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Aeris Active 750ml Hospital Grade Disinfectant - 3 for $36.69 (Normally $56.67) Delivered @ HealthcareXpress


This might not be for everyone, but if you're looking for a serious disinfectant cleaner (Mod: Removed claims), this is one of the better ones.

From the manufacturer's site, listing these for $90:

A highly effective antimicrobial hard surface disinfectant cleaner that leaves an invisible antimicrobial residual barrier (film) on applied surfaces that inhibits bacterial re-contamination of surfaces. Readily biodegradable. Chlorine free. Aeris Active™ is compatible with the vast majority of both natural and synthetic surfaces prone to microbial colonisation.

Aeris Active™ helps long-term microbial control with its patented quat-polymer invisible protective film, ensures that your surfaces remain germ free. The film does not impact how the surface is used, leaving the treated surface cleaner and safer for a longer period of time.

For direct food contact surfaces such as cutting boards & utensils, once clean and disinfected with Aeris Active™ rinse with clean potable water before re-use where required.
- Kills 99.9999% of bacteria.
- Kills fungi
- Kills viruses including coronavirus, norovirus and influenza
- Removes and controls mould and mildew
- Broad-spectrum anti-microbial
- HACCP Certified
- 3-in-1 mould, mildew and bacteria treatment
- Provides extended protection against recolonisation
- Up to 7 days, residual anti-bacterial activity (depending on traffic type and frequency) or 200 touches
- Effective hygienic cleaning – leaves surfaces hygienically clean

Made in Australia

Code is for purchases above $50, so need to add 3 in the cart

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    750ml Hospital Grade Disinfectant - 3 for $36.69


    joke post? right????

    • -5 votes


      This might not be for everyone


      • might not be for everyone

        "Not for everyone" means that it is for no-one.

        Everyone can go to Coles or Woolies and pay less than half that…

        • says

          (1 unit comprises of 3 trigger packs)

          so that must mean 9 bottles for $36.69 ?
          and you can clearly see each trigger pack is 750ml in the picture.
          makes it a better deal.
          maybe OP should add that to the title ? :P

  • Kill coronavirus

    That's a big claim, why take the risk and take on liability

  • Even the cheapest product kills 99.9 of bacteria, why spending so much?

  • Can you give us HACCP registration number? Why there is no TGA cert if made in Australia

  • Don't spray this on your pizza.

    Kills fungi


      Don't spray it on your self…

      …since your a fun guy

  • Literally just a formulation of "Hydrogen Peroxide 6.0% w/w Benzalkonium Chloride 2.0% w/w"
    Probably not safe for a wide range of surfaces. Likely best used as a floor cleaner only or on commercial surfaces.

  • Question from US : can it be used with syringes ?

  • Save your money and just buy IsoPropyl Alcohol 100% 5 Litre $29.30. These products are overpriced and unless you are running a health care practice, they likely wouldn't be suitable. We use IPA 100 at work (both in-shop and in the lab) and I use it in the home. Does the job

  • Don't know why you've highlighted the 7 day residual anti-bacterial claim after referencing COVID-19, although the orange narcissist probably does


      Written that way from the manufacturer's page linked in OP

      • Okay but it didn't set your alarm bells ringing?


          I bought this because of that description :)) See my response below

          • @djprima: I saw it. The product MAY protect for 7 days against C19 but until it has been tested and verified there should be NO suggestion - even a vague one - that it does. There are plenty of residual surface disinfectants around which are effective against (99%+) bacteria. I came across them a few months ago looking for options for my daughter's workplace.

  • Up to 7 days. This is poor implementation.

    When would you need to respray so that you are protected? If it lasts less than 1 day (depending on traffic), then it may be more economical to use any of the other cheaper options (from the link, Strike is able to kill covid and that's a woollies brand).

    The other confusion is, if you keep spraying, then it's a waste and again, uneconomical.

    Im sure the product works, but for the price that's quite price, even for a business.

    It's better to just wipe all surfaces that can be touched, as well as having alcohol to clean hands after touching ANYTHING.


      Putting upfront that I'm just an employee, not from marketing department.

      If you intend to wipe all surfaces after every touch, I agree, choose the cheaper one from the 44 listed. I bought this myself because I'm lazy. Assuming the 200 touches works as promised, it saves me 199 times of wiping. On the other hand, this is one of our best selling product, and health practises bought this at retail price, thus I saw this as a deal. I bought myself the 5l IPA ages ago that still last until today, but I found they are for different purposes. Of course, happy if there is a comparable alternative with a better price.

      • You're talking about the product, which I have no doubt works. It's on the tga, so ofc.

        Im talking about real life usage.

        Sure you'll keep a count of all the surfaces you've wiped? What if you forgot to spray? You're at risk. What if you sprayed too much? Is it still worth it?

        For sure there are better alternatives if we ask the above questions.

        The product on its own, yes no comparison. 200 wipes that's amazing. Real life usage? Could be risky or more expensive.

        Anyway all the best