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Disposable 3ply Face Mask 50pcs $21.99 + Delivery ($3.01 or Free with $25 Spend) @ Bit Pixel Tech


EDIT: Shipping price set to $3.01 applicable for face masks only.
EDIT2: Mask Images: Imgur
EDIT3: On backorder now, new stock arriving end of this week. Orders will start fulfillment immediately after stock arrives.
EDIT4: Backorders have been fulfilled and masks are now back in stock.
EDIT5: Masks being shipped out currently have the standard thinner traps, still elastic, just not the thick almost shoelace style that came in previous batch.

If anyone needs a top-up or missed out on any other face mask deals, here is another one for you!

  • Multi Layered: The face mask is 3-ply to ensure your protection.
  • Premium Quality: Made from high quality non-woven melt-blown fabric.
  • Comfortable: A one-size fits all design with an adjustable metal band to ensure a perfect fit on your nose and soft, non-irritating, breathable fabric.
  • Fast Shipping: Bit Pixel Tech products are shipped from our Melbourne fulfilment centre and will be delivered to you in as little as 1-2 days with a tracking number provided for peace of mind.

Current ones in stock come with a thick soft and much more comfortable ear loop.
A $13 surcharge will apply for orders placed to remote addresses by our shipping provider Sendle. Please order 3+ masks or provide a non-remote shipping address to avoid this surcharge. You are more than welcome to request a cancellation and full refund if you find out you are in a remote address and do not wish to pay the $13 surcharge.

"Remote parcel deliveries are charged a simple flat-rate surcharge of $13 (or $11.81 excl. GST) on top of the national rate." - Sendle Web Page

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  • +4

    $21.99 + Delivery ($8.50 or Free with $25 Spend)

    That's ridiculous. Why not charge $3.01 postage ?

    • +1

      Yeah, let me try and make a specific shipping class for $3.01 shipping for face masks.

      • Website says normal price was $25 which would have met the $25 requirement for free shipping right?

        • Sounds like a dodgy way to price-jack

          • +1

            @jv: Ayy, if I was price jacking why on earth would I be creating a shipping class for $3.01 shipping as we speak?

            • +6


              why on earth would I be creating a shipping class for $3.01 shipping as we speak?

              Apologies, I thought you were being sarcastic.

              • +1

                @jv: Nah, you're good. Some people are sarcastic, but not me in this case. I don't like to price jack, honestly I absolutely hate the people that do this since they are taking advantage of those in need and are just selfish.

        • Yeah, lowered the price for the many people who were ordering 2 at a time.

          • +2

            @techfourk: 1) Increase price to $25 per box (to trigger free shipping for those purchasing just 1)
            2) Set cart to take 10% off if QTY = 2 or more (to please customers that purchase 2 or more)

            Win win.

            • +1

              @m9: Well, I did the other method, ahh well. $21.99 is cheaper than 10% off so yeah, more win win :)

      • +2

        Or increase the price of the mask to $25.

      • +2
        • Yeah, better value, lol.

    • +3

      something happened to me I think… I voted +ve for jv's comment

    • Honestly usually you come up with the stupidest things, but this was mind-blowing, good job being clever πŸ‘€βœŒοΈ

  • drop the price $ 16.5 with delivery $ 8.5 or free delivery with $ 25 purchase.
    Deal ?

  • @OP, Could we Please get a discount when ordering more than 1 box?

    • +1

      Let me work out my costs, hold on…

      • Thank you. Greatly Appreciated.
        I am holding on….

        • @OP, Any news on this Please?

          • +1

            @keengeorge: Gimme a min, trying to reply to comments, take photos and work out costs at the same time…

      • Holding on too..

    • +2

      Sorry, seems like I can't do much more, esp. accounting for payment gateway fees, packaging costs, label costs, shipping charges and all that. And then there's the high wholesale cost, fuel cost of driving to go pick them up, warehousing costs, etc…..

  • +3

    Put on your Amazon store as well, why make us signup to another website. There are 500 new websites springing everyday to resell masks bought in bulk from AliExpress, DHGate, TaoBao or JD. If it costs 10% more via Amazon happy to pay that Amazon tax/commission having delivered by prime in 2-3 days.

    • Honestly, apart from masks I don't get much sales, so after mask sales have died down I'm going to focus completely on warehousing for other businesses.

  • +1

    Seems a reasonable price at this point. Anyone know the quality - esp of the robustness of the ear loop attachments to the mask?

    • Here are some (2) photos of it: Imgur

      • +1

        Thanks, but image not found. Just pull the attachments for me and report back. Happy to take your word. You seem to be going out of your way to provide info and service - business service 101. Still appreciated.

  • +6

    +1 for selling these at a decent price AND changing the shipping price to accommodate for the $25 spend.

  • +1

    @OP, Do these masks come in boxes of 50 each or do they come in a plastic bag, or?

    • +1

      Come in a plastic bag.

    • +1

      Here are some (2) photos of it: Imgur

      • Do they have elastic ear loops, or are they tie-on ones?

        • +1

          They are elastic.

      • +1

        Anyone able to see the images?

        Bit late because I've ordered two packs but won't be happy if the ear loops pull away like some of the junk posted earlier on OzB.

      • +1

        We can’t see the photo

        • Let me fix that, sorry

  • Hi OP, are these medical or non-medical masks?

    • Non-medical.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

        • Np

  • +5

    Tips for mask fitting - courteous of a previous Ozbargainer

    How to Improve Your Surgical Mask Fit— Covid-19

  • Just FYI , Masks are made in China.

    • +2

      The additional info tab will give you even more info.

  • -1

    I'd wait for these.. they'll be 5c a box in a few weeks as no one in Victoria can get out and actually use a mask!

    • Get your news from Murdoch by chance? This should help: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/aug/04/victo...

      Great place, but not everyone lives in Vic

      • Na not into Murdoch. But as only 1 person of the household can leave for shopping for 1 hour a day and within 5km of your house, that means not many masks are being used. Especially as they have closed retail now, there isn't many places to now go!

        • As I said, not everyone lives in Vic. Irrespective you must think the lockdown and mask-wearing (compulsory or optional) is going to be over very quickly. These are singe use so 50 ain't gonna last any family or singleton very long.

  • Still can't see the images

    • +1

      The link in the edit should work. Tested in incognito and works for me.

      • +1

        Thx. Image on the website also showed how they're fixed. Look solid enough. Fingers crossed

  • +1

    Link still not right. Tried 3 different browsers.

    We searched high and low, but we couldn’t find the page you're looking for. It may have been moved or deleted, or may never have existed at all.

    • +1

      :sigh: first time using Imgur. Let me just upload it to my server and share that way instead…

    • +1

      Use the link in the deal edit2 at top, not in the comments - next to the vote tally.

  • +1

    @OP, How do you ship to Sydney, & do you provide a tracking number?
    Btw, I have already placed my order :)

    • +1

      Yeah, ship to anywhere in Australia, and yes, you will get a tracking number as soon as the shipping label is created.

  • +1

    Thank you! i purchased two. Good timing as well..it's been over a week and still haven't received my goods from eBay (even though it's a plus listing) so frustrating.

    • +1

      I feel you man, bought stuff on AliExpress and been 2 months and still no sign of a bunch of orders…

  • +1


  • +1

    Hi OP,

    After paying via PayPal, I noticed it said 'backorder' what sort of wait time are we looking at?

    • Stock is arriving end of this week, so normal shipping times apply from that date.

      • Are you expecting the same stock eg. same supplier same manufacturer as the previous stock that is now sold out? In other words, can we expect the same product as those in the photos?

        • Yes

  • +1

    Can you do a deal on hand sani?
    Buy 2 for a good price?
    Or 2 sani and face masks bulk deal

    • I really want to, but it's considered dangerous goods and an absolute pain to ship.

  • +1

    Which courier company do you use for postage?
    And will you be stocking hand sanitisers anytime soon? Says out of stock for sanitisers.

    • Use Sendle, which ships via Couriers Please for a majority of orders with a select few sent via Fastaway. Honestly I've almost always had bad experiences with AusPost and after they charged one of my customers $13+ to pickup their parcel, when shipping cost was imo adequately paid for, I stopped using them altogether.

    • And Couriers Please do allow me to ship dangerous goods in limited quantities if I open an account with them directly, but that would increase shipping cost compared to Sendle. I could do this, but then there's no way I could sell hand sanitizer for cheap without making a loss… Literally have about a carton and half just sitting in my warehouse which I really want to sell…

  • How's the quality of masks?

  • +2

    @OP/techfourk, :)
    Received my order in Sydney this morning ~08:00 delivered by Couriers Please (with tracking) πŸ‘
    Ordered them Tuesday 04/Aug/20 ~15:00
    Prompt & Helpful service, Quick delivery, Good quality masks :) πŸ‘
    Thank you Very Much πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • +1

      Glad it arrived quickly. You're welcome. And Stay safe!

  • +1

    Awesome arrived today. Must be the quickest shipping of products I've every got. Thanks

    • Haha, that is awesome. Would have thought Amazon had faster shipping though. Adnd you're welcome!

      • +1

        SOOOOO…no response on the ARTG question…I assume that means it has no ARTG?

        • Sorry, let me check again, he sent me some long ass document.

        • It seems to not have an ARTG, just has EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 certification.

  • I just received it right this second. thank you.

    After reading reviews about 'Sendle' i was a bit worried,to be honest. This was my first experience with them and thankfully it was a good one.

    • Thats good to hear.

  • +1

    Purchased from this seller in a previous deal and items came very quickly.

    • How is this cheaper? If you buy one from me is $21.99 + $3.01 shipping so $25 or if you want 100pcs that's $21.99 x 2 which is $42.98 shipped.

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