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Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500 55" Full HD LCD TV $1299 JB Hi-Fi



Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500

I bought this tv on the weekend for $1299 from JBHIFI at Belconnen. They are not on display but some stores still have them in stock. (Belco has 1 more in stock)

I haggled with them down to that price which I thought was pretty good. Try your luck at other stores if you want a massive LCD for a decent price.

If anyone would like the receipt I can upload it tonight.

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    Is this an LED LCD? (Which one is better?)

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      This one looks just like an LCD. LED uses LED backlighting, LCD uses CCFL backlighting. Reduces the white wash effect and makes it look more vibrant with an even backlighting throughout the tv (but i think sony only does edge to edge lighting).

      Which ones better? Plasma. I think theres not much difference between the two (lcd/led). Just make sure to reduce the contrast to "room" levels when you go out shopping. Retailers tend to leave tv's on torch mode with colour levels ridiculously cranked up.


        LED backlighting is actually LESS even than CCFL due to the irregular placement of the LEDs, and should produce exactly the same colors as CCFL assuming the display panel is the same.

        Only advantage is the thin form factor and less power consumption.

        Backlighting advantages will be found if you can find an LED TV which is backlit, not edge lit.

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      LED is an newer technology that allows tv's to be superthin. The picture colours do appear more vibrant. But LCD still powers along just fine.

      One big benefit of LCD is that it doesnt let off excessive heat unlike plasmas which pump it out.
      Alhotugh the new v series panasonic plasma is awesome.. slim lines and no heat.

      All depends what you want.. if you want a no frills 55" LCD of a decent brand, you are not going to find cheaper unless you delve into kogan or other fruity brands.

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    Costco is selling this for the same price 3 weeks ago….


      Why do people always compare with Costco? You need memberships and plus queue up for hours just to pay.


    sony store robina (qld) had this for around the same price as it's a discontinued model a couple weeks ago.
    looked like a great LCD tv, it wasn't like the new superthin ones nowadays, and working power consumption was around ~263W compared to the ~150W of the highend LED's of the same size.


    Just out of interest which type of TV's (plasma, LCD, LED) emit the least heat? Last summer I had to keep my TV (Sony 40" LCD) off a lot as it was heating up the (smallish) room something chronic. You'd walk by and could feel it, not good on 40 degree days with no airco!


    I wont even go near LCDs anymore, picture quality aren't as good.

    I was actually looking to buy this TV but I end up getting the 46HX820 much more expansive but worth it.

    BTW: this tv does not have all the new sony functions like TV on demand and youtube etc..


    Receipt please. I went in there last week and got told $1400 ish. I want this tv. How is the tv going mate? Any complaints?


      This tv is very good. Full 1080p content just looks amazing. All the 720 bluray rips ive downloaded look awesome aswell.

      Upscaled Standard Definition is ok, but thats common on pretty much all new flat screens. Solution: Abandon all your old dvds and update to bluray.

      The inbuilt speakers are subpar aswell, but all built in speakers these days are fairly limited. They work but i am runninga speaker system anyway so i dont have to bother about it.

      Everyone is different but I was after a Sony LCD/LED from the getgo as i think the colours look more natural than the samsungs.

      I really dont like watching the newer tv's with extreme motion flow. This tv is 100hz with motion flow which makes it look great without getting that overwhelming feeling that the tv is in 1.2x fast forward.

      Plasmas are definitely good value for money, but after dealing with my parents plasma which was a power hungry, heat generating beast.. Im not saying all plasmas are a write off, as they are excellent value for money. I opted for LCD instead.

      ill post a link tonight with the receipt.


    Keep in mind this TV is one that's been in the shops for about two years now (well, at least 1.5 years). It was $1,500 in shops about a year ago.

    It was a great TV 2 years ago, a decent one 1 year ago, but compared to today's offerings it isn't that flash. I suggest people look at it next to a Samsung 51" Plasma which is much cheaper before deciding.

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