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55% off Blu-Vue Blue Light Blocking / Filtering Glasses $8.98 + $3.30 Shipping (RRP $29.95) @ Blu-Vue


Howdy, seeing as there is a dramatic shift to working from home means we are spending more time infront of our screens and with lock down may be spending alot more time at home on the computer.

Blu-Vue Blue Light blocking glasses is good option to consider to manage your eye health and potentially improve your sleep.

Blue Light is emmited from all of our screens with some devices having a "night mode" which is effective at improving sleep. The Blue Light blocking glasses work in a very similar way by blocking the blue light emmited from your devices that may not have capability to filter this natively.

When you put on the Blu-Vue glasses we guarantee that you will see an immediate shift in screen colour to a more yellow tint. This can be observed when switching your iPhone (if that is your phone of choice) to "night shift" which automatically shifts the colours to a warmer yellow to reduce blue light emmision to improve sleep.

Do blue light glasses work for sleep?
- Yes, they can, as blue light reduces and delays melatonin production.

What's included?
- Blu-Vue Glasses
- Fabric Carry Pouch
- Microfiber Cloth

This is an introductory OzBargain offer - 55% off strictly limited to first 40 orders.

Shipped out from Australia, fufilled within 48 hours of purchase.

Purchase at: https://blu-vue-shop.com/

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  • +1

    wish they came in different vision strengths

    • +1

      You have products like Fitover Blue Blockers that go over your normal spectacles.

  • +1

    Blue light blocking….background behind glasses is still white….
    Because science or something

    • Hi,

      Images may not truly depict lenses due to camera settings, lighting, and background combination.

      The lenses are mostly clear and when worn you can immediately see the reduction in blue light with screen changing to a yellow tint.

      Thank you!

  • Hi rep,
    What's the pair the model is wearing in the background image? (In white shirt).

    Also any review photos on the club Vue?

    • +1

      Model is wearing a tortoiseshell variant which unfortunately is delayed due to COVID and unavailable to be purchased yet…

      Club Vue is a new variant and no photo reviews at present however can assure is from the same supplier as Day Vue and goes through our quality control before being dispatched.


      • Thanks rep. How's the size of the Club compared to the Day Vue? I can see from the review photos the Day Vue would look too big for my face…

        • +1

          Both pairs are very similar in size, 14 cm wide and 5 cm tall. The Day Vue does appear to be bigger when worn due to thicker frames and lenses on Day Vue are 5mm wider. Overall the Club Vue is a classic style with an overall slightly smaller design. I personally prefer using Club Vue.

  • There is no spot to put the coupon code?

    • Hi, you enter the coupon at check out. Add the product to the cart and proceed to check out. When you are prompted to enter your shipping details you can enter a coupon code on the right-hand side.


    • Please disregard, found it - was just a bit more hidden on the mobile site!
      Ordered - Cheers OP

  • +1

    size of the frame?

    • Hi, Both Varients the Frame is 14cm x 5cm.

  • +1

    If you market them as "gaming glasses" you can increase the price 3 fold. Stonks!

  • +1

    Good price to try them out. Thanks OP.

    • Thanks, look forward to feedback.

  • Thank you for support! The first 40 orders have been fufilled, the code is no longer available. Sorry to those who missed out!

  • +3

    These generic glasses are from AliExpress, and for only a few dollars. There's no bargain here only advertising!

  • I prefer the original and BEST Blue Blockers!


  • +1

    It’s free with every order here smartphonesshop.com.au

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