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OzBargain Exclusive: 100GB SIM Only Mobile Plan $10/Month for 3 Months (Save $28 x 3) @ Circles.Life


Ozbargain Exclusive - 100GB for $10 every month for 3 months

  • $28/mth discount for 3 months on our 100GB plan (U.P. $38/mth)
  • Plan includes unlimited standard national talk & text

Use this code during signup: OZBARGAINEXCL
Offer ends 11.59pm AEST, 16 August 2020

Start your sign up here (code will be prefilled): https://au-shop.circles.life/plan/pre_checkout?reset=true&da...

Find out more here: https://www.circles.life/au/ozbargain-exclusive/

Ozbargain Exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee - Give us a go and if you're not happy with the experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. Head to our form for more details: https://forms.gle/g5pDzECVDk8gA8V4A

Critical Information Summary: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...
T&Cs: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...

Only open to new customers. Reverts to $38/mth after 3 months. All for use in AU, resets monthly. Excess data: $0.01/MB. T&Cs apply.

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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    • +5

      80 gb for 1 yr for 150$
      Or 100 gb for 1 month for 10$?

    • Depends on how you use your phone. That 80GB data would be gone in 3 months for me.

  • Oh shit i joined without reading comments, can i withdraw my number from circles life after two months ?? Or i have to go to talk to bank an tell them that circles life still charging me after leaving???

    • +1

      Too late mate, you're bound for life….jks, just contact them, takes a while.

    • Port out the number once you are done (instead of cancelling). No reason why they would continue charging when they don't even have your number.

      • +3

        From the comments above, they don't appear to need a reason?

    • Hi Dcgogna! We'd like to learn more about your specific situation and make things right. If you wouldn't mind giving us a quick chat or sending us an email on [email protected] at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you.

  • Im scared can i withdraw an order that i have placed? On the website

    • +26

      I'm scared for you

      • serves him for not reading the first gawdang comment

    • You may be ok. Give it a few months trial. A few people have had no problem with them. It is an experience LOL.

    • +1

      Get out while you still can (assuming you still can)

    • +1

      Always read some reviews first. God speed my son.

    • I've been using them for 3 months now. No issues at all, plenty fast and lots of data that I'll never use.

      I switched from Telstra and so far I don't see any difference in service between the two. Speed tests are similar between circles and another iPhone XS on Telstra and haven't had any coverage issues where I live.

      Give it a go. For the price there is no competition. You might be a happy customer like me 👍

      • But point is how to leave the plan of the company???

        I know my current aldi, boost plans i pay them before the plan, and its upto me when to pay,
        Not like its upto them when they charge me.

        I agree $10/month is ridiculously cheap, but some people in forum even say that they won't even take it for free, so that's making me extremely cautionary, and dont want to be using plan from company that i can't exit.

  • +4

    I was with these guys for 3 months and had no end of issues. Undelivered and delayed SMS and MMS happened on an almost daily basis as well, causing angst amongst friends and family. They also severely over quote on data usage when comparing what my device said my usage was vs Circles. Would never touch these guys again.

  • +8

    Guys don't even bother. They still haven't even address the question in the first post. Don't bother. Saving an extra $10 a month for the amount of headache you'll get is not worth it.

  • +9

    Dear rep, go checking the review of the company before you post it here.

    This post should be kept here forever for warning ppl

  • +2

    I had an awful experience on a free offer, couldn't even get activated and support was woeful.

    They were clueless and just made things more difficult, thankfully abandoned ship before fully activating.

    Even then it was a pain

    • +1

      That might be due to horrible OPTUS porting technology.

  • +8

    The accounts system at this place is predatory

  • They charge a prorated amount the first month

  • +11

    wow, almost signed up lucky I read all the comments.

    • We'd love it if you gave us a go so we came up with a Satisfaction Guarantee if you signed up for the Ozbargain Exclusive. We have a great customer experience that we'd like you to experience firsthand. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your base plan costs. You can find out more on our form here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

  • Same as me guys , had to email them 3 or 4 times to get back the month paid in error when I cancelled, that they kept charging for, very annoying!

    • +10

      Why upvote?

  • +5

    Stay away!

    They are dodgy with their promotions. Eg discount doesn’t apply prior to your first full month ie pro rata amounts.

    They create a false sense of urgency by blasting you with reminders of deals expiring but provide recurring extensions to the same deals, ie there is always a deal price sooner or later and their sticker price is just a ploy!

    Good luck

    • Eg discount doesn’t apply prior to your first full month ie pro rata amounts.

      I think circles is one of the few telcos who will charge u pro-rata which is pretty good imo. Some others like TPG will charge u full month's price even if you're on their network only for 1 day of that month.

      • My gripe with them is that they claim "$10 per month", but you find out that it only applies to the first proper month.

        i.e. 3rd Aug - 31st Aug - pro rata of full price which would be $35 or $36 and only then your promo price kicks in.

        • I agree it should be made clearer that the bonus does not apply to the first month and is pro rated for the full amount of $38 ($38/how many days left in month).

          I contacted them and they explained it as they do not apply the bonus to the first partial month so you get the $10 off per month for a full 12 months which makes sense.

          Say for example I activated on the last day of the July and received my bill in the first week of August, by applying the $10 off, I've essentially lost the bonus for July of next year.

        • +1

          I found out this problem when I signed up mid-month so it wasn't too bad for me.

          People should actually sign up on the 29th or something, so they play their system.

  • +1

    Can confirm… porting out with them is a pain… didn't notice the 100gb used faster than other companies tho…In terms of speed, it was fast, as optus is better than Vodafone in my area. And yes, they spam you with a bunch of ads and deals but essentially they are permanent long term running deals…

  • Hey Circles flip birds on each other in office! Your service is a hassle. No thanks! Especially port outs.

  • +1

    Got overcharges last time and was a hassle to port out

  • +8

    Same story as others, commenting so I can neg.

    Had the 3 month free deal. Tried to charge me. Told them to eat my (mod: edit). They gave me a new figure that was less. Told them to eat my (mod: edited) AND the (mod: edited) of the ACCC. They took their bill away. End of my 3 months comes along, wouldn't port me out for ages. Kept emailing. Couple weeks later they finally go "oh no give me the account number not the mobile number, I put in the wrong one" and it worked fine…mysterious how they realized that when I mentioned the ombudsman though.

    Constant dropped signal and missed calls, spotty reception in metro. Melbourne, absolute shit.

    • +6

      moral story is "your (mod: edited) is inedible" :)

      • We're really taking out the word dick (sorry, Richard), but keeping the word shit? Okay.

    • "Told them to eat my wife's cooking?" - That bad, huh?

    • Mate, you just described exactly what I went through with these scammers 😂

    • forgot to (mod: edited) the last word

  • Do you still have to wait for your 4G to be turned on? It's available and working straight away with other telcos.

  • +1

    Is PayPal a payment option?

    • Did you read any of the comments above?😂

      • +1

        I thought I did, but maybe I missed the PayPal comment. Are you able to point me to the answer/s?
        Thanks in advance.

        • I think he is saying 'why are you thinking about signing up in light of all these comments?'

  • +4

    Would have signed up to this if not for all of the negative feedback.

    Really hope they read it all, take it seriously and action it. And be transparent with acknowledgement of a problem and how you are fixing it.

    • -1

      Hi there, we've seen the comments on this thread and we'd like to reassure you with our Satisfaction Guarantee if you sign up for this Ozbargain Exclusive. We're confident that we have a great experience and would like you to experience it firsthand. If you're not happy with your experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. You can find more info on our form here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

      We are aware of the comments on this thread and have shared it with the rest of the team to work on improving on these points.

  • +1

    I had their free 4 mth deal and got billed every month. Constant screw up…
    The rep who posts here surely must have read these posts but chose to take nothing onboard?
    For free they may be worth the pain. For 1c or more… definitely not.

  • Good luck getting out if you decide to!

  • +1

    Not worth the hassles.

  • +2

    Circles Life should be banned from here. Bunch of scammers

  • +1

    Nothing beats getting free SIM only plan 200GB every 28 days from amaysim because I'm a valued solar retail customer.

    Instead of using the SIM for mobile phone, I included it in my 4G USB dongle and plugged the dongle into my Asus RT-AC86U for mobile broadband service. Getting at least 20Mbps download and 15Mbps upload. Cancelled my Opticomm service. To get the same speeds on Opticomm, I would have to shell out at least $59 a month.

    So in a nutshell, having a >6kW solar system which produces about 8,000kWh per year @ $0.20 per kWh (the plan is no longer available to new customers), my electricity bill has been reduced to nil, and my broadband bill non-existent. Solar system cost me $4,600 after all federal credits and state rebates were taken into account. Best investment ever!

    • What 4G usb dongle are you using with your Asus RT-AC86AU? I am thinking of doing the same setup as you are doing.

      • I am using the Huawei E3372 dongle which I got from Optus as part of a previous SIM only plan. As amaysim is also using Optus network, there was no need to unlock and minimal tweaking in the dongle interface. I should mention that I live less than 500m away from the mobile tower, so signal is good at my place.

        • I've bought 2 of those recently and both came unlocked. They don't even have any Optus branding on them.

  • +1

    Pass. Thanks for the feedbacks Ozbargainers

  • Had a couple of numbers with them. Overcharged me even during free trial. Complained once and got my refund in 7 working days. Fast support chat service. Internet speeds are awesome. But its expensive TBH.

    My experience has been good enough.

  • I must be the only one but i have had no problems so far, $28 a month for 100gb and have not come near going over yet.

    When i do change i hope its not going to be a pain like with others!

    • Same here. Signed up for same deal and haven't had problems.

      I don't doubt that others have had a bad experience, which is a bit of a worry, although generally the only people who complain are those who've had bad experiences If you've had a good experience without issues you don't usually need to vent - you're busy living your life. It's hard to guage what the % of total customers are unhappy.

      Their PR/rep isn't very proactive though. Sounds like an operation run on the cheap, which is fine if it all works ok.

      • Weird though, Boost constantly keeps appearing on OzBargain and hardly anyone complaining or even Amaysim. I wonder why?

  • +2

    Bullocks business. dont waste your time.

    Ozbargain should have a name list to protect consumers, not just freely allow business of this sort to continue

    • Ozbargain should have a name list to protect consumers,

      Agree. Can they get this going?

  • While personally not affected by this company, have had friends who have paid extra months after cancelling.

    Very similar to those dodgy gyms that charge you extra months after you have cancelled your plan.

    Very disappointing as well that the rep continues to ignore all the comments about their issues.

    Agree with the others, should be banned from OzB.

  • Bandwagon yeah!

  • +2


    Termination / Suspension / Disconnect
    Conditions upon termination / suspension / disconnect:
    Customers can select the date of termination up to 3 months in advance
    • All termination will take effect by 10 PM AEST on the last day of the month
    • Termination charges, if any, will be added in the next month’s bill
    • User can cancel termination before 12 PM AEST on the last day of the month

    … wonder if scheduling 3 months in advance would give them time to sort out their billing issues…

  • +5

    I joined during their 4 month free promo.

    Initially very happy. Quick service for free.

    Then it started getting really slow. I live in Sydney Metro area. I stayed past the 4 free months and intended to stay but had to change because the service was so bad. I suspect they signed up too many customers which caused congestion.

    Here is even the fun begins. I ported out which deactivated my account. Their system requires paying the bill via the app which I was not able to do since my account was closed.

    Numerous calls and emails to get help on settling the final $28 bill. Was told they couldn't help me and confirmed with me that there was no outstanding bill.

    Last month I got an email from a debt collection agency requesting I pay $38 (+$10). WTF? This mob will do that over $28? They would risk the affecting the credit rating of customers to rather then contact me?

    Stay clear of this mob. Not worth the hassle.

    • +1

      If you manage to get a reply on chat they give account details and ask for a screenshot of receipt… then turn around 2 weeks later and charge the credit card on file even though auto billing is off and the number is already ported out ~ still waiting for promised refund.

  • Thanks for the community to point out rotten operators like this! Really appreciate your help.

  • Def not worth the hassle.

  • No major issues when I was with them for 2 months. Optus reception is garbage though, and wasn't sure what my acc # was when I tried porting out but discovered it was my customer ID on the app. Poor customer service, but hey you pay for what you get

  • Horrible business model

  • Terrible company with bad ethics, avoid avoid avoid

  • +1

    Absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with. There is no way you won't end up regretting signing up with them.

  • Had a horrible experience with Circles.Life and ported out the first chance I got (their team did not really make it easy for that to happen). I had pathetic netowork coverage in my area (Epping, NSW), which was strange as I had been an Optus prepaid customer for three months before that. After spending 3 months with these guys, I decided to port out. While the porting itself was delayed, the worst came later when my card was charged two months in a row after the porting, despite me having a cancellation confirmation email from their CS team. The customer service experience itself was horrendous - it took me a good part of the next couple of months to get these charges reversed in their entirity. Will never go near Circles.Life again even if free.

  • I'm on the 100gb deal for $28/month that was released in November last year. Looking to port to another telco. What's the best value plan to port to? I'd be okay with either the Telstra or Optus mobile network.

    • why the port out ?

      • because i'll be reduced to 20gb per month at the same price

  • +1

    I was with Optus, good reception, etc. Then ported to Circle, and although they claim they're with Optus Network, the call quality & internet speed surely doesn't match my previous Optus experience. Always have bad call quality and never had that with Optus for the past 5 years. Only sticking with Circle for the price as it's half of my Optus bill. Hopefully they'll improve when I want to port away.

  • +3

    Thanks for all the warnings, I was about to fall into the trap :D

    • -1

      Hi there, we hope you'll give us a chance. We've created a Satisfaction Guarantee for this Ozbargain Exclusive to reassure you. If you're not happy with your experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. You can check out more details on our form here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

  • +1

    Yep, can confirm I was also charged extra after leaving. Sure it's cheap now but you end up paying for it if they keep charging you after you leave!

  • N00b question - got one of these for dad. Is there a way I can log onto the account online ? It says "download the app". I did that. Asks for the CODE that was texted to dad. But he's using it in a 4G modem, so can't check the code.

    There's no way to log onto the account online ?

    • Some 4G Modems have a way to access inbound SMS messages either through the modem app or the web user interface.
      Obviously highly dependant on the model - what model is it?

      Why not just temporarily put the sim into a phone so you can receive the code?

      • It's a Netgear Nighthawk M1 … so it should have messages to view on the tiny screen ?

        • +1

          Should be able to view it on your phone -

          or via your web browser

          • enter the admin login (pass should be "admin")
          • It should be on the dashboard

          Going off of the user guide

  • +2

    I signed up with Circles like 3 times already and not having any problem disconnecting.. and my circle life connection is DEFINITELY FASTER than optus, because I have both now. Am I the only one who actually happy with them?

    • +1

      seems like it :D maybe you have never used a mobile phone before? :D :D

    • How can it be faster than optus? Makes no sense.

      • I know, I cancel circles twice already, and its just smooth sailing. Now I am still using one service from CL. I use my mobile phone mainly as a hotspot for my computer.

        Yes it makes no sense, but my optus is slow as f*** and I use CL as my main hotspot

    • I'm also happy with circles, no problems here.

  • +3

    Worst telco by far!
    Stay away at all cost!

    • +1

      very true. they f..ing didnt let me port out for over a week, so they can get me into the next months cycle and charge me for one more month.. Plus the optus's horrible network…

      • +2

        That's happened twice to me.
        ~ 30 replies conversation for 3 months between their reps and me but still hadn't got the refund.
        Then I said I was gonna report to ACCC and got the refund straight away lmao.

  • I was gonna try it but seeing all those negs I’ll steer clear.. was even thinking to use a dud card but then thought credit history might go downhill from them regardless

    • -1

      We hope you'll still give us a chance for us to prove to you that we've got a great customer experience. We see the concerns on this thread and we understand that it might be daunting to give us a try. Because of that, we've created a Satisfaction Guarantee for this Ozbargain Exclusive. If you're not happy with the Circles.Life experience, we'll refund you the base cost of your plan. You can find more details on our form here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

  • +1

    I cancelled my renewal weeks ago with Circles and it continued on into the new month. I've ported over on the 1st of this month now I'll have contact them again to close the account despite not even having an active number with them now

  • Reminds me of Dodo for some reason..

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