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[PC] Free - Paragon Hard Disk Manager 25th Anniversary Limited Edition


PARAGON Hard Disk Manager 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
Tried it, good so far for a free product.

nocure's old post

3 Free Tools

Partition manager
Optimize your hard disk capacity use. It allows you to quickly adjust the hard disk into easily manageable partitions and ensure an optimized hard disk structure.

Disk wiper
To decrease the possibility of other people getting their hands on your data by erasing the data disposing of a hard disk. Several industry–standard wipe algorithms offer versatility and help find the balance between speed and sanitation level.

Backup & Recovery
Restore data from backups, including an entire hard disk or its partitions, individual files or folders. Add password protection to backups. Import and restore any backup within WinPE

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  • how long until you get emailed the SN?

    • got mine within a minute

    • Check Junk email my came in 5 seconds

    • I'm also still waiting, and nothing in my Spam/Junk folder, however when searching I noticed I claimed it back in April 2020 so maybe I won't get a 2nd email.

      • Wasn't this S/W -also- supposed to enable use of NTFS by a Macbook [Pro]'s MacOS…?

        Or…was it to let a PC use an Apple-formatted
        hard drive (eg, one of those from Buffalo)…?

        PS Frankly, we wouldn't want a "Clear a Disk" utility on any of our computers, in case some1
        got remote access control of it & "Cleared Disk"

  • Is this like other free giveaways by paragon, limited features and locking basic functionality to force you to pay? (I like their software but it's so hit or miss)

    • when 'Limited Edition' literally means Limited Edition? actually not surprised…

      • It should say: "Limited Functionality"

        "Limited Edition" usually signals something Positive/Desirable have been added to a Few
        instances of a standard product, for a Limited
        time (sometimes are a Higher Price).

  • damn no hard disk copy function, useless to me.

  • No option to install in other drive but C:

  • Thanks! Been using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite for years. Wonder how this compares.

  • There are Limited Edition software now? Hmm what do you get in this Limited Edition compared to the not Limited Edition?

  • Is there any advantage in using this over the included Disk Management app with windows?

  • I've been waitingn for this sooooooo llooooong thanks OP

  • A must-have for PC builders

  • Registration failed. Please try again.

    • I just tried with a temp email account (via https://10minutemail.com/ ) and got the activation code, so should have worked.

      Just an FYI, you should be able to use such a code for activation, I saved a few codes for a rainy day.

  • Can anyone please recommend free software to clone my SSD boot drive over to a larger SSD on a PC desktop.

    Is Macrium Reflect the preferred option?

  • +3 votes

    I accidently formatted one of my SSDs and I was able to restore my data with this.

  • It's a good software but I find it hard to use on a day to day basis. How many times are you going to mess the partitions in your hard disks? And there is always something which will go wrong.

    • "there is always something which will go wrong."

      Not true.

      • Setting up your partition as a gpt and some obscure error popping up. The app freezing mid process and you have to end it. Effectively your partition is either raw or unusable. It happened to me one too many times.

  • In case anyone is interested, I have recently been refurbing my own Dell PC's and have a dual hard drive docking station that I have been using to test and wipe old hard drives. I have been using the AOMI Partition Assistant that is free without issue, but thought I would try this free version having used their software many years ago. Suffice as to say that the Paragon tool would crash upon starting with 2 drives in the dock and a further external usb drive plugged in. I then tried the AOMI tool to see if it was having problems and it was fine. I couldn't be bothered testing any further and will just go back to the AOMI tool for now, but this may save someone some time downloading the Paragon tool when it may not suit their needs.

  • Best (non-raid) backup software with nice balance of UI and features for me. Incremental/differential backup, 2x a week with adjustable # of backup chains combined are pretty nice. I've been using the B&R 16 for a while, tried the newest one labeled B&R Community Edition was a shitty demo that only allowed 1 backup task, so went back to B&R 17.

    After downloading this doesn't seem to be demo edition, it is rolled with the partition manager too and no silly limits on usage. Unlike the advanced version tho doesn't include the disk cloning for some reason. Oh well, some of the backup features got updated like email notification too. Not sure if any changes under the hood, but all in all pretty nice.

  • GParted and Clonezilla can be setup with Rufus on cheap USB sticks - that is my preference for partition management and backup/clone options.

    Clonezilla live iso from here

    Gparted live iso from here

    Rufus from here

  • The download is for the 64bit version.
    Is there a 32bit version or will the 64bit work on a 32bit system?

    • Why are you still using a 32-bit system?

    • No 64bit Windows program works on a 32bit Windows. So you're out of luck there if you aren't running 64bit Windows. It's just not supported on such an old operating system architecture.

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