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55% off Blu-Vue Blue Light Blocking / Filtering Glasses $8.98 + $3.30 Shipping (RRP $29.95) @ Blu-Vue


Howdy, seeing as there is a dramatic shift to working from home means we are spending more time infront of our screens and with lock down may be spending alot more time at home on the computer.

Blu-Vue Blue Light blocking glasses is good option to consider to manage your eye health and potentially improve your sleep.

Blue Light is emmited from all of our screens with some devices having a "night mode" which is effective at improving sleep. The Blue Light blocking glasses work in a very similar way by blocking the blue light emmited from your devices that may not have capability to filter this natively.

When you put on the Blu-Vue glasses we guarantee that you will see an immediate shift in screen colour to a more yellow tint. This can be observed when switching your iPhone (if that is your phone of choice) to "night shift" which automatically shifts the colours to a warmer yellow to reduce blue light emmision to improve sleep.

Do blue light glasses work for sleep?
- Yes, they can, as blue light reduces and delays melatonin production.

What's included?
- Blu-Vue Glasses
- Fabric Carry Pouch
- Microfiber Cloth

This is an introductory OzBargain offer - 55% off strictly limited to first 40 orders.

Shipped out from Australia, fufilled within 48 hours of purchase.

Purchase at: https://blu-vue-shop.com/

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