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$10 off Burger or Salad When You Walk 10,000 Steps (5,000 in VIC) @ Grill'd (Free Relish Membership Required)


Just received this in email.

Walk it off! When you reach your 10,000 steps for the day, you'll get $10 off your burger or salad!*

VIC friends: walk ‘round the block in your finest face mask and reach 5,000 to get $10 off your feed.

STEP 1: Take 10,000 steps, or 5,000 if you're in Victoria
STEP 2: Call ahead and order takeaway or head straight in for a 100% natural, healthy burger
STEP 3: Show our team your steps on your phone or pedometer and scan your Relish barcode to get $10 off

*Terms and conditions: Offer valid at all Grill'd restaurants for dine in, takeaway and phone orders only. Not valid via online ordering, Grill'd Delivery or third-party delivery partners. Offer available to Relish members only and must show live proof of minimum 10,000 steps (or 5,000 steps if redeeming in VIC restaurant) achieved for the same day when claiming offer via any fitness app on phone, smartwatch or pedometer. Screenshots will not be accepted. Offer of $10 applies to standard size burger or salad purchase only. Does not include sliders, mini me pack, dynamic duo, sides or drinks. Not valid with any other offer. Limited to one voucher per Relish member. Single use. Offer expires on 13 August 11:59pm.

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  • awesome, is there a link to the info?

  • Let’s get as many people as we can out and about to exercise during a pandemic to eat a falsely advertised healthy burger.

    • -50 votes

      i don't think that's a good idea.

      You should ask mod's to delete your comment as it encourages people to do risky stuff…

    • Victorians are allowed 1 hour of exercise only per day. So 5000 steps in do-able. But only issue is that there might not be a Grill’d shop within 5km of where you live to redeem it hahaha

    • Why did you change your initial comment bro? Now my reply to your comment makes no sense

    • For some that might be heaps but for others its peanuts.

      my mum works in a resturant and combined with her day-to-day activities, she hovers around the 10k mark.

      • Location


        • So?
          Brisbane is now a designated Corona virus hotspot (for travel to NT, involving mandated hotel quarantine for 14 days).

          It's quite possible for people to clock up 10k steps in their workplace etc, no matter where it's located.

          • @the INFIDEL: Just saying, people working from home tend to do less steps. People not allowed outside for very long tend to have less steps too.

            It won't be a problem for me to clock up 10K steps but (in NSW at least) there's still a whole lot of people working remotely.

            • @pennypincher98: A lot of people are working from home in Brisbane too! It's likely to be the new norm for some.

              But only some work can be done remotely. Hard to clean an office, prepare coffee & food in a cafe, drive delivery vehicles, or build remotely.

              Certainly harder on those in Vic. But even there, some are walking around in & going to their workplaces. Some of that work is very strenuous.

              So your location comment seems irrelevant when discussing steps taken in a workplace etc.

              • @the INFIDEL:

                So your location comment seems irrelevant when discussing steps taken in a workplace etc.

                I wouldn't say irrelevant but there's definitely a lot of difference between the states right now.
                Driving delivery vehicles isn't essentially going to do wonders for your step count, that's strenuous work yes but not anywhere near as much steps as some.
                Mate of mine has to take the occasional cleaning school job because no offices (locally) are needing to be cleaned right now as there's a surplus of office cleaners and a lot of vacant offices.

                There's a lot of people it does work for but also a lot of people it doesn't. I feel the timing could've been a bit better.

                • @pennypincher98: Isn't this a regular offer. Remember other offers like it.

                  • @the INFIDEL: I remember them alright and I remember the absolute shitstorm some of them caused lol.
                    Just because one company did it doesn't give everyone the green light to.

                    • @pennypincher98: Yes, even in normal times offers like this attract a lot of criticism.

                      Still exercise like walking is linked with lower depression & anxiety. So any incentive for people to get moving at the moment is ok with me.

                      • @the INFIDEL: I do get your point completely but honestly feel this would have been better to get (at least for VIC) free delivery added or the $10 off via Menulog.
                        You can get up the required steps while isolating or being covid-safe but many Grill'd stores are in the middle of a busy shopping centre.

                        • @pennypincher98: Grill'd is in a Westfield 2.5km walk each way for me. Might go tomorrow evening.

                          Providing delivery is the opposite of getting people more active. As a "healthy" promotion, it could backfire on them.
                          This would have been planned long ago.
                          But understand your point.

                          Well, Sunny, 25° & blue skies in Brisbane - might walk 5min to park by creek & spot a few koalas🐨 That's all the incentive I need!

                          • @the INFIDEL: My Grill'd I've either got to hop on public transport and it's about 1km to the train station with a top of 13° yesterday so I'd prefer delivery too 😂
                            Damn Brisbane always gets great weather even in winter!

                            And that's definitely true, I didn't think of that aspect.

                            • @pennypincher98: Businesses do promotions for their benefit, not ours.

                              With another "healthy" promotion…
                              I've raised serious issues with the current Cadbury free 25000 smart bands promotion. Was designed for the 2020 Olympics planned for now, so they still are running it. The promotion links Cadbury as sponsor, with the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

                              But the fitness band FAKES the Heart Rate measurement, while flashing LEDs to make out it is taking a measurement!
                              I was shocked when my testing found that!

                              Now linking a promotion for a device producing FAKE RESULTS - with our top sports people & the Olympics…
                              Has a high level of reputational risk!!

                              Cadbury haven't replied to my complaints. But the ACCC could understand fake HR readings may have serious consequences including death (exercising beyond safe limit, stopping heart medication) - so are investigating.

                              The Australian Olympic Committee has asked Cadbury for an explanation!

          • @the INFIDEL: When you posted that, the designation had expired. So no, Brisbane is not a designated COVID-19 hotspot by any state government.

            • @Kyanar: You are correct.
              Hard to keep up with changes!

              The hotspot declaration by the NT was in place until 3pm the day before I posted.

              The NT border restriction states
              You will have to quarantine if you have been in a declared COVID-19 hotspot in the 14 days before you arrive in the Territory.
              People from Brisbane were placed in hotel quarantine based on that, as was reported in the media.

              But that was lifted on Friday afternoon for Brisbane. Those in quarantine from Brisbane were released.

              • @the INFIDEL: Aye, they change so often it's near impossible to keep up. With COVID-19, we practically have to go check websites and read legislation before we can say near anything!

                • @Kyanar: Yes - why wasn't I told!
                  Luckily I had no plans to travel to the NT.

                  Bring back town criers to make the announcements ;-)

                  That's why governments are being pressured into more promotion / advertising of latest details & reminders of how to stay as safe as possible.

                  Sections of the community aren't adequately informed. Unfortunately they are blamed for the community infection.

                  I've complained to Translink about lack of clear graphical signs on Brisbane buses. Shopping centres can do it. Qld Transport response - we'll think about it - later!

                  Earlier signs were a simple graphic of 2 heads with an arrow between. Easy for everyone to understand. I requested these be reintroduced as a priority.

                  Now it's a written Qld Government notice with prominent Government crest & "Leave a Gap". The rest is in hard to read small print (only in English) if you get close to the 2 signs near the front door - which is not how people enter the bus!

                  Preparation & information in pandemics are vital to public safety.
                  This isn't my first pandemic.

      • give her your phone for a week then you'll get cheap burgers everyday!

      • I’m allergic to peanuts

    • Mental health resources - coronavirus (COVID-19)

      It's important to look after your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

      Tips for staying calm and healthy

      For your mental wellbeing, there are a number of things you can do:

      • Maintain a healthy diet, exercise and sleep regime.

      walking is the simplest exercise

      grill'd burgers are healthier than others on a weight basis

    • if you simply add "lol" to the end of it, then everyone will know you are being sarcastic.

  • Any good fake pedometer apps lol

  • How to cheat for 10k steps

  • Time to switch to my watch hand!


  • It's good that they've considered the restrictions in Victoria but I feel for some people 5000 steps is a lot although I guess you can do it indoors too.
    For every other state it's a great promotion - gets people active after sitting around.

    • I've been tracking daily dog walks, and in 30 mins I've done ~3k steps. Should be pretty easy to get 5k in an hour.

  • They should exclude Victoria for this. We don't want incentives for people going for takeaway that otherwise wouldn't be doing so.

    • Takeaway food is allowed though.. And you still have to obey all the rules; wear a mask, no more than 5km, only between 5am and 8pm.

    • Should have partnered with MenuLog. Free delivery and $10

    • Wouldn't want people doing things that you don't personally agree with.

      Ey, but while you're commenting on the internet your neighbours might be taking part in unapproved activities. Better get back to the window so you can call the cops when you see them.

  • They must be desperate to come up with a stupid promotion like this. Typical marketing department with nothing better to do and no sense of the situation.

  • I'm in Melbourne, my gf wanted me to go for a walk today and gave me some dirty looks when I told her no, too busy sideloading rage against the machine songs into beat saber on my oculus quest while waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn to download.

    But now…. $10 off a burger…. strap my fitband on and play some more beat saber then I guess we're going for a walk tonight :D

    • +16 votes

      Unless you are in one specific part of the country, everyone should be going out and supporting the hospitality industry. This is a very selfish comment.

      • You are right. Going out to buy food is ok. But asking people to go out for a walk for 10,000 steps to get $10 off is not.

      • +14 votes

        Could easily incorporate some kind of incentive via delivery services instead of asking people to actually go out. I don’t see how my comment is selfish but trying to point out the unreasonable motives behind this deal.

        • Actually, that's a decent point… Excluding delivery doesn't seem like a great decision at the moment.

        • First time I've seen something from Fox that makes sense.

          A lot better than the normal Murdoch crap.

          Have a positive.

        • This promotion around exercise & health (& by association their "healthy" products) would not be as strong if it allowed home delivery.

          It would otherwise associate sitting around at home with the $10 offer. That's not the image they are paying for in this "healthy" promotion.

          And the promotion requires physical sighting of the number of steps, not a screenshot! (They're onto us!)

          How would a delivery driver validate the promotion after the food has been prepared - at time of delivery? Who would pay if customer couldn't produce the correct step count??

          And posting a screenshot online is invalid for obvious reasons…
          Some apps can share steps, but that could be faked.

          The promotion would have been planned long before lockdown was expected.

          Doesn't take much to realise why delivery isn't offered in this promotion.

          I know it's just marketing, but that's all Grill'd is doing this for.
          It's what is in it for the business. Not for us.

        • Not the greatest weather in VIC this week, and only 5000 steps needed for Victorians, most Vic's will probably get this without needing to do anything more than normal, a normal work day gets me 5-8k. Steps can be easily artificially added on some devices if they were that inclined.

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