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WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $179.52 Delivered @ Amazon AU (or $171.66 Delivered w Prime @ Amazon US)


WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $179.52 $178.37 $172.56 $161.93 Delivered @ Amazon AU

Local stock. Just dropped from $191 or so. $5 cheaper than the July deal.

Sequential read performance: 2400MB/s, sequential write performance: 1,950 MB/s

WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $171.66 $170.51 $161.59 Delivered (Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

For those with prime you can save $8 and grab it from Amazon US if you don't mind the wait of an extra couple of weeks (Estimated Delivery: Aug 19, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020).

Edit 7/8: Dropped by $1.15
Edit 20/8: Further price drops, usually would post a new deal but it's already cheaper at the UK deal at $153.72 so will update this one. Thanks lithius.
Edit 1/9: Price dropped further, Amazon UK expired. Posting new deal. Title reverted to original price for accuracy.

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  • This or the Kingston A2000 for $10 cheaper?

      • Ok so I've been told the A2000 is better, and I've also been told this is better. WTF.

        Edit: Well IOPS seem to be 2x better on the SN550, so I'm inclined to say it's better.

        • Whichever is cheaper and/or has longer life rating, unless you are doing something that is disk intensive enough for you to notice… for general use you wont be able to tell the difference..

        • The SN550 has a slight edge over the A2000, better speeds and lower power draw. I was stuck between them a few weeks ago and decided the extra $10 was worth it for the SN550.

          But honestly you'll be happy with either, the real world difference would be somewhere between milliseconds and nothing, but I'm a sucker for the placebo effect.

    • The Kingston A2000 is way better. It uses TLC (triple layer cells) rather than QLC (quad level cells) in the WD which makes it more reliable long-term and the WD has no DRAM either which means it will be using a portion of your system RAM. A2000 better overall.

      • The WD SN550 is a TLC drive, and it uses Host Memory Buffer as a sort of simulated DRAM cache.

  • DRAMless…

    A2000 > SN550

    • DRAMless is only an issue for SATA SSDs, not really applicable for NVME SSDs because the protocol is better.

      The SN550 beats out the A2000 in raw speed, A2000 wins for consistency with constant writes, neither are better enough in either aspect that you'd ever notice it.

    • Also A2000 is TLC while the WD is a QLC drive.

    • Sd550 only achieves highest speed writes for the first 12gb of continuous writes before dropping to around 900mb/s. The a2000 has a bigger slc cache and can maintain high speed of 2000mb/s for around 150gb before dropping to around 600mb/s. Sd550 has higher iops. Best speed tests are the "real world use" type tests and they both do well in these depending on which review you read. I ended up going the a2000 but I'm sure the Sd550 would have been good as well.

  • Is this the same? 159 at centercom with free shipping


  • is this a good price? or should i wait until black friday

    • at this rate - covid will consume us all and there will be a literal Black Friday!! - Live wild Live Free - just get it now and enjoy it for 3 months

  • would ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro and WD SN550 work together? or does it both have to be same brand NVME

  • Any ideas what to do with a 512 NVME after upgrading to 1TB? My laptop has 2 NVME slots, each filled with a 512 but I'm annoyed at constantly running out of space so I'm thinking upgrading but I don't want to waste a perfectly good SSD. Any interesting applications or waits to retain its usefulness?

    • Could be suitable to put into your future PS5?

    • If you have usb3,usbc,lightning ports you could buy external enclosure for both the 512s and run them on an external port like a very fast usb stick

    • Send it to me

    • Put it into a USB-C (1000mb/s) or Thunderbolt enclosure (3000MB/s). Great drive for back ups and moving data quickly!

      Just watch out because the Thunderbolt enclosures might not work with standard USB3 ports. The USB3 enclosure will work with USB3 and Thunderbolt ports.

  • I'm not buying WD after the SMR scandal.

  • Back in stock and $1 cheaper from Amazon AU

  • Now $172.56 but on backorder

  • Can anyone recommend an external disc enclosure for this please? I have one but it does not fit into the slot. I just need one to plug it in in order to transfer the image from my current SSD to.