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WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $156.43 Delivered @ Amazon AU


With the Amazon UK deal expired and the AU version dropping a further $23 since August I thought it was time for a new post, at the lowest price yet: Camels x 3 Past Month.

Previous deals for comments/comparisons: WD Blue SN550

Sequential read performance: 2400MB/s, sequential write performance: 1,950 MB/s

Thanks to doweyy for the report/heads up.

Edit: Expired at Amazon AU, but still available through a third party seller for $1 less if you wish: "$155.27 delivered. Select other seller NCG Ltd (Fulfilled by Amazon)."

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Got this for $110 from Austin via Amazon. Great drive.

  • Can you put this in a Macbook Pro?

    • +3 votes

      Depends on the model… and if a feasible one you will also need an adapter (Sintec most common) to convert it to be usable with the macbook as they use a proprietary connector for existing SSD.

      This thread goes into a LOT of detail:


      Note you may also have to consider impact to hibernation if an older macbook too. Above link covers that.

      EDIT: I've been considering doing this for my 2014 macbook pro but on fence if I should do it as may not be a noticeable difference in speed vs the stock one.

    • I am also looking to upgrade my late 2013 macbook pro.

  • Is this better than Crucial P1 1TB?

    They are similar priced.

    • Very similar performance, Crucial P1 1TB seems to have more complaints about its reliability.

      Personally, id spend the 10$ extra and go with this.

    • Also consider the Kingston A2000 1TB. Also going for $150ish and 2200/2000 MB/s

    • Kingston A2000 1TB is the way to go, Crucial P1 is DRAMless and performance quickly drops during transfers so wouldn't recommend it.

      • Crucial P1 has DRAM, but it's QLC NAND so super slow once you fill the DRAM and SLC cache up, plus has a much lower TBW. I had a Crucial P1 but returned it, after writing about 20GB to the drive performance drops to under 100MB/s, at which point I might as well use a HDD. Bought a Kingston A1000 1TB instead, and have been nothing but pleased. Can write almost 150GB to the drive at full 2GB/s speeds, after which it drops down to just a little under 500MB/s for the remainder of the write.

        I can't vouch for the SN550, but from everything I've heard it's fairly similar to the Kingston A1000. Either or, you can't go wrong, just don't get the Crucial P1!

        • Can kingston be used for macbook pro2013?

        • Would you recommend kingston or this wd blue?
          Thank you

          • @Ken_ZomgWtfBbq: They're both pretty much identical, purchase whichever you can find cheaper. If I had to purchase another one, I'd be buying another Kingston A2000, simply because I know I'll be happy with the performance. You'll be happy with the performance you'll get from either drive.

        • Ignore my typos, I meant the Kingston A2000 - not the Kingston A1000 which is not the same drive.

          • @joshau: A new drive has just hit the market, the SK hynix Gold P31 1TB which is going to be around the same price range as the Kingston A2000 but trades blows with industry leading nvme drives

            The SLC write cache in the 1TB SK hynix Gold P31 runs out after just over 100GB of writes. After the SLC cache fills up, the Gold P31's sequential write performance becomes highly variable, ranging from about 1.4 to 2.3 GB/s with little change in character across the entire TLC filling phase.

            Can't wait for it to hit retail here, even if its around the $200 mark it will be a fantastic value buy. Checkout the full review


            The power consumption is also super low so I might get one for my laptop

            • @Agret: I'm waiting for the SK Hynix P31 as well. It is using a 128 layer NAND, so essentially, we are asking for high performance for a cheaper price, and should be ready to adjust our expectations if it is not perfect. I'm quick concerned why the writing speed would be variable at 1.4 to 2.3 GB/s once the cache runs out. Other SSDs fall back to a lower but consistent speed after cache is exhausted

              • @Sleepycat3: It likely depends on the controller, the firmware, and how much DRAM is on the drive. From what I can tell, the drive seems to use an in-house controller, so the firmware may not be as well optimized as other drives on the market at the moment. That said, I think my favourite thing about that drive is the fact TLC NAND is trending towards that golden 1PBW benchmark, that only MLC has been able to hit so far.

    • Yes as this uses TLC. The P1 uses QLC, has lower endurance too.

    • The most noticeable difference for the average person would be that it has a fixed SLC cache size of 16GB but continuous writes past that only drop to about 900MB/s direct to TLC which is pretty good for a value drive. P1 has a larger dynamic SLC cache (12-100GB depending on how full the drive is) but continuous writes fall off a cliff when that's filled and you write direct to QLC. In that regard it's somewhat personal preference, the average person should be fine with either. I only write that much continuously when imaging the drive (which would be >300 GB) so I prefer the higher direct to TLC performance.

      Other than that, overall performance should be better with the SN550 even though it's DRAM-less, thanks to a good controller and flash package which is all done in house by WD/SanDisk. The difference wouldn't be noticeable. SN550 has a higher write endurance being TLC, both have 5yr warranty. Overall very little reason to consider the P1 when the SN550 and Kingston A2000 exist at similar pricing.

  • Hi all,

    If this drive install on a laptop supports M.2 Sata only, can it operate except slower speed? Thank you

  • Stuff going to get cheaper as Aussie dollar heading toward 80c

  • Is there a code? Says $176.00 for me

  • Bummed ordered this from Amazon UK This morning for$155. Just checked they were unable to cancel to order this one. Not in a Rush..

  • Looks like you can get it for $155.27 delivered. Select other seller NCG Ltd (Fulfilled by Amazon).

  • Ordered from the UK on the 16th…not going to get here until Sep 10. Big mistake….should have waited.

  • Ordered mine from Amazon UK in the last deal
    Arrived today and just installed in into my spare m2 NVMe slot.

    For anyone on the fence:
    It's performing well… definitely a great little NVMe drive.
    For the average user (like me), it's hard to go wrong with the WD SN550 or the Kingston A2000. (or even the Crucial P1 - even though it's QLC)

    I went for the SN550 due to the rave reviews, and the opportunistic good price.