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5-Pack 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (100ml ea) $1 + $7 Delivery @ Duke Living via My Deal Marketplace [Excludes TAS]


5-Pack of Instant 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (100ml ea)

$1 plus postage ($7) was $4.99 plus postage RRP $39 Plus postage

All states currently showing $7 postage.

Help avoid the spread of germs with this 5 pack of 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser from DEYA, keeping you safe from bacteria and nasty germs, and helping ensure you and your spaces are germ-free and disinfected.

This hand sanitiser is made from ethanol, and is soft on the skin while killing 99.9% of bacteria. Simply apply a squirt to the palms of your hands, spread, and allow the gel to dry!

Note: 1 item in your cart = 5 x 100ml bottles/tubes delivered for $8
The price is $8 delivered for 5 bottles/tubes or 5 bottles/tubes for $8 with free delivery or 5 Bottles/tubes for $1 plus $7 delivery

If you buy more items, each item consists of 5 bottles/tubes For $1 and will be charged additional postage calculated at checkout for each “item”

I am not a rep or associated with this offer or My Deal. I just bought the product and shared the special.

P.S. Sanitiser is not a drink, so please DO NOT DRINK IT!

Mod 4/9 5pm: Available again, thanks Gomo

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    jeez, all these people complaining about shipping

    Free shipping is a scam if you ever order more than one item. Because the cost to the seller of '2 items free shipping' is not double the cost of '1 item free shipping', because shipping costs dont double.

    eg: $2 free shipping. Shipping is build into that price, maybe 80c shipping and $1.20 for the product.

    Buy 3 items at $6. Free shipping, but it still costs the seller 80c to ship. So you have now paid an extra $1.60 (or 25%) for nothing.

    Well done

    • In this case it's entitlement writ large. How dare a retailer pass on the costs of transporting goods to a customer.

      Good deal for a conveniently packaged product OP. Thanks.

  • I don't know what all this fuss about delivery fee, 5 packs $8 delivered easy.

  • Thanks OP bought a set

  • Is $16 a litre really that good? I thought there were deals for $10 or $12 a litre previously

    • Fair point but good luck hauling a litre bottle around everywhere in your bag. Big bottle - home, tubes and small dispensers - pocket or purse.

  • It’s actually $2 a litre. $14 is postage based on buying a litre.
    Postage isn’t a free service, someone has to pay for it whether it be built into the price or listed separately.
    They are also individual small containers which is always more expensive than larger or even bulk.
    Compare a 100ml container per litre price compared to a 500ml or a 1 litre container price and you will probably get a better deal, but you aren’t comparing the equivalent item.
    Chemist Warehouse have Scott’s on sale 500ml. $5.99, was $11.99 at the moment.
    Base that on a per litre price and delivery $8.95 for 2 bottles (1 litre) you Get $20.93 per litre delivered. You also get 2 containers compared to 10 tubes of this.

    If you know of better deals please post them, that’s what this site is about.

    And I don’t work for them..I just shared the deal and responding to questions because I did.

    • my local pharma's cheapest carry size option is 125ml for $4.99…was just in there this morning
      …so this deal for 500ml delivered is well under half price, compared to whats out there in shops/chemists
      having smaller size is more convenient and can be shared amongst a household

    • Yes but you can pickup from chemist warehouse for free next time you are are the shops. Then pour it into smaller bottles to carry around

      • Yeah you could, but you aren’t comparing a delivered product in separate containers when you are going to pick up and not getting it delivered then filling your own bottles (add cost of bottles?).
        You could also make your own, that might be even cheaper per litre!

        • Nope just reuse any cosmetics bottles/tubes you have laying around no need to buy bottles

          • @toobzy: You miss the point..you are not comparing the exact same products.

            I don’t have bottles laying around, I put them in recycle bin.

            I would prefer to know my sanitiser is in a new, clean uncontaminated bottle considering it’s about hygiene.

  • …just received these so that was quick. sitting outside under the back verandah in 'quarantine' 😷
    also an ironic moment…had to sanitise hands after handling delivery package of hand sanitiser… 😅

  • Mine came today, ordered on the day of this deal

    Posting if anyone ever checks back here.

  • Mine arrived today as well. Ordered on the 4th.

  • MyDeal - it's currently impossible to contact them unless you open an account. Wont be buying thru them again.

    • Why not open an account?
      They usually have a phone line, but its temporarily unavailable due to Covid according to their website.
      They need an account to raise and track a support ticket.

      • No they don't NEED to do that, that's how they CHOOSE to do it. There are many reasons for people not wanting to open accounts.

        • According to their website THEY DO NEED to have an account to track a support ticket. It’s written there as their phone line is not available during Covid.

        • Have you tried calling them out of interest? They still have the number listed for order help. The might answer?

          • @aussiematthew: I did actually make an account to lodge my complaint because it was the only option. As I said this should not have been required. No response yet. I'll give them another 24 hours before I start a Paypal claim.

            • @Possumbly: Maybe they are busy with Covid sales and maybe it’s not usual To create an account during non Covid times, they usually have a phone number to call..A lot of things shouldn’t be required during Covid, but it’s unprecedented times..I’m sure they are doing their best. I’ve had no issues with contacting them, but I’ve waited for a response as long as I had a ticket number via email I know I have a trace of contact. They are based in Victoria too, which is going through tough times. Hope it works out for you.

        • Well the good news is that MyDeal did respond today and with accurate info this time. The items are actually in transit. Turns out some useless b had put AusPost as the deliverer when in fact it was Toll Ipec. I actually tested the tracking number in a couple of different couriers before lodging my complaint in case but gave up after two 'not founds' (they have 17 different couriers).

          • @Possumbly: Mine was flagged as Aust Post, but come by Toll as it couldn’t go by plane due to being flammable.
            Good result!
            On the website it says they sold over 3300 of the packs..I guess some errors get made at times, at least it’s sorted.

            • @aussiematthew: CS rep said he'd had numerous similar complaints (which boiled down to incorrect courier info supplied with the despatch email) and he'll investigate the cause this week. Decent response.

  • Received mine today. Not bad.

  • Mine turned up today. Thanks OP

  • Mine was delivered today (VIC metro, ordered Aug 5)! Does have the stereotypical strong ethanol smell but it dissipates very quickly. Very nice thin gel. Thanks again for posting the deal OP, sorry there was so much drama in the thread!

    • If the top screws off, just use a little bit (like a 5c coin worth) and then top it off with your favourite essential oil scent!
      Cedarwood smells very home-ey

  • Not sure if the deal can be activated again but this is on offer again for 24hrs again

    Just received an email from the store , I purchased this last time around

    I've submitted a report to maybe mark this as active again for the next 24hrs

  • again, a really good bargain. Bought one .THanks OP

  • Thanks OP - Bought.