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Free - Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition V5.50


The Standard edition of the software is going for free on Bits with the available options to purchase the Pro Edition at a discount should you need the pro features with upgrades to the latest version.

Great tool to test and monitor Hard Drives if anyone tests their units before using them long term

For a comparison between Free|STD|Pro see the below link


Deal is for Standard v5.50 only (No upgrades included) install within 3 weeks,

From the previous deal we posted https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/528507

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    Great for surface scanning all those external hdds we buy

  • thanks for post.

    must have proggy

  • I downloaded it from the 2nd link in OP (blob.core.windows):

    This version of Hard Disk Sentinel expired, the installation is not possible.
    • Thanks for the info removed the links :)

    • To install it, just change the date of your computer to a few years back

  • +9

    those links don't work - the installer is expired.

    http://download.bitsdujour.com/bdj/downloads/2020/hdsentinel... is working though

    • you need to register and log in, then the download link will be sent to your email

      • The new link he provided in the comment is the new link from the email :)

  • This version is much better

    • +1

      what version?

      Better than what?

      • +7

        Better than what?

        The previous version.

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    I just got the Pro version for free, 😁

    • how?

    • Don't be shy…

    • How does this compare to the pro version? I am still running PRO v4.71

      Curious to know what is "much better" about this over that version?

      • If you have pro don't you have lifetime upgrades,? Just download the update.

        • +2

          Nah, they have ran giveaway for pro version in the past. Giveaway versions are not eligible for upgrades.

          • @Agret: so I'll just stick with my version then since there is no real reason this version "is much better"?

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    You legend. I have 3 hard drives arriving today that will need to be scanned before being added to the raid array. Thanks

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      Is this really better for scanning new hard drives than the manufacturer utilities such as Seagate Seatools or Western Digital Diag?

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    Good deal. I like this software enough that I even paid for it recently. Figured I had saved enough by shucking lol.

  • Grabbed a copy, thanks!

  • Is this really better for scanning new hard drives than the manufacturer utilities such as Seagate Seatools or Western Digital Diag?

    • This has alot more testing than the out of the box tools from what i have seen, for example this will write to every single part of the drive and verify the data multiple times so IMHO its good for a whole disk check, the WD and SG tools take a small amount of time and do spot checks and yes they do the job but this IMHO does it abit better for more guarentee.

      I think one of my 10TB drive tests tool like a whole day at one point cuz of the test i ran on it,

      • Thanks Brent3000. I just ran the Seagate Seatools on one of the 10tb drives I recently bought thanks to a deal posted here. It took 16 hours to run the "long generic" test but I think I'll try this too now just 5o be sure! A little time now may save a lot of heartache later!

        • on USB2 the pro version is taking 8 days to run a read and write test.

          I'm not even shucking but Amazon shipped without padding on the shipping box. WD said it could have damaged the drive but Amazons return process wasn't worth the headache (ship drive at your cost, send proof to get gift card credit for shipment, buy new drive at current price and get gift card of the difference and then no guarantee it won't happen again (second time without any bubble wrap or anything).

          • @yacman: Be really careful, I received 2 unpadded drives from Amazon, I sent in a complaint as soon as I received them, but my raid already had one drive faulty so I was desperate to replace it. When I put them in my NAS, within a couple of days, it showed as faulty (making my RAID impacted) due to bad sectors on one of them. It took months of waiting, but eventually I got a refund. Harris Technology had the ironwolf 4tb that I was using in my raid for the same price so I just got them instead, those were properly packaged.

            • @turnipy: Thanks, I am not shucking the drive and using it as a backup only. I have a chat transcript from amazon acknowledging the package should not have been sent that way and that the warranty will cover any issues with the drive.

              Hoping the scan comes up good and I can use it without hassle (fingers crossed) but it is annoying. What I have found over the years is buying 2 drives or multiple products at once has been ok buying a drive by itself they have not put padding (from amazon).

          • @yacman: The padding is INSIDE the retail box - those two black plastic buffers work just fine.

            • @Nom: Thanks for the reassurance, being able to be moved about 10 cm up and down in the shipping pack had me worried but this and the surface scan (almost done) have put my mind at ease a bit

    • +1

      Generally there's no need to run a surface scan. Hard drives record any bad sectors in the SMART information, which this displays instantly.

  • I've tried this and Crystal Disk info and in terms of predicting that a HDD would die they were about the same. Both showed 98% life left and it died.

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      Neither is good at predicting HDD life as there is not much information available to really calculate it.

      SSD quality check on these are also inconsistent too. I had one SSD which died with 100% life. Have an old SSD which is rated 65% (but that's mostly because of wear levelling value). Most newer SSDs stop providing that information to avoid the quality rating dropping quickly.

      These apps are handy to know whether your HDDs or SSDs have bad sectors and their running temperature. HDDs and SSDs can die all of the sudden due to an electronic chip inside dies.

    • I think I read somewhere that the "%" figure is just based on the traffic recorded using the SSD divided into the manufacturers "this will last for x much traffic" figure - it it is not based on checking your SSD.

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        Yes, that's right as it's not possible to check the SSD and work out the actual remaining life.

    • Yep, as soon as a drive drops below 100% it's basically scrap.
      Arrange replacement if it's still in warranty - if not, you might get lucky and get a few more years out of it. Or you might find corrupted files, which have also been backed up over your good backups… :-) Or it might just die at any moment.

      • Not really. Unless there are many bad sectors, it's usually fine to keep using, as long there are none of the bad sectors which are making the hard drive run slowly. If the number of bad sectors keeps increasing, then it is definitely time to replace the drive.

        As long as you have backups you will fine. You should have backups for all drives anyway.

  • Does anyone know the procedure to restore the license on a same machine and/or different machine? For example, if I'm re-formatting my current pc or i'm buying a new pc.

    • Maybe just pay a bit of money and get the pro version after Aug 10…
      I believe this to be almost the best free and useful software.
      I have had this software predict the oncoming death of conventional hdd.

      • Yeah it's likely I will because it seems great. Do you have the pro version? How would you restore the license on a same machine after a re-formatting? Also, how would you transfer that license onto a new laptop once an old machine has died?

  • I have the link to dowload and have it installed. How to register or to find out the key from as it says I need to contact Developer?