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Gigabyte RTX2080 SUPER Windforce OC $1019.15, MSI RTX2070 SUPER VENTUS GP OC $738.61 @ Computer Alliance eBay


Use code PIN4TECH for 15% off @ Checkout (Afterpay Required)
Use Code PIX10 %10 off @ Checkout (eBay Plus Required)

Cheapest ever for both cards? im sure the 2080S deal is.

Gigabyte RTX2080 SUPER 8GB Windforce OC PCIe Video Card GV-N208SWF3OC-8GD $1079 with PIX10 or $1019.15 with code PIN4TECH with AFTERPAY

MSI RTX2070 SUPER 8GB VENTUS GP OC PCIe Video Card $782 with PIX10 or $738.61 with code PIN4TECH with AFTERPAY

3000 series drops in september apparently, but not sure if they'll have enough to supply for everyone so might take a few more months. If you cant wait, these are good deals.

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  • If you pay with afterpay and use PIN4TECH code it's 15% off so $1019.15

  • A wild Rajeh spawns

  • Do you think this is a RTX2080 SUPER?

  • PIX10 only reduces cost by 10% so $782
    edit: sorry it is in description already

  • So tempting, arnt the 3000 series series supposed to launch next month? Do we think the price on the 2000 series will drop when the new cards come out?

    • dont think they will drop straight away, and most 3000 series will be overpriced due to demand and low stock imo. Wont be properly available for a few months

    • Think that very likely.

      Even if Nvidia raise prices on the 3000 series, if the performance gains are to be believed it would still put pressure on the older series to drop in price. AUD is also appreciating and not sure we've seen this come through the pricing yet. On the other hand its possible the dollar goes backwards and there is little 2000 series stock around by the time 3000 series launch in which case, prices may not change.

      • Still being gouged. RTX 2070 Supers were $600-700 on sale every week before COVID and dollar drop. Suppliers were quick to raise prices with AUD decline but never bothered dropping prices once dollar returned to normal.

      • Right, last time 1000 series had not dropped as much and 2000 were more expensive. Nvidia stopped producing 2000 series already to avoid overstock, so unlikely to save much by waiting for 3000. On the other hand with waiting for 3000 series you would have at least the same performance for money and more futureproof card on hands, so worth waiting if not urgent to buy. I bought 2080ti recently to finish multi GPU configuration and avoid mixing different cards, otherwise I'd wait for 3080ti.

    • Rumours are saying 3080 first, then 3070, then 3060. So it depends which end of the market you're looking at, and how patient you are.

  • Would an sf600 PSU be sufficient to power the 2080 super and an overclocked 8700k?

    • Not comfortably, it could definitely run the two without an overclock but that's with little headroom.

    • Would probably want to upgrade to a 750w if you have increased the CPU voltage much for your overclock otherwise return your CPU to stock settings & your 600w will be sufficient

      • Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably wait until I'm ready to get an sf750 then.
        Running mild overclock atm, 4.7ghz all core at 1.11v under load. Once my new fan setup is in I'll be trying for 5ghz

    • You will be fine. Sf600 are well built units and you will be drawing under 500w full load with that setup.

  • How is the 2080 super vs a 1080ti? Worth an upgrade?

    • It’s an alright upgrade but with the 3000s series and RDNA 2 around the corner I feel like it would be much more worth to wait for those cards to release. 1080ti Is still a pretty decent card!

    • I'm in the same boat since I've upgraded most other components in my build but I've decided to stick with my 1080ti for now. Still a very respectable card and is only really comfortably outperformed by 2080 and above so you're looking at big money for not much of an upgrade.

      I'd wait to see what AMD put out and if the 3xxx series is much of a step up from the 2xxx series before I drop 1k+ on a card. RTX can wait.

    • If you've held on to your 1080ti all the way up until now then might as well wait a little longer and see what ampere offers.

  • Nice deal, but with 3000 series around the corner with DLSS3 and huge RTX improvements, its worth the wait. Even if a 3070 costs 1000$, it will surely beat all these 2000 series cards in everyway.

  • The price is good, but both cards series have only ok cooling, not as good as other series (used Windforce 2080ti and Ventus 2080 super). Would not buy, quite noisy/overheating, worth to pay a bit more for a better cooling system.

  • Waiting for 3080Ti or rumored 3090 coming next month. Funds prepared.

  • would we expect 3080Ti be similar pricing to 2080Ti (comparing prices of when 2080Ti was released)?

  • Love this, thanks! Let me change my order for new PC from 2070S to 2080S for like $60 extra overall.

    Sure, new cards will come out soon, but as people have said, that's gonna be months away, and new stuff comes out all the time.

    Thanks for posting this!

    • and new stuff comes out all the time.

      RTX 2000 released almost 2 years ago. I wouldn't call that "all the time".

      • Not to mention they're only one month away with 15 - 20% more power. Side by side with a 3080ti I know where my money goes