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Bonus 1000 flybuys Points (Worth $5) with Any Coles Gift Mastercard ($5 Fee), Netflix or eBay Gift Card @ Coles


Only valid @ Coles Supermarkets (not Coles Online or Coles Express). Valid from 5-11 August.

Bonus points can only be collected once per Gift Card type and will not be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card.

$5 purchase fee applies to the $100 Mastercard.

Offer received in NSW Metro Catalogue

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  • 1000 points not 2000

  • Same 1,000 pts comment as above. sorry, cannot delete.

  • Max 3000 pts plus base pts, if you buy all three types of giftcards.

  • What's the cheapest denomination for a Netflix giftcard?

  • Just curious, can the Coles Mastercard cards be used on eBay/AliExpress

    • Not sure about Coles Mastercard, but I bought the Coles Vanilla Visa card similar to this deal, can confirm Aliexpress doesn't take it. Not sure ebay. All Aussie online shops work alright thou.

      • I currently use a $200 Only1 Card (Visa) after Auspost switched from load & go (also Visa) to their new Mastercard. From the reviews I read online apparently the AusPost Mastercard doesn't work on the Chinese websites so I don't know if it is just MasterCard.

    • yes you can.

    • You can definitely use them on Paypal. You can add them to your wallet just like any normal credit card.

  • Not bad for ebay if you can buy with discounted Coles gift card.

  • Essentially 10% off ebay gift card ($50) but limited to one

    • +3 votes
      • per Flybuys account, which I'm sure we all just have one of.
      • per Flybuys account, which I'm sure we all just have one of.

        Of course. ;-)

      • How do you get around the fact that it's one per household and you need a physical card to redeem flybuys points?

        • Children, relatives, pets, mythical creatures etc have names too

        • You don’t need a physical flybuys card. Just create a digital version in Stocard.

          • @povertytrap: You still need the physical card to redeem flybuys points (by means of flybuys dollars) unless you have a Coles Financial Services product

            • @kerfuffle: Sorry, you are right, hadn’t thought of that.

            • -1 vote

              @kerfuffle: My primary school kids, my parent and my in laws who just came last year have flybuys and I have physical cards. All came to my home and have same address.

            • @kerfuffle: Since when do you need to use a physical card to redeem flybuy points? I haven't had a "physical" card for at least 5 years. Never had an issue redeeming points at checkout.

              • @Tiggrrrrr: Do you have a Coles Financial Services product? If not, then you need the physical card to redeem your flybuys dollars.

                Source: Someone who doesn't have a Coles Financial Services product and needs their physical flybuys card in order to redeem flybuys dollars at the checkout by treating the flybuys card as an EFTPOS card, aka me

                • @kerfuffle: No, I don't.

                  I have my phone and the scanner at the checkout that scans my barcode.
                  After I have finished scanning my items, I go to payment, then it asks me if I want to redeem my points.
                  I say yes.

                  Similarly, when I order online at say Target, I select the number of points I want to redeem during checkout.

                  Downvote me all you like, still doesn't change the fact I haven't had a physical Flybuys card for years.

                  Maybe you are referring to something other than using flybuys for $10 off your shop? In which case feel free to clarify.

                  • @Tiggrrrrr: Coles insurance also counts or it is the system problem(you had it before, but it did not cancel the function somehow). Register a new flybuys and no such function. I have multiple flybuys and am pretty sure about it.

                    • @kerfuffle: Ok. Here's the only thing I can think of. I have automatic points redemption turned on in my account settings.
                      Also, are you using the Coles flybuys app to scan your card?

                      I'm not trying to be difficult, I am just genuinely interested in why you need a physical card and pin to redeem $10 in flybuy points.
                      I've never had to, even when I had my physical card. I don't even have a pin number.

                      • @Tiggrrrrr: Nope, don't have automatic points redemption. You may have solved it. That option isn't available to me, however; did you perhaps have Coles Insurance in the past?

                        Instant $10 off
                        As a Coles Financial Services customer, every time you have 2,000 flybuys points and you have scanned your flybuys barcode, you’ll be asked at the checkout if you’d like to redeem for an instant $10 off your shopping at Coles Supermarkets.

                        I use a digital barcode to scan (I use GPay). The only thing I can do on the flybuys app is to redeem points for dollars, however I still need the physical card to redeem (the PIN is set by yourself, not by flybuys).

                      • @Tiggrrrrr: That "automatic points redemption" function you talked about is only available when you have a CFS product.

                        Actually, be careful, someone may tag his CFS product to your flybuys and access the redemption.

        • you can redeem the points for coles gift card. postage is free.

    • Any catches when trying to use the eBay gift cards?

  • I did the VPN trick to get cheaper Netflix, can I still load up these gift cards on my account?

    • Don't think so, as these will only work when you are paying for Netflix in AUD

    • Which region is cheapest?

      • I think turkey is, although I'm using Argentina as turkey was having issues with the VPN. Still works out to ~$7 for the standard plan.

        • Does it mean I have to make new Argentinian account using VPN?

          • @brongz: Nope, you can cancel your account, then when your billing cycle ends, just re-sign up using a VPN (you'll still have all your profiles and whatnot, I believe those stay on your account for 60 days after you cancel)

            • @mangobango: I tried recently and had no success with the payment. I think Netflix has cracked down. You may want to do some research to see which cards are best. I have heard that Citibank credit cards were having success.

              • @LucyLoo3: My uBank card worked when I did it around 5ish months ago, it didn't work with Turkey, but when I signed up via Argentina it was okay.

                But yeah can't speak for more recently though, shame that it's getting harder and harder.

  • I saw someone’s similar deal on Woolworths gift card offer next week is deleted stating next weeks catalogue can’t be posted before Tuesday each week ?
    How is this not deleted or is that Woolworths deletion incorrect

  • Since most online places take AmEx or AmEx via PayPal these days, the MasterCard is not worth the trouble.

  • The mastercard one is not worth it, there's an activation fee. Ok for the ebay card, plus additional cash back with the Crypto.com card.

    • The prepaid MasterCards are worth it. I usually buy them and use them for free trials of subscription services (some allow using the same credit card for more than one account) like Netflix, binge, Stan, Disney and some mobile providers that offer 1 to 3 months free at times like pennytel.
      You can also use them on new Amazon accounts if you don't want them to flag your primary account.
      They used to work on hello fresh but no longer.

      You can easily get $50 to $100 value from them from free trials .

      • True ozbargainer haha.

        That's too much effort for me and I feel a little guilty doing so many free trials.

        • +1 vote

          don't feel guilty with a kogan trial. used to be two weeks, now it's just 5 days. also, kogan were unscrupulous AF during covid19 so help yourself to as many of their free trials as you'd like

      • Don't forget, these prepaid visa/mastercards are also great to use in adding as a payment method on new Uber Eats accounts… you know, while you wait for them to offer you $30 off your first meal. ;)

        (And before anyone mentions it, if Uber Eats doesn't accept these prepaid cards anymore, just add it to a new paypal account and then add that new paypal account as the payment method in Uber Eats!)

        Hope this helps somebody get at least one free meal in the current climate (especially for those in Melbourne and cannot go out after 8pm, so have Uber Eats deliver! :)

        • Wow how do uber eats figure out its not just another credit/debit card? and I don't think its that easy opening multiple paypal accounts is it?

      • catch trials, kogan trials (not that great value now, just for a one-off purchase)

  • Where's woollies nowadays on these deals?

  • Is the Coles MasterCard worth it considering it cost additional $5 when purchasing, offsetting the 1000 point?

  • Are there any prepaid or mastercards Without an activation fee please ?
    Need to get some trial accounts setup with Spotify etc

  • Is there any denomination of the mastercard you should buy to get the bonus?

    Also, it says $5 fee is for the $100 one, so how much is the fee for $50 one?

  • Why a $5 fee for a gift card?

    I don't understand why you would pay $5 to get $5 back or am I not understanding this?

    Woolworth's have a 5% off if you use Cash Rewards as I do ($500 = $25 discount) so $475.

    • Because it can act as a debit card i guess. For me since I don't have any cashback card that can be used online I purchase these with my HSBC 2% cashback at store and use these for online purchases

    • Because not every site accepts Woolworths gift card as a method of payment, unlike Mastercard. These prepaid Mastercards come in handy for trials (don't use them myself, but this is going by what I've read here)

  • Woolies will have the same 1000 point offer for Netflix cards.

  • Can i Buy eBay and Netflix card in same transaction and get 2000 points or have to buy one by one in a different transaction?

    • You should be able to buy both eBay and Netflix in the one transaction and get 2000 points, going by similar offers in the past

  • Anyone buy an Ebay gift card yet from this offer?

    I bought a $50 one today. My Coles receipt indicates that the card activated, but when I check the balance of the card online (https://www.ebay.com.au/gft/balance) it indicates $US 0.00.

    UPDATE: Seems this may be a system wide issue. I checked another Ebay gift card I have that I know has a full balance and it's also showing $US0.00.

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