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[Android, iOS] Free - Pirates Outlaws @ Google Play / Apple App Store


Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/pirates-outlaws/id1442776789

Rated 4.5/5

Play cards, build your deck to get the best combos! In Pirates Outlaws pick a character with a pre-made deck. Explore and manage your expedition to get more gold and reputation. Manage your deck and ammo to defeat enemies’ strategy, in a turn based combat system.

The path to become a wealthy and respected Pirate will not be easy!

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  • To save others the trouble of looking at the reviews - it seems to require a lot of grind to get good cards, or for you to buy starter/booster packs to have a reasonable chance of winning anything.

    I personally avoid games that force you to pay to win, but YMMV

    • it is fairly grindy, but there is a lot of actual strategy as well. It's not as well tuned as slay the spire either. However, still quite fun to play.

  • No longer free on the Apple store. Still free on Android though!