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[PC, GOG, Pre Order] Cyberpunk 2077 - $55.79 @ CD Keys


Pre-order, GOG version


Absolute bargain considering the hype behind the game.

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    Also to note, you can get 1.4-3.5 % cashback with cashrewards (1.4% for existing accounts, 3.5% for new)

  • It is cheap.. but the steam version usually has better control and streaming support

    • Yeah. This is mostly for those who are just after the cheapest copy available and dont care for it not being on steam.

      • or wh owant to directly support the game developer so they get the most money to put into their next game.

        • I bought more than enough copies of the witcher 3 at full price for friends to make up for buying one copy of cyberpunk 2077 on cdkey :P

        • Wouldn't call buying from CD keys directly supporting the developer ie supporting their practice of buying bulk keys in one region and selling it onto a different region

    • What do you mean control and steaming support?

      • Steam has a lot of configuration options for Controller Support.

        Steam also allows for in-home Streaming.

        That's what I assume OP is talking about.

        • Doesn't adding a non-steam game to your library enable all of this though?

        • That’s what I mentioned yeah.

          Really- just add to launch and it works…? I kinda of thought there has to be something with the steam SDK when the game is built to map support for PS4 or switch pro controllers.

          And yeah streaming is steamlink so I can play anywhere regardless of what tv my family is occupying.

          After buying control on epic games recently I regret It only works with the Xbox remote.

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      If you add non-steam games into the library you still get those features.


  • Dumb question but when does the key come through? Do we have to wait until Nov?

    • You will get the key when the game is released.

    • Not sure why you were downvoted, legit question.

      As above, it gets emailed to you and you click a link to reveal the key on their website on release if previous cdkeys purchases are anything to go by.

  • The likelihood is that these keys come from the Russian GOG site, where you can get the Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order for around $38 right now (1999 rubles). Better to buy through actual GOG than CDkeys I think. Just use a Russian VPN and go to the site, works pretty well.

    • That's a great price, any decent chance GOG will ban my account if I do that? I mean its pretty hard to argue you were IN Russia during CORONAVIRUS lockdown… and then went back to Australia a few days later.

      • Saw the tip on ozbargain a few days ago, the dude said he had done it many times before with no issues.

      • I know steam was actively banning accounts for doing that. But GOG I am not sure about.

        • Steam I did it for Warhammer. Now I have a Russian Steam account with Warhammer linked to my normal steam account…

        • If this was true both my steam accounts would be banned many times over. I don't jump regions and just use steam gift cards which remain global. YMMV

          • @4agte: Well I know for a fact that its true.
            Just because your accounts managed to avoid a ban, doesn't invalidate the fact that it has happened to a lot of people in the past.

    • I did it a few days ago as well, in reality it comes in at $40 and some change due to either PayPal currency exchange or card charges unless you have a Citibank or equivalent that doesn't charge you.

    • Any reccomendations on a free VPN?

      Have a paid one (PIA) but they removed Russia a few years ago because it's Russia.

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      I mean god damn. We live in Australia for God's sake. Surly everyone or at least most people can afford it in one way or another.
      Using these methods may forces these stores to build a more restrict policy and make it harder for other gamers in countries with low purchasing power to purchase these games. Like what happened a few days ago with the Steam.
      I mean I know countries that their currency is not supported by some of these stores and they've got no choice other than buying them at the US price which ain't fair.

      • To be fair, this IS OzBargain. Most people here probably aren't going to buy it at full retail price anyway.

      • yeah, I dont get it….Russian VPN?, might as well play cracked version for free when it comes out….to get it legit via Amazon its like $60 , Russian VPN saves you $20?

      • I recently became aware of how much I use "I mean" for no reason. As in, I could subtract the statement and everything I said was still intact.

        From one "I mean" abuser to another, you too can begin to quit.

  • Seems like a big-ish spoiler in the game description, maybe avoid that fyi.

    • Just note, as mentioned in the linked comment, you may be risking your account by region hopping, especially with buying from the Russian stores.

      Steam bans accounts for it, I am not sure about GOG. They likely dont care to do it, but you never know.

      • I don't think gog cares. I pre ordered witcher 3 way back when for i think 17 bucks and my account is still cool. I think i used a vpn to log in from south america or somrthing

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        Every GOG game is piratable day 1 by virtue of being DRM-free.
        The fact that you're paying them directly at all probably makes them probably figure it's better than nothing and decide it's not worth trying to police.

  • Absolute bargain considering the hype behind the game

    Where hype means blind emotional support fanned by a marketing team.

    • I haven't really seen much marketing, compared to a lot of other games. Hype really just seems to come from initially descriptions of gameplay/features, and more recently game play footage.

  • Coming 19 November 2020

  • This game seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper as the hype seems to mount up upon its nearing release date.

    I might wait longer before biting as the price may drop a wee bit more before the due time.

  • Real mates don't let their friends pre-order. Not even once.

  • I will wait because they will certainly release enhanced edition, GOTY edition that sort

  • Deal might be over now, it's showing up as $65.19 for me now.

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