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OzBargain Exclusive: 100GB SIM Only Mobile Plan $10/Month for 3 Months (Save $28 x 3) @ Circles.Life


Ozbargain Exclusive - 100GB for $10 every month for 3 months

  • $28/mth discount for 3 months on our 100GB plan (U.P. $38/mth)
  • Plan includes unlimited standard national talk & text

Use this code during signup: OZBARGAINEXCL
Offer ends 11.59pm AEST, 16 August 2020

Start your sign up here (code will be prefilled): https://au-shop.circles.life/plan/pre_checkout?reset=true&da...

Find out more here: https://www.circles.life/au/ozbargain-exclusive/

Ozbargain Exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee - Give us a go and if you're not happy with the experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. Head to our form for more details: https://forms.gle/g5pDzECVDk8gA8V4A

Critical Information Summary: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...
T&Cs: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...

Only open to new customers. Reverts to $38/mth after 3 months. All for use in AU, resets monthly. Excess data: $0.01/MB. T&Cs apply.

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • +121

    Before you sign up, make sure you are up for the hassles with them when you want to leave them. Or being charged for months after you have left. Or waiting for ages to get your number ported out. Would never touch them again, not even for free.

    • +8

      There is always a catch…

    • Which big Telco is this one under mate?

      • Circles.Life runs on the Optus Mobile Network!

    • -79

      @dosada This really depends on each individual's account and is dependant on various factors, so definitely not something that happens across the board and is something that we work hard on resolving if it arises.

      • +67

        Sounds like the situation should never happen to any account…

      • +37

        Going by the reviews and my personal experience it happens way too often.

        • +14

          Not going to risk it from your experience!

        • +9

          I agree with you, Circles completely unprovisioned my partners service one day without a reason a few months ago, when I contacted them they said that the service was completely removed lol (as in the phone number didn't exist anymore). Took them a week or so to finally get it back, but she was out of a service for a whole week with no explanation or help given. Support said it happened to a lot of people also.

      • +1

        I know your are postpaid right? How can I only use it for 3 months without being further charged?

        I mean I only want to pay $10 each month for 3 months.

        • -5

          Hi baron33, thank you for your interest in signing up for our services. Currently, there are only 2 available promotional plans to choose from when signing up ($28/month for 100GB for up to 7months and $18 off on your first bill which is $10 for 20GB, succeeding months will be reverted to $28 for 20GB)

          All base plan includes:

          1. 20GB Data Allocation
          2. Unlimited Standard National Calls
          3. Unlimited Standard National SMS/MMS
          4. 3GB Bill Shock Protection
        • +1

          Schedule termination for the last day of the third month and hope they don't bill you for the fourth month..

      • Dodgy circle of life ! Why make everything so hard if someone wants to leave you after 3 months especially when you are advertising a special which lasts 3 months.

    • +18

      Can confirm it was a pain to port out. I was also being charged after I had left, only received an email with outstanding charges months later. Decided to just pay it because it wasn't very much. Would not recommend.

      • +3
      • What was the process of leaving circles life ?? Like how did you cancel the plan and thing??

        • Normally, you just port to your new provider and the old one closes. However, I ported to Boost and nothing happened for days… So I had to contact Circles to "release" my number and then the porting worked. But I logged into the Circles app and my account was still active and being charged! So I had to contact them again to close that account. I thought all was good until I got emailed a bill a few months later.

    • +1

      Also to add network reception is patchy. Lots of my freinds tell me that they called but my number was not reachable. Speeds in Melbourne Metro vary great from 300mbps to 1. So I would not call it reliable. Waiting for a good deal to port out of this cheap crap network

    • +10

      Yeah, you're right. I am currently dealing with their mess.

    • +2

      They live up to the name, circles of life. They definitely put you on loop and forget about you.

    • Would suggest using a prepaid card as there's no way to remove your card from the account
      Don't port out mid month, they wont close your account until the end of the month, and will then double bill
      Porting to kogan was a pita - can't enter circles account number in the web form, have to call kogan with the details
      Online chat/zendesk is all scripted feelgood rhetoric, takes multiple attempts to get any real answer.

      • Would suggest using a prepaid card

        Read below. They might send debt collectors after you

        • +1

          It's easier than chasing them for a refund when they continue billing months after porting out..

          • @randomusername2017: I wouldn't want to deal with either of those issues. More trouble than they're worth

      • Well that was more kogans fault. Just allow alphanumerals in the input field. Not that hard.

        • -1

          True… but this seems the next best kogan sim hop since the demise of catch 90 days.

    • +1

      I can’t agree more

    • +2

      This.. They kept charging me for 3 months after I ported out. Refuses to answer emails. Credit card company ended up refunding me. My parents had exact same scenario

    • +3

      Fully agree. They also sent debt collector to chase the money you don't owe them.

      • Legit ?? How when you weren't even using their services and they sending debt collector to you for what like 60$? Or something??

        • +1

          Like what others said, they keep sending bills to you after you port out. And one day, you got an email from Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents stating you owe money to Circles. At the same time, Circles sent an email threatening that it may take legal action and impact your credit history.

    • +5

      Exactly! They even sent my info to Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents for debt collection. And, they are still sending me emails monthly for failed payment several times. Terrible! Avoid if you don’t want handles later.

    • +1

      they charged my cc for 18 cents after I ported out for two months lmao

    • +2

      Yes, this. Took me 2 months of being charged and 3-5 phones calls every month. Even after they told me the account has been cancelled the next month would come around and I'll be sent an invoice again. I had to save all the chat logs as proof every time I talked with them and only until I threatened taking it up with the ACCC did they listen and cancel my account. Never again.

    • Top up voted comment of the month!

    • Hi there! I apologise about that. Please hop on our Live Chat service over our website so we can check that for you. - KM

    • Hi dosada. Please feel free to reach out to us at https://www.circles.life/au/help/ with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.

  • +31

    Hi Rep, might be a good idea to address the issue mentioned above otherwise I fear this post will end up getting hammered with negs like the last one.

    • +12

      They are very aware of the amount of customers they have screwed around by now. Obviously choose to do nothing about it.

    • Too late…..

    • -1


  • -2

    They operate on Optus network vs Kogan operates on Vodafone network. Vodafone network is 25 times faster in my area compared to Optus (4Mbps vs 100Mbps download).

    • +39

      Your comment is pointless without telling us where you live.

      • Experience in your area might be different but the point is be aware and check your local speeds. It might be that Optus's network is overwhelmed with all the MNVOs operating on it.

        • I use my Optus 4G in keilor and i get a constant 400+Mbps and 60mbps upload with a nighthawk m2 i think optus is better than vodafone. depends on the area

    • +2

      I too have terrible trouble with Optus wherever I go in Melbourne.

    • +2

      I have to agree here, the Vodafone network has come a long way from the days of Vodafail.

      Kogan for me would never reach above 2 bars of reception on my phone (s9+) however has always been extremely fast.

      IMHO Boost/Telstra and Optus on the other hand has much higher reception quality albeit at a markedly slower speed (Perth at least).

      • +1

        Personally speaking, speed wise, Telstra has been the absolute worst, followed by Optus, with Vodafone light years ahead, especially where I live (suburban Melbourne)

    • +5

      As stated many times before… it depends on your location and hardware used. In some places Voda is slow and Optus is fast… just how mobile networks are.

    • +1

      Optus network is the slowest one when it comes to 4g 3G. Places that doesn’t cover 4g, shows 3G but no connection.

  • +14

    The 100GB data with Circles runs out quicker than the Kogan and Catch 40GB/month plans I've used.

    • Do they disclose the data packets/blocks they charge in?

    • +2

      Their usage tracker app is definitely flawed. On the last day app said I have around 10Gb left. After the month changed I downloaded the usage list and it shows I still have 20+Gb left.

  • +3

    I think Circles work on calendar month billing. So how will this work out for those who join mid-month?

    Edit- Went thru T&C and found that the joining month is not discounted (pro-rate billing). The full 3 months after joining month are discounted. Also it's 20 GB regular data (pro-rated joining month) and 80 GB bonus data (not pro-rated for joining month). Need to activate within 30 days as well.
    Extract from T&C-
    If you successfully sign up to the Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan during the Promotion Period using the Promotion code advertised by Circles.Life and activate your SIM card by the deadline stipulated in point 2, you will automatically receive a $28 discount on each of your Circles.Life bills for the first full 3 months to a maximum total discount of $84 (waiver is not applied to the prorated billing from your month of signup which is included in your first bill).

    As the 100GB Plan is made up of the 20GB Base Data (from our 20GB Monthly Plan) and 80GB of Bonus Data, your data allocation in the first month will be pro-rated. The 20GB Base Data is pro-rated to the date your number is successfully ported to Circles.Life in the month. The 80GB Bonus Data will not be pro-rated. Hence, your full data allocation for your first month will be between 80GB - 100GB

    • The T&C have abruptly changed! Now the $28 discount will start from the month of signup.

  • +4

    It was too difficult for me to use any of the data, not event 100GB - too slow! Other providers on optus network in the same area are much faster.

    • +1

      Circles.Life is actually powered by the full Optus Mobile Network, so there won't be a difference in network coverage and speeds!

      • VoLTE and VoWiFi can significantly change your network speed and coverage…does Circles.Life include these? (err no)

        Circles.Life is actually powered by the full Optus Mobile Network, so there won't be a difference in network coverage and speeds!

    • +1

      I'm with both Optus (main phone) and Circle.Life (second phone). The speed depends on area and time of the day. Sometimes it's completely random. Also sometimes Circle.Life speed is actually faster, crazy

      • +1

        Could be due to the bands the phone has selected to connect to at the time.

  • Please put regular price in title rather than saving. $38 per month regular price.

  • +1

    I ported our easily after the free 4 month period.

    Agree that the data got chewed up way faster than anything else though, most noticeable in the first month of use, then seemed more normal.

    Optus has generally been worse than Vodafone in the areas I lived and worked.

  • -1

    Also please check their Instagram feed
    Looks like they were hacked and no one looked into it

    • Circles.Life wasn't hacked! This was part of a campaign that ran in July.

    • link at least

  • +25

    got followed up by a debt collector months after i closed my account with them. they are a bunch of crooks…. this deal shouldnt even be posted since its a borderline scam.

    • +1

      can you go into further detail - did you leave with your account fully paid up?

      • +3

        Don't know about him but my account was fully settled and yet they kept charging me and in the end mails from a debt collector.

        • +3

          Wow, what a bunch of circle jerking tossers. Did you complain to the TIO or AFCA?

      • +3

        Settled my last bill in March, got two separate emails a week or 2 ago, one from a debt collector and another by them for 2 different amounts.

        • Hi! Please feel free to reach out to us at https://www.circles.life/au/help/ with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.

    • +5

      Circles life should be banned on ozbargain

      • +7

        Have to disagree. I appreciate their lack of insight posting here. I now know to never use their services

    • +7

      I got threatened with 'further action' many months after leaving, with a fully paid up account. Eventually after many chats, I give up and referred to TIO, they finally confirmed I owed nothing and the account was closed. Sooooooo soooo soooo not worth the cheap data.

  • +12

    I got billed for 2 months after ported out. I don't know what sort of system they have. I would avoid it even for free.

    • Free may be the true value? Frequently chasing their billing dept is part of the fun.

  • At the risk of being called high expectations, I swapped from Telstra to this, in order to use my phone as a mobile broadband hotspot. Suffice to say, the connection isn't stable. This provides more data and value most of the times but downloading and video streaming can be spotty (in Brisbane city)

    • Hi OzCheapo. We would like to apologise for your negative experience with us. We'd like to learn more about your specific situation and make things right. If you wouldn't mind giving us a quick chat or sending us an email on [email protected] at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • +7

    Thanks guys for the input, enough for me to stay away from this company. Sounds like the retail version of Megabuy.

    • Sounds like the retail version of Megabuy.

      Do tell

      • +1

        Megabuy has a fee for in-store pick up, and a fee for shipping, so there's actually no way you can ever get the listed price. I wish there was a way to get Staticice to not show their listings.

    • -1

      Hey! We'd love it if you gave us a go. We've created a Satisfaction Guarantee for this Ozbargain Exclusive offer so you can rest assured that if you aren't enjoying the experience, we'll refund you the base plan cost of the plan. You can check out more details on our form here: https://forms.gle/NemGx1R7JhmiVZmP7

  • +11

    Came here for comments

  • +1

    Sounds like port in/port out is to be avoided…but is there a simple way to just turn off the auto-recharge with this thing? I'm having to buy data for hot-spotting at the moment.

    I just activated my CatchConnect from a previous deal and preventing the auto-recharge was as simple as turning it off under My Account, which I did literally moments after my plan was activated. Same as Kogan Mobile. No hassles with either of them.

    • I'm having to buy data for hot-spotting at the moment.

      Tried the Telstra XS or S data plans?

    • +1

      Mate, it is a post paid package and doing a credit check, they will send you a bill eventually

      • They don't do credit checks. At least they didn't for me.

  • +11

    thanks for saving me from hassles

    • Hi there - we've created a Satisfaction Guarantee if you sign up for this Ozbargain Exclusive. We'd love for you to experience Circles.Life firsthand and if it doesn't do it for you, we'll refund your base plan costs. You can find more info here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

  • +3

    Nothing breaks boost ! Free international call plus 80gb internet only for $150 !

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