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20% off Samsung + Further 15% off (e.g. 55" UA55TU8000 149,013 Points, Was 219,140 Points) @ Qantas Store


Hi all, this is my first post about a topic I'm not very knowledgable about, so apologies if I've missed something obvious.

I just noticed that the Qantas store (not usually a bastion of competitive pricing) is running a 15% off promotion until tomorrow evening (3 August). Simultaneously, they are also offering 20% off Samsung products. There are TVs, phones, tablets, soundbars, watches and the galaxy buds available.

Having briefly experimented with adding a few items into my shopping cart, it seems that these two discounts stack, which brings them down to a somewhat attractive price. Given most people won't be using their FF points for flights any time soon, this seems to be a pretty good deal.

Hope it helps someone!

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  • Pretty good deal. Although the 15% is only on points and not cash. So you need to use your points, which historically wasn't good because you got great deals on flights. But right now it's maybe best to spend them on this anyway.

    • Heard on the news that alot of corporations are staring down insolvency soon as anso yes now is a good time to spend collected loyalty points incase they potentially go kaput. Maybe not applicable to a company like Qantas, but you never know!? 🤷‍♀️

  • looking at some these prices seem slightly better than get a good guys gift card then buying from there.
    was looking to buy something and resell, not sure its worth it but

    • Yep buying gift cards was my comparison as well! If you compare it to the value of a DJs giftcard ($1 = 177 points), then it's well and truly worth it (e.g. the 55" TU8000 is 840 DJs dollars). In Good Guys terms it ends up being an even better deal, something like 790 Good Guys dollars for the TV).

      • was looking at the A51 phone to resell. lowest price on here seems about $471. imagine could get about 420 for it, dunno if its worth it but. got take alot less value unfortunately.

  • UA55TU8000 is 175310 point, how to get the extra off?

  • S10 128GB … for $75 cash … worth it?

    Replacing the current S8+

      • Sorry - was just a question on Samsung S10 128GB Green … using my points $126K + $75 cash.

        • $1260ish in points + $75 is way overpaying imo

          • @get-innocuous: i know using the points for airfare will be more worth it. But not sure when can travel … 120K points was from CC bonus points.

            • @bluebluebird: Everyone is going to give their own personal opinion here… you're better off doing what you think is right. I ended up spending my 5 years worth of Qantas points savings (over 400K) on gift cards to JB Hi Fi because the thought of using it for travel seemed much less appealing (my goal was to fly first class to Europe).

              If you literally got these points for 'free' from a credit card promotion, then just spend it - you can probably easily accrue that much on a new credit card promotion later on.

              • @danny1213: I am in a similar boat. Was saving points to fly first class to Europe and was looking to book in October (btw, Qantas makes this really hard to do from Australia, could not find any seats). However I am also not sure what I would get from JB/ GG with the cards either.
                I'd love to get the 77" OLED but they never seem to go on sale and I don't think I have anywhere near enough points to pay RRP for it.

                • @cykezero: The great thing about JbHiFi gift cards is that they don't expire and they price match. Warranty issues are a breeze from my experience.

                  If you end up getting heaps of $100 gift cards through Qantas for example, you can also use their website to buy $500 gift cards in exchange for the smaller ones. Makes it a bit less annoying when going to the store and making the big purchase with 50 cards haha.

                  It looked like Harvey Norman cards were "best value" but I'd personally rather buy stuff from Jb.

                  Something was on the news today about overseas travel blocked until 2024?

  • Anyone having issues adding a payment method?

    I’ve tried adding my CC twice and each time had the SMS authorisation from my bank to enter in the pop up window, my card has had 2x $1 charges to it but after verifying my information the window just says ‘General error occurred’ 😒

    • Having same problem. Tried multiple card and still getting same error for all the CC.

  • Q80T 55” for $1769 and 2000 pts is a cracking price. You even earn 3,549 points!

  • I imagine nobody will be able to check out til tomorrow and then they’ll say can’t stack discounts as per t’s and c’s :

    ^ Discount applies to points values only and is valid on the Australian Online Qantas Rewards Store from 12:00am (AEST) 1 August 2020 to 11:59pm (AEST) 3 August 2020. 15% discount is available on eligible products and sale items, excluding gift cards, digital gift cards, charities, movie vouchers, travel vouchers, flight vouchers, hotel vouchers, holiday vouchers, Qantas car hire and valet parking vouchers. Discount is available using points only and/or the points proportion of Points Plus Pay, is applied at checkout to points value only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Qantas may extend or withdraw this offer at any time.

  • For anyone struggling to place order - try from your mobile - i couldn’t get it to work on iPad, but went through fine on iPhone and got order confirmation

  • Just grabbed myself one for the spa out the back. Equates to around $800 if you cashed the points in for digital Wish or JB gift cards via the Qantas Store. Given I had plenty of points to cover the entire purchase and the fact that using them for flights could be some time off I thought it was a worthwhile purchase.

    My purchase was entirely points so no payment required, order and paid on my PC. Email confirmaton received, delivery expected by 20th August.

    • Just grabbed myself one for the spa out the back.

      Ever feel like the spa is a waste of money?
      The ladies like to sit in it with their friends and take photos, and rack up a massive power bill. My Mrs' friends are also annoyingly frequent visitors to my place in this COVID-19 era. There's only so much gossip and husband gloating I can take.

      I'm trying to figure out a way to break it or sell it. lol

      • No, we love it. It gets used almost daily. We have a spa in our ensuite and were filling that daily so are now saving money on water. We also have a 20Kw solar power system so heat the spa during the day and costs us zero.

        • Is your spa indoor or outside?
          Had to put the spa undercover in the patio, because the sun was just too harsh.

          Do you have any experience with sunscreen (should people have it on in the spa) contaminating the spa and is nylon or polyester swimsuits better for the spa?

          • @Orico: Ours is under cover but outdoors as in on a large verandah. 2 sides completely closed off, 1 by the house brickwork, the other by a permanent screen. On the open side a PVC blind that is open in Summer and Closed in Winter.

            In Summer we tend to only use it late evening. No issue with sunscreen but it generally isn't applied for the spa.

  • Literally every tv I clicked on says out of stock.

  • Website dead for me

  • Everything showing as out of stock for me.

  • Anyone know if you can download kayo app on tu8000?

  • So which TVs are new?

  • Damn it! I'd be over this but the soundbar I want is out of stock :(

  • damn, so much out of stock now

    • Hmm, might just buy an iphone SE - 50000k + $380 isnt too bad.
      Normally sell my points for $500, so $880 is toooo bad when you can buy it for $700 outright.
      Are people still buying points much atm?

  • Is it worth? I mean…Qantas is Qantas, and when flights are back business or first class could still be a greater buy than this.

  • Crap…didn't fly anywhere and had 145,000 points expire at the end of Jun-20! :(

  • +10% off on certain items if you are points club plus member

  • For those who are interested, did a few examples (televisions and tablets) and averages at about 0.51c per point after the discounts.

    • Do you know the average cent per point for international economy flights?

      • Way too many variables in that my dude e.g. fare type, destination and taxes, capacity vs availability, competition.

        Unfortunately there's nothing to check now as well as examples as all flights are indefinitely cancelled. :(

        • Yes I know, I mean just a ballpark figure based on your prior experience.
          I also remember that you can sell it for 0.10c at most times?

          • @leiiv: Can't remember from my experience - can anyone else chime in here?

            As for sale rate, goes for about 0.8c per point at the moment on marketplaces (which is obviously down from the usual 1c per point due to current circumstances).

  • literally almost everything is out of stock! why not have a filter to remove OOS items.

  • Has anyone received qantas store coupon for Birthday recently? or have they stopped it ?

  • Just remember that Qantas could turn this into another debacle like the Sony deal.

  • donno when i ll be flying next
    ordered the Samsung Note 10+ for 156,186 Points + $333.10 just now
    saving of 95,004 points
    thanks op!

  • Legend! Thanks a bunch. Was about to buy a TV for a birthday gift (as in today) and came across this and saved about $600.

  • Copped one of the 65" Frame Tv. Thanks OP

  • every 65 75 tv is out of stock

  • bought the note 10+ paid $500, rest with points, cheers op

  • got a A71 thank you!!

  • Been umming and ahhing about pulling the trigger on a TV for a month or two since our bedroom one died at the start of the first lockdown. This was too good to pass up. Pulled the trigger on the 55" Q60T.

    Thanks OP!

  • Well that was a nice surprise. Site said expected shipment 20/8 but they shipped today and will be here Thursday!

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