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Sofirn Flashlights (SP36 ($67.99/$69.69), SP32A V2.0 ($37.39)) 15% off Inc. Delivery - Local Stock Now Available @ Amazon AU


EDIT 2020-08-10 22:34::: Marked as expired as all AU stock is sold. Code may still work for overseas stock, though (haven't tested).

EDIT 2020-08-10 08:50::: AU stock of these three lights exhausted. More stock is being sent.

EDIT 2020-08-06 22:30::: SP36 Anduril version is sold out as of 8:30pm, thanks miguellin737

EDIT 2020-08-06 19:00::: SP32A is sold out as of 5pm this afternoon, thanks mad1dude

Disclaimer: I’m not technically affiliated with Sofirn, but have had dealings with them in the past by reviewing some of their lights - they have passed this information on to me to send to anywhere/one that I think it might be useful to; my understanding is that the codes expire at the end of the month. I've hit the "Associated" button anyway, just to be as open as I can.

Sofirn now have stock in AmazonAU warehouses - no more long waiting times from China at the mercy of international shipping!

For those not in the know, Sofirn make some pretty great flashlights/torches (I hate that I use the US word, but it's engrained in my head due to being in that community now) at quite reasonable prices.

The codes below give 15% off the listed price on AmazonAU - the SP36 kit is cheaper here, shipped locally, than it is on AliExpress. The SP32A is slightly more expensive, but that’s offset by getting your hands on it far sooner along with Amazon’s storefront and policies.

The models they have available with discount are:

SP36 Kit - includes SP36, 3x18650 to suit
* Andúril version ($67.99): PNZMMA3Q SOLD OUT
* NarsilM version ($81.99 $69.69): CD2IZBYU

SP32A Kit - Includes SP32A v2.0, 18650, charger ($37.39): KV3JRVJQ SOLD OUT

I’ve had an SP36 with Andúril for some time now, and have reviewed it - it’s great, and the LH351Ds in it give fantastic colour rendering. The NarsilM version has a slightly different UI but fairly similar, and is a slightly "cooler" white, but has higher lumen output.

I’m told other models of theirs are en route to AmazonAU warehouses at the moment (SP40, SP31 v2.0, C8F, SD05), and I’ll post up codes for those lights when I receive them.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • My mind is clearly in the gutter when i first read that title and saw the pic

  • Price in title? Please?

    • +1 vote

      Can do - my concern was that there's three prices, but I'll see what it looks like.

      edit:: Hopefully that's not too unwieldy - I ran into title length limits.

  • I have the BLF Q8 years ago super bright but very hard to use. Just want on and off brightness level, all those programmable features useless to me. Clicked wrong will mess up.

    • +1 vote

      From memory, the Q8 uses NarsilM - I personally find it a little harder to use than Andúril. It can either be super simple (click on, click off, hold button to ramp up or down, and doublepress when on to go to turbo), or you can dive into the deep end :)

      (I'm more deep-end, rewriting my own custom Anduril builds)

    • There is a light fit for every purpose, and many simple 3, 2 or even single function lights.

      Start with Convoy C8.

  • The SP36 Kit in Andruil I highly recommend. At the price it is a great torch, bright and feature packed. I have dealt with sofirn in the past and cannot fault their customer service. I found them better to deal with than Olight.

  • How do these compare to the thorfire c8s that I can't find for sale anywhere anymore?

  • What's the difference between the Andruil and NarsilM?

    • +10 votes

      NarsilM version - Cree XP-L2 5300-5700K - more output than the other.
      Anduril version - Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI - lower output, but higher CRI means you can differentiate colours far better. Low CRI makes things "blend" together, so brown and red may look similar. Higher CRI helps a lot with that. This album gives a bit of an idea: https://imgur.com/a/Ly9IhIv

      They're both ramping UIs, but I've found Anduril to be more intuitive, personally. There's a couple of fun modes tucked away in there too (not in the normal mode; you have to click three times and hold the third to enter them, so you don't get strobed in the face while trying to use it normally - not that that happens w NarsilM).

      • So, NarsilM is brighter?

        • +2 votes

          Because of the emitters, not the UI - yep. Though keep in mind that maximum output can't be sustained for all that long due to normal thermal physics (small-ish heat mass vs ton of heat output)

          • @oweban: How long can be use NarsilM at max level? Just curious, us it a few seconds or maybe minutes.
            It's hardly $2-3 difference so if one needs brightness (like me) then NarsilM is better option?


              @b0nd: Probably in the realm of less than a minute - emitters with a ton of current through them get hot, fast.

              • @oweban: Fair enough !! So after a minute, it goes down to 80% or less?

                • +1 vote

                  @b0nd: I'm actually not 100% sure how NarsilM does thermal management on that scale, sorry - when I tested the Anduril model with updated firmware and calibrated temperature, it dropped down quite low to cool itself off, and stayed there, but I could have bumped it back up. It's definitely a hotrod, and because it uses a FET (basically - open the floodgates to the battery) instead of regulating current, it's more susceptible to doing slow ramps downwards and not holding at a steady level. It can probably hold the top of the ramp (or close to it) for quite some time though.

                  Maybe I should get my hands on one for testing :/

                  • @oweban: Makes sense!! Thanks for that.

                    Kind Note: The light is intended to be used with BUTTON TOP 18650 batteries(Not Included). Flat top batteries are not unsable for SP36.

                    Technical Details:
                    Batteries Included? Yes

                    So, batteries are included or not? First one says not included.
                    And are these re-chargeable?

                    • +1 vote

                      @b0nd: Ah, dang. I'll let them know to change the details. Both SP36 kits have the cells included - you can charge them in an external Li-Ion charger, or via USB-A to USB-C cable (included); unfortunately not C-C.

                    • @b0nd: Reviews I've seen say the CREE XP emitters are a bit of an ugly illumination. I'd go LH351D emitters with Anduril (which is a great firmware) and higher CRI.

              • @oweban: I've got an early NarsilM version. 3xSamsung 30Q at 3.9V according to the torches volt check.Ran on Turbo for 3min10s then stepped down, bezel temp from temp gun was 47°C.

                I prefer Andruil though only have it on FW3A and LT1 - Sunset mode, lightening & candle mode, party & tactical strobe. http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1443505#comment-1443505

                Edit: FYI Voltage dorpped from 3.9 to 3.7V


                  @Sillen: Thanks, some good info. I’ve got a ton of other data that didn’t make it into my review, but I did runs for out of the box, calibrated temperature, and then updated to most recent firmware and calibrated, all from 4.2V.

      • Now in layman's terms Mr wizard 🧙‍♂️

        • +1 vote

          Hmm, you're right, I didn't really explain colour temperature that well.

          For those of you reading down here - the "K" number is the colour temperature, or CCT - the lower it is, the "warmer" the light will seem - the old incandescent lights with that warm glow is around 2000-2700K, whereas the very sterile white (think of like in a morgue) is ~6500K. Around there and above, things start getting blue-ish.

          CRI is just how well colours are represented. Think of how a good red colour looks in sunlight - a low CRI light will wash it out and make it look muddy and brown.

          Here's a link to a Reddit comment about a specific light, but there's bits in there that help explain terminology: https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/hw5om6/help_on_...

  • I am after the Sofirn SD03 or SD05. Unfortunately they don't have the SD03 listed in Amazon.
    Anyway If they have a code for the SD05, i will go for it.

  • The NarsilM says batteries not included. Is that right?

    The light is intended to be used with BUTTON TOP 18650 batteries(Not Included)

  • Serious question - what do people use this for? Surely the $5 keychain light is enough to find the keyhole in dark.

  • Thanks OP, snagged an Anduril SP36.

    • +1 vote

      Good stuff! Make sure to do thermal calibration when you get it (sit it next to a thermometer somewhere for a while, then set it to that temperature).

      • Oh this comment is putting me off. That toykeeper site needs a login?
        Calibration? Sounds like an easy way to mess things up or am I over thinking it?

        • +2 votes

          Ah, looks like ToyKeeper has disabled hotlinking. Just copy and paste the URL.

          It’s pretty easy to do; once you know the ambient temperature, you click from off a bunch of times (it’s in the image), and you tell it “it’s 25 degrees” or whatever. There’s inbuilt thermal throttling, so if the light thinks it’s say, 65 degrees when it’s actually 55, it’ll start ramping down. By setting the temperature correctly, it makes sure that it’s all working as designed.

          • @oweban: Why dont they calibrate them all before selling them?

          • @oweban: Okay makes a bit more sense thanks. Thermal Cfg has 2 things to set. So you click 3-2-2-2-4, then N times for current temp, PAUSE, then another N times to set your preferred limit?
            Does a more detailed guide come with the product?


              @nzcoops: Ah sorry - meant to reply earlier, have had a horrible drive home. I generally don't bother with changing the limit, just the accurate temperature. I'll make a quick video tonight of me calibrating one and link it for you; it'll probably show things a bit easier than I can type!

  • Never heard of these guys before. Appears to be a poor man's Olight. Is that a fair assessment? How does the quality compare?

    • +2 votes

      I've got my own personal opinions on Olight (mostly to do with their emitter choices; I do appreciate their build though), but I don't think it's really fair to say "poor man's" - I think bang for buck, they're definitely a very strong contender in the space. Perhaps these aren't quite as refined as the Olights, but they can definitely pull their own weight.

    • Olights are overpriced IMO. Sofirn hit a good balance between price and quality.

    • BLF = budget light forum. It's an enthusiast level torch, you're safe.

  • Don't need another torch but saved some $$'s through Dry July and have coveted the SP36 Andruil since it came out, sooooo….

    Sofirn make good lights, my collection so far C8F Q8 SP33 SP36 NarsilM SP70 SF10 SF11 SF12 SF14 V2.0 & SP10 V2.0)

    SP70 is favorite.

  • Oh man, if only I didn't have a haikelite devourer already.

    Nice that the batteries are in parallel and has a handy usb port in.

  • I remember when I saw posts every other day, and I bought one. I forgot the type, it's in the box somewhere and I've never tested it because I didn't even buy batteries 🤣

    If I wasn't looking for a house, I'd buy another as a spare 🤔🤪

  • Ordered a SP32A Kit as a small floody flashlight for the garden.

    Have a SP33 coming from Ali Express but it's been a month and a half already so I suppose I'll have a nice spare once it gets here.

  • I always see deals like this and think to myself 'hey I could use a new torch' then I start reading all the comments and I get confused and just give up.

    • +1 vote

      I'll freely admit, the SP36 UI can be a bit daunting. The SP32A however, is nice and simple - here's a review of it from someone I trust completely in their opinions.

  • im with the confused bunch, setting temps, thermal management, puts lay people off when they possibly would be interested in basic functions of a good torch.


      Fair enough - it’ll work fine out of the box; calibrating thermals is more to get the absolute most out of it.

  • Is this powerful enough to take down the very small percentage of cyclists who have no respect for pedestrians with their ridiculously bright lights?

  • What's the best one to have for general camping?

    • +2 votes

      Sofirn also make the LT1 which is a dedicated lantern, but that's not on AmazonAU. Out of the three of these, I'd go the SP36, because at low levels the battery life is pretty bloody good; there's 9000mAh to use (real mAh, not the fake inflated "9800mAh" in a single 18650 crap). You can also hack up something like a 2L milk bottle and it'll make a nice diffuser for it to be a lantern…ish.

  • The SP36 looks enticing but my wife would kill me after just getting an Astrolux FT03 recently (which I'm loving by the way)

  • Thanks OP. I learnt a lot from your free informative replies and ordered 1.

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