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Craftright Splash Protection Face Shield $3 Pick up @ Bunnings


Note: This product has been removed from Bunnings's Website

For anyone who missed out on the previous deal (looks very similar) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/554981

Clear plastic construction
Anti-fog and anti-static treatment
Foam headband for maximum comfort
These Craftright Face Shield provide excellent protection for your your face against liquids or light debris. Made from a lightweight plastic construction and features anti-fog coating with a foam head band for maximum comfort.

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  • +5

    This is the normal price at bunnings.

  • -3

    Are these TGA approved?

  • +4

    Also for those who think this will protect them from SARS-Cov2 - it won't.

    • +4

      It may protect others though if you wear it and sneeze.

      • +2

        Not very much, sadly - the main splatter, sure, but everything else? Still spreads out in the aerosol.

        That, and given how many people I've seen take their masks off to sneeze (?!), there'll be plenty who wear this, shove their manky hands under it whilst sneezing/coughing, and then proceed to fondle all the produce on the shelves with said dirty hands.

        • +2

          Yeah I'm amazed that I've seen several old people wearing these type of masks with nothing else beneath.

          I'm guessing they're part of the moronic group that thinks wearing a mask is anti-freedom or increases carbon monoxide.

          Real dumb asses.

          Even a single ply cotton fabric will capture plenty of exhaled particles, these don't capture jack shit.

          • +3


            Yeah I'm amazed that I've seen several old people wearing these type of masks with nothing else beneath.

            1. It allowed to be used under the rules.
            2. It's better than not wearing anything.

            The masks are not there to protect you, they are there to protect others in case you cough or sneeze, otherwise the rules would be telling us all to use N95 masks…

          • +2


            Real dumb asses.

            These are the people who refuse to follow the rules…

        • the main transmission mode is droplet or your "splatter"

          a mask does not stop aerosols either. unless everyone is wearing a n95

          • @astarman: You need an N95 without the exhalation valve. Otherwise you are just breathing the virus out straight.

  • link please?

    • oos

  • +1

    I can't find them on Bunnings website?

    • Shows for me. Maybe it is only showing for postcodes where this is stock nearby

  • Could be good for generals cutting,chipping, drilling shit

    • +2

      Nah, wear real impact-tested safety goggles for power tool use. These are very thin plastic

    • +1

      Splatter guard when frying food on the stove-top too.

    • +2

      Great when cleaning toilets or plunging a bowl.

      Had way too many close calls and some not very close calls.

      I got toilet water in my mouth one time.

    • +1

      It does look weird. But it's being worn not to entirely protect themselves, but to protect others like you. Should be worn with a mask though.

    • I see doctors and nurses wear them as well

      • I'm wearing one at work but that's because the odd bit of blood does fly at my face…

        • +2

          Gotta stab away from the area of your face so the blood spatters away from it.


    • While the potential for airborne spread of COVID19 has yet been ruled out, the evidence is that spread is through large respiratory droplets which these shields will work quite well against (coughs and sneezes spread diseases, but not by flipping sick 180s around face shields). Better than a mask that that has been worn for a while and has got moist.

  • Still in stock at all Tassie stores…

  • This is still better than nothing. Prefer someone wear this than nothing at all.

    • Some people need to wear a whole helmet of this.

      • and the opaque version

        • A hole is a hole

  • This things are useless against diseases the virus just goes around the sides.

  • Apparently Bunnings in Victoria is going tradie-only (this week sometime?).

    edit: oh, the public can still do click-and-collect.

  • +1

    mask is a MUST, but your eyes are exposed so I'm a believer that your eyes need protection as well so these face shields do serve a purpose.

  • Thanks, OP, need one for power gardening. 👌

    Damn, all sold out at my 6 nearest Bunnings stores. 😭

  • Is it allowed to wear these only instead of a mask ?

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