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Silicon Power 256GB SSD SATA III 2.5" $39.99 Delivered @ Silicon Power via Amazon AU or ($38 Umart P/U)


Seems to be even cheaper than past deals. Free shipping with Prime

256GB Stats below

3D NAND flash are applied to deliver high transfer speeds
Remarkable transfer speeds that enable faster bootup and improved overall system performance. The advanced SLC Cache Technology allows performance boost and longer lifespan.
7mm slim design suitable for Ultrabooks and Ultra-slim notebooks.
Supports TRIM command, Garbage Collection technology, RAID, and ECC (Error Checking & Correction) to provide the optimized performance and enhanced reliability.

Also …
Silicon Power 512GB SSD 3D $75.99
Silicon Power 1TB SSD SSD $131.99

1tb not the cheapest, but not a bad price for current climate

Silicon Power's compatibility checker

Credit to @stephendt for pointing out this drive can also be purchase for $38 from Umart pickup, for those close to a store

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  • DRAMless, but for the price you can't really complain.

  • I had one of these. Randomly died after 2-3 months. Lost all data. Got sent a replacement but I never touched this brand again. (gave away the replacement drive)

    • shit! this is alarming, I have one lying around as it wasn't compatible with SinTech adapter, so maybe it's a good thing then..

      PS not sure why am I associated with Silicon Power?? weird

      • You would've accidentally clicked the button, I accidentally click it a lot.

      • "PS not sure why am I associated with Silicon Power?? weird"

        noooo! realaaa is a robot sleeper rep and has become self aware……

    • Eh, I've bought around 60 of these and only had one failure so far. I had a few accumulate a handful of reallocated sectors but they get used fairly heavily. They get a thumbs up from me.

    • I problem with SSDs is when they fail its a catastrophic failure, unlike magnetic drives where you can get some forewarning. So get a quality SSD if you can't tolerate failures

      • Nothing a good "System Image" won't fix. Anyone not backing up is asking for trouble. Problem solved.

  • For anyone who would like to know more, or interested in the comparison/info


    The two videos on this link really outline DRAM and a comparison, if you have the extra $10 worth it for the boost you get but clearly better than a spinning drive for comparison

    • Thanks for posting. I love watching Linus, even know I am not great with computers. I think my boss will love his new SP SSD for Christmas. I will look at someone alittle more suitable for the purpose I want for my SSD. I guess these are still great for people that have everything on onedrive or for kids. Thanks again for posting

      • Do urself a favour and get a better thing for kids, unless ur kid is a geek. The less trouble the better for kids, otherwise u’d spend more time at the end :)

    • Can you recommend something that's suitable for the extra $10

  • Cheaper at Umart - only $38. Good deal though.

    • +$11.00 postage to me in Orange, which is $1 cheaper (without any cash reward options), but umart in my experience, where shocking for support. I purchased a 1tb M.2 crucial off them, it arrived DOA and them palmed me off to manufacture. Ended up having to pay postage. I think amazon returns is worth the $0.99c extra (less cash rewards) for free returns, plus very good support

    • You should also post that deal mate :) people that can pickup would be better off

    • Wooh. My maths sucks man. Sorry, have done 14hrs work today. Cheaper for pickup only. Thanks and sorry mate

  • Guys too much bad feedback on this drive. Do not put any important data on it. The price is good but I'd rather pay a bit more and get something safer than this

    • I mean, you should never have data on only one drive, unless you don't mind losing it. HDDs and quality SSDs all fail eventually too.

      This is not really FOR important data.

      It's a slower second SSD for games when your main, better brand, fast SSD gets too small, but your bigger HDDs give too-slow loading times.

  • Nvme going to take over sata3 soon…

  • Do you know if this will work will feel Inspiron 5580?

  • what do I need to use this as an external drive?

  • Hi can I use it to replace my old (2013) laptop hard disk, I guess it is a 2.5 " sata slot..

  • Crazy amount of negative reviews on Amazon, puts me off. Was about to pull the trigger for the price but not going to bother

  • The failure rate on Silcon Power is abysmally high, reflected also in negative reviews by consumers

  • Can't understand why a company would deal with that publicity, why not just fix that issue when so critical, who's going to buy drives that failed a lot?!

  • Generally happy customers don't give good reviews while small non happy customers mostly leaves bad review. Silicon power is budget brand so need to keep that in considerations.

    I prefer atleast 3yr warranty for SSD and keep regular backups online or in HDD for important data. Retrieval of damaged data from SSD is very costly.