are currently about $10 cheaper on Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000127727081.html?spm=a2g0o... , but this deal gives you local stock and faster delivery.

  • Id question the waterproof certification. I was cleaning the pool, leant over and one earbud fell in for about 10 secs. Cactus. I just use the working one for podcasts (as I dont need stereo). Bought a pair of the GT2 earbuds for stereo music about the same price ($20AUD delivered?). They sound very similar, but dont have touch sensitivity, but physical buttons. As mentioned above, the touch is hyper sensitive and prefer the button to be honest. Both models great value for money against the big boys tho

  • Same as this? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000332404747.html

    $20 delivered - 20 -40 days

    $25 delivered 13 - 20 days

    I have trouble distinguishing different Chinese brands - mostly seem to be rebadging… not sure whether the actual components are the same.

    • I'd say stick to the Haylou official store to be safe. Not much of a price difference.

  • My Haylou GT2 never stops its wave sounds, even worse than QCY T1

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