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G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (4x8GB) 4000MHz CL18 $259.00 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Saw this while browsing for 4x8 GB Ram Great Speed & Latency is not too bad either.

Is selling for $329+ elsewhere.

From the Description:



RAM Clock Speed:

CL Timing:


Memory Type:

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  • Nice …

  • Very nice

  • Just Bought this kit for my friend was between this and the one which was posted earlier overall this costs more but i think it will go well with his 3900x :)

    • 4000MT/s memory is going to require manual tuning of subtimings at at most 3800MT/s or to be set to a really weak XMP profile on Ryzen.

      • Not sure why this comment deserved a downvote so nyeh. It's mostly true as you're not going to have the same hardware configurations that G.Skill used to achieve 4000mhz.

        Sure, XMP will probably get it to boot, but it's not going to be stable unless you manually configure it in bios to compensate for your specific hardware setup.

        • IMC doesn't really do 4000MT/s without SOC tweaking, and 2000MHz FCLK is impossible on any Zen 2 CPU short of the monolithic 4000 APUs. Lots of performance left on the table when decoupling.

  • Wondering if I can buy this, and use only 2 of the 4 set (will be putting the other 2 on separate desktop)
    Summoning Rajeh

    • If all 4 work together I'm not sure what would stop 2. Just even easier on the IMC.

  • According to this there's a good chance it's Hynix CJR given that there was a G.Skill 4000 18-22-22 kit listed.

  • I got a set of these from computer alliance last year for a similar price, but I had to return them. Four sticks at XMP settings were too extreme for my motherboard (MSI z370m gaming pro AC), and wouldn't boot into windows.
    Even though with Intel, XMP is usually set-and-forget, don't assume they will boot with XMP.

  • Good thing about 4000mhz ram is you can downclock it for 1:1 IF

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/557011

    This one is better? You'' still get 2 free slots for future upgrade… Or get 2 if youre loaded

    • I'd go with the earlier post, because you keep your upgrade path and this costs a lot more for diminishing returns. Especially on Ryzen since you'll have to manually tune it down to 3600-3800.