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[PC, Pre-Order] Cyberpunk 2077 - $59.19 @ CD Keys


Pre-order of course but damn that's cheap!

GOG version not steam

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    I'm just going to wait to see if it is any good before I buy it

  • What's the cheapest Steam copy going?

  • You can just tell this game is going to fall short of expectations.

    • Not sure why the downvotes. This game is kind of expected to have a score of 110 out of 100. Because it is such highly anticipated there is probably a low chance to meet expectations. That does not mean that it will not be a great game.

      • The game is going to fall short of expectations because the expectations are so sky high, its just not right. Its hyped as (profanity), deserved maybe, but damn if people keep hyping it to unreal levels, how can they be anything but disappointed?

        This is on the people, not the company. CDPR will deliver an outstanding game likely, but even the people are treating it way higher than it can hope to achieve.

  • I Sort of get the feeling that if i was to buy it with a VPN through CDPR it would support them more then CDKey's But at the same time it feels scummy doing that to this Dev… Might Wait and see what else comes up on Offer.

    Honestly feels like $90 is too much for the standard edition of the game from GOG. Would of Gladly Paid $70 or so.

  • If you have access to a VPN with a Russia node, it's even cheaper @1999 RUB (~$40AUD) via GOG.

  • I pre-ordered it for 1999 Rubles on GOG directly with my normal AU account.

    Had to delete all cookies for GOG web address, use a VPN (free/paid) via Russian server, login via RU which wasn't too hard as the prompts are easy to pick regardless of language. Enter code sent to email. Bought with rubles to my usual card, many of the banks recommended here are free exchange pricing.

    1999 Rubles at the time worked out to be A$40, I have been buying in rubles for years, I just don't ask for refunds if game buggy etc.
    I play in AU from GOG client without issue, the games never appear to have any regional variation.

    I can't say what GOG actually think about region hopping, but given the entire nature of their storefront and service, they would have to be the most likely to not care of all the platforms. I would rather buy my regional priced copy from them directly than risk them not getting their cut or me having the key revoked.

    CDKeys is one the of the best to buy regional-grey keys from, I had bought a brand new game from them a couple years ago for A$50, it came used but they replaced it within 15 minutes of contacting them with proof/screenshots.

    If you want to regional hop pricing on GOG like me, please understand it is at your own risk, but I haven't had a single issue in the years of doing it myself.

    • You can change the language back to English in the footer.

      Also changing the currency (in the footer) to USD gives slightly better pricing than Rubles.

      Opening a private window means you don't have to clear cookies.

    • Can you please list the 300 steps you take for consuming ice cream?

    • Just did this and paid in US$, I haven't pre ordered a game in a long, long time as it was never worth it.

      For under $40 for this game it's worth a punt. Although with the AU$ seeming to slowly strengthen against the US$ it wouldn't hurt to hold off another month or so to pay even less.

      • I'm happy with my A$40 from a few weeks ago, best case maybe A$5 difference in a couple months but I am already getting it for below 50% before launch.

        • Oh it's definitely a great price for what should be a great game, I'm deliberately not reading or watching much about it to not hype it up too highly in my own mind.

          Was more to the people who will hold out for something to drop another $0.50 before they buy it.

          • @Porthos: I definitely feel bad when I prebuy something for a greater price than I can get it for before it is available.
            I felt shafted back in the Telltale days when I paid full price for their GoT & Tales from the Borderlands games because they sold the full game, released just the first eps, then went on to move their teams to Minecraft while we waited a full year for subsequent episodes to be released with the game going on sale almost monthly.

            But for this game I am just exited to play it when it comes out and $40 will def be worth it.

    • What VPN do you use? Mine has no Russian nodes :(

  • You're breathtaking.

  • Has there every been much benefit to pre-ordering? (offering the publishers free credit)

    No… so why do people do it?

    • +3 votes

      but what if GOG run out of digital copies of their own game???

    • You've never pre ordered or got game at midnight?

      I pre ordered Sekiro for 48 dollars

      Was that worth doing in your eyes?

    • Getting a discount for pre ordering

    • I could be wrong, but I think once upon a time there were potential stock shortages for physical copies so you could actually miss out if you didn't preorder (if you wanted the game on the day). Over time that reasoning all but disappeared because more and more stores started stocking brand new games on release day. Now it's become a way for publishers to get extra dosh in their pocket by offering special preorder bonuses and "special editions". It might help provide some analytical data to them as well so they can gauge how excited people are for a game and brag about the numbers if they're high. It's a "decent' indicator of anticipation but not a long-term indicator of success (copies sold is better for that).

      Apart from that it's a way to pay for a game you really like before it's released so that you can preload it and start playing as soon as it's ready. I'm not against the idea of preordering but there are only certain publishers I would consider preordering from. The only benefit to me is preloading the game so I can start playing as soon as the timer ticks over (sometimes it's fun to be in on the hype). That said, generally it's easy enough to grab a copy after release anyway, so doesn't really apply if you don't care when you play it.

      One thing I have noticed recently is that places have special preorder prices that expire post-release. For example, I wanted to pick up Ghost of Tsushima which was $69 almost everywhere before release. Now it's $79 in most places, except Amazon prime (which is where I'll likely end up getting it).

      • It simply comes down to whether you really want to play it a.s.a.p. or not. I didn't have decent games I could trade in for Ghost of Tsushima (for the EB games $29 deal), otherwise I probably would have gone for the pre-order deal (still have unused EB vouchers).

        Deep down, we all prefer to play a new game a.s.a.p. Also, if you are not too attached to the games, and willing to finish them quickly and sell them, the actual cost might not be that high. An issue with buying games cheap for me is I tend to keep them for too long. By the time I realised that I haven't actually replayed them at all for a year or so, the value of those games tanked so much.

  • After seeing the extremely divisive reviews of TLOU2, I think I'll steer clear of any pre-orders and just wait to see what the collective thinks about any particular game. That said I am very keen for this one to be GOTY!

    • I tread carefully what "the collective" thinks about anything. Meta critic is filled with review bombs and cop outs regarding TLOU2. From people who never even played the game. TLOU2 is clearly a masterpiece in game development even if there are issues with direction it's certainly a playable game and good enough to form your own opinion!

      Same goes with Cyberpunk, as long as it's released in a stable technical state I think we know enough about the AAA game to warrant a purchase. BTW I HATE the idea of preordering on principle, never hand over your money for an unfinished product. There is no need for it.

      • Oh, I wasn't even thinking about Metacritic reviews in this regard (which are either 1 or 10 spur-of-the-moment rankings) - there's a looot of reasonable, detailed criticism of the story and how it undermined a lot of what made the first game good. Most of these critics were very happy with the gameplay, graphics and audio, but were not at all impressed by the change of direction story-wise. For me the story always comes first in these sorts of games, and while I'm not bothered by spoilers the way many other people are, the story as I've read leave a lot to be desired.

        But each to their own - if you loved it then excellent, if not then all good too. I've just come to the conclusion that there's no point in ever pre-ordering anything these days, given the risk it doesn't turn out to be what I expected!

        • I'm not having a go or anything. "The collective" is just a general way of describing it. Youtube comment sections, reddit, forums, other social media. I found the whole mess of TLOU2 so disappointing.

          I'm not sure if you played it but if narratives are most important above all else I wouldn't necessarily look past TLOU2. I liken it to a high quality film thats wrong but worth critiquing. The components of the story are high level for a video game. You will probably not agree with decisions made by the writers but the overall output is worth looking at. But if you just want to enjoy a story and not think too hard about why you disagree then maybe steer clear.

          Agree 100% about the preorders too

      • Tbh I really enjoyed the game too, but I didn't have a lot invested in the first one. I only played through the remastered version when I eventually got a PS4. I thought it was great, but it never held a special place in my heart like it seemed to for so many others. I think that's why some of the events in part 2 didn't bother me as much as others.

        I went into the second one not reading anything at all about it online and I'm glad I didn't. After finishing it there's absolutely no way the story would have had the same impact had I read about it online, got swept up in the outrage and never actually played it. The "experience" really means everything when it comes to this game.

        In any case, if you go into the game with no particular expectations, you'll probably like it a lot. If you're expecting things to go a certain way, or have a preconceived idea of what -should- happen, then it's unlikely you'll enjoy it.

  • got my pre order on the first day from Steam for like $90.

  • Why are people getting so excited over this and its still 3 months away lol.

    i say $20 and its gonna flop hard.

    • From a developer that's known to deliver AAA titles. Cross gen title. GOTY 2020 is theirs to win (or lose). The expectation is high on this one. Rockstar delivered in 2018, there is no reason to think CD Projekt cannot do the same.

    • And even at 3 months, I'm still betting on yet another delay, its been done twice, why not a 3rd time?

      • Why not, I'd rather have it come out a couple months later and in perfect (or almost perfect) form rather than buggy at release because everyone wanted it out then. In the meantime there are heaps other games to play or just, you know, get on with life to keep you occupied.

      • They are targeting US holidays season. They could still delay it, but then they will run into the timeframe where they need to support next gen consoles.

  • This probably going to be the most preordered game of all time

  • There is a rumor that this game will be bundled with the nvidia 3000 series