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[eBay Plus] 10% off Garmin Activity Smart Watches - Vivoactive 4S $484.96, Forerunner 245 Music $358.96 & More @ Ryda eBay


Been looking for a Garmin smartwatch, had a look at the JB-HI-Fi and Rebel sales, but found it cheaper through the Ryda eBay store which has 10% off with a eBay Plus account code PIX10.


Garmin Vivoactive 4S Black is $484.96 [RRP $579]

Forerunner 245 Music is $358.96 [RRP $399]

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    Looks like best price for 245 music so far.
    Nice find

    • I was confused between 245 or 935 but in the end pulled the plug on 935. Only 245 available through Ryda seemed to be either white or aqua. I am not a triathlete but kind of felt that 935 might be a better watch overall, comparing the specs and it is tried and tested, considering it being a few years old however 245 has some new existing features, music and body stress meter etc.. Don't care much about music on the watch but it may be super important to others. When I had my Samsung smartwatch previously, I didn't use the Samsung Pay feature much as it was tedious to enter the pin on the tiny screen and the watch would get locked after a while because of the security restriction and also never used the music feature as I always had phone with me when I went to the gym.

  • I bought Garmin 935 last night for $360. One more in stock if anybody is interested.

  • Any vivoactive 3 music watches?

  • I want a garmin but they're so bloody expensive! They make the best watches and they know it :(

  • just got 245 from qantas store with points

  • Nice find OP. I got a Fenix 6 a month ago and loved it- was like a training buddy. It had a slight softness in the up button that got worse and worse (was like that when I got it), turns out it had a defect someone else returned and was meant to be sent back (purchased at Rebel Sport).

    Ended up upgrading to a 6 pro with maps, they were amazing during a remote hike over the weekend without reception on my phone. Nearly took a wrong turn that would have turned a 12km to a 24km 😅.