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[Switch, XB1] Doom 64, Doom (1993), Doom II - $3.72 Each (Were $7.50) @ Nintendo eShop/Microsoft Store


Near all time lows for these classic FPS shooters as well as the new all time low for Doom 64!

Xbox links courtesy of DealBot in the comments

Doom (1993):

Doom II:

ALSO on sale:

Doom 3 - $7.47 (was $14.95):

Doom 2016 - $39.95 (was $79.95):

[XB1] DOOM Slayer's Collection (courtesy of gibspmuh) - $17.97 (includes Doom1, 2, 3 and 2016):

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  • Price drop for XB1 as well. All of these are $3.72 each -

  • Doom: The offical game of 2020.

  • Could you recommend which one is best to get on switch?

    • I'd go 1, 2 is largely the same gameplay but with new levels and a super shotgun. I personally prefer the levels of 1 more but a lot of people swear by 2. I forget which addons are supported on which, but definitely look at the add ons before buying, because there's a shitload of new levels you can download for both to make the game bigger and longer.

      Personally though, yeah, I like 1 more, but it's entirely subjective, both are very good games. 2 might be a litttttttle bit harder, but they're about the same for me. Honestly, buy 1, see if you like it, and buy 2 if you do is the real answer.

    • Doom 1 is one of the greatest games ever. Doom 1 and 2 support up to 4 players locally for co-op or death matches. Doom 2 is more-or-less the same as Doom 1, but with a new gun and different levels.

      Doom 64 is the best optimised retro Doom game on these systems, but is a single-player only experience. Also has more puzzle elements than Doom 1 and 2.

      Doom 3 is a standalone experience more akin to a survival Horror game than a traditional Doom game.

      I'd recommend just getting Doom 1 to start with. If you enjoy it, 2 will feel like a multiplayer expansion and 64 like a good sequel. If you prefer horror, go with Doom 3.

      Alternatively, just get them all because they're cheap and don't take up much space (with the exception of Doom 3)

      • Alternatively, just get them all because they're cheap and don't take up much space (with the exception of Doom 3)

        Haha, I've just had to order an SD card for mine as I'm going to need it after buying these. If I didn't need it now I definitely will after Rocket League goes free to play.

    • Doom 2016 is great too, but when it's a old hand, it's $35 retail and goes on sale for $5-10 on every other console $40 for it is still ridiculous

    • Doom 64 is the best ported out of the classic style Doom games but they are cheap enough to get more than one. If you only get one its hard to say but here are some of the technical differences between them.

      Doom 1/2/64 (Switch release)

      Doom 64 is the only one which has support for gyro assisted aiming
      Doom 64 is the only one which outputs 16:9 correctly
      Doom 1/2 the widescreen option stretches the image instead, so personally I leave in 3:4.
      Doom 1/2 runs at 640x400p60
      Doom 64 runs at 1080p60 or 720p60 handheld
      Doom 1/2 has multiplayer support, 1 - 4 players / Doom 64 is single player only
      *Doom 1/2 supports approved addons from Bethesda(wads/ extra level packs) so Doom 1/2 has a lot more content than Doom 64.

      *Sigil is an example of a bonus addon included (As a pwad for Doom)
      Sigil Trailer: https://youtu.be/4VibM9vCguc (Note that this trailer is running on a PC, so its not how it will look on the Switch, as the above limits still apply)

  • The DOOM Slayers Collection looks pretty good value on Xbox as well for $17.97 it includes DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, and 2016's Action Game of the Year, DOOM (2016)

    • Yeah I saw that! Will add it to the description

    • Thanks. Grabbed the bundle.

      Was going to pick up Doom 64 which isn’t in it separately and when I went to buy saw it was already in my account. Completely forgot I received a copy as a preorder bonus for Doom Eternal. Nice to have the full series.

  • Thanks OP, picked up Doom 64 - I bought the other three last time they were on sale. Brilliant games, especially for this price.

    • So if I go 64, no need to buy 'Doom' (don't have any of them yet)

      • Not necessarily, Doom 64 is great, but it's a little bit different from OG Doom.

      • Doom 64 is good, but it doesn't have the multiplayer options that Doom 1 and 2 have. Doom 64 is also an entirely different game to Doom despite some people being confused with the naming conventions brought on by the N64 game era

  • Doom Eternal is also half price at $49.97 on Xbox. Doesnt seem to go on sale too often


  • I've bought Doom and Doom 2 on so many platforms so far…

    • I've bought it on literally every platform I have that has a version available, and pirated it on a shitload that don't. Such a good game to just have around for 5 minute seshes.

  • It is also half price on Steam now but I grabbed it on Xbox One thanks. Feels like yesterday I was playing this rented on the N64.. although my eye sight must have been a lot better then, it feels really dark and hard to see especially on the menus.

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