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Seagate Expansion 3 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive $123.95 USD Incl Shipping


Just got myself one is $110.99 US for 1 + $12.96 for shipping if you get 2 shipping is $19. Given rising HD prices this will be the cheapest you see them for a while. Only downside is 1 Year Warranty.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Other downside is US power plug

  • True will look around a bit but it should have a 120/240v ps I'm not concerned i'm splitting the sucker open and putting in a unraid box anyways.

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    I got one a month or two ago for a little bit more than this, it comes with a US plug but it's a multivoltage power supply. You can get an adapter for five bucks in a $2 shop or a dollar on eBay.

    I plugged the serial number for my drive in to Seagate's site and it recognised the warranty as being valid for Australia too, which was a nice bonus.

  • I was waiting for this one; it was $145 shipped to Au until few days back.

  • If you have a 28 Degrees credit card, use that and pay is USD. Using Amazon's converter so you get charged in AUD will cost about $5 per drive (I checked it for 2 drives, and it was $10.51AUD more expensive using Amazon's converter compared to

    • XE always provides "middle ground" rate that is bit less/more depending on if you are buying/selling. You will notice that the 28 degrees conversion will be along the same line.

    • oooo just looked up that 28 Degrees card. That looks really good! Especially for traveling!

    • Yes! A free card! I always use & tell travellers about the 28 Degrees credit card - no foreign exchange fees, no overseas ATM fees, just no fees if you pay by due date. Cheaper to use for overseas purchases.

      This also means free withrawals at ATMs overseas while travelling (if you transfer your own cash into that card - so you use it as a debit card with no cash advance fee) otherwise ATM fees are expensive when travelling OS! Saves me hundreds each trip.

  • Nvm bought for AUD $123.60 =)

  • Just bought one, got charged a total of AUD 123.97 with the amazon converter, incl standard delivery. Sounds reasonable to me.

  • I ordered 2. Max limit is 3
    Using amazon converter, order was 241.23, or just over $120 each
    Exchange rate is something like 1.005 compared to the spot price which is now 1.045
    Could have billed in usd to my cba debit card, but their rate is no better, plus they whack fees ontop.

    According to the other thread, the drive is model ST3000DM001. Its a OEM version you won't find usually in stores.
    3 Platter model. Apparently to get the drive out, you have to break the case, so be aware of that.

  • Can't believe it: I missed the recent dicksmith deal for the old 2TB model (2.0 USB) - $79 - and kept comforting myself by reading all those negative comments about how bad seagate was, compared to WD or samsung. Comforted myself that it was good that I missed it… "will never get a seagate, I guess!"
    And now I'm happy as larry with my purchase - despite US power plug. LOL A good bargain can change your mind in a second. he he

    • I would say Seagate is better than others like Hitachi & Samsung

      • this drive is crap, i bought 2 of them last month, problem i have include after computer goes to sleep, drive do not wake up with the pc. had to unplug and plug in again. also the power connector has poor design, any movement will end up losing power.

        if people plan to use it other than internal drive, i suggest do not buy.

        • you mean the enclosure? the internal drive(I am not sure of it's model) should be just like normal internal drive.

        • internal drive it self is fine, except its burning hot compare to the WD green i've got. after i yank out the internal drive few days ago and put them in my shuttle box to replace the 2 WD green drive, my fans on the shuttle been spin like crazy… i use to support seagate… not any more.

        • I have the same issue with the Samsung external.

          Seems to be a problem with these "green" Hard Drives.

        • Not sure if this applies to all seagates but I just bought the usb 2.0 2tb seagate from the recent dick smith online sale and my drive switches back on fine whenever the PC comes back on from sleep mode. Sound is pretty quiet and the temperature is around the same as my other two WD drives. Can't really say much bout the plug, it looks pretty normal to me and has yet to cause the hard drive to lose power.

          So overall the drive works fine (for me at least), only thing I would change would maybe be the design because I couldn't really stack other HD on it so it had to be on the top of the stack lol.

        • u are right, this is a common problem of this model

    • lol.. exact how i was thinking when last time this offer was around.. now. every single day i regret that i bought it. worst external drive ever!

  • Good deal. I can't tell whether the Seagates are dodgy or not, but after a HDD failure, I buy two of everything these days and always have a backup. So if they fail, let's hope they don't fail at the same time.

    Considering I was going to pay $99 for a 2TB USB2 Samsung Story today, $115 each for 3TB USB3 isn't bad.

    • Ha ha… I would have probably run into you since I was about to buy exactly the same hard drive for the same price myself! I'm having already a 2TB 2.0 samsung story. I'm quite happy with it and thought it would be neat to not have to switch power & USB cables every time I switch hard drives, e.g. from computer to PVR and back again.
      But 3TB and 3.0 beats it. I'm happy to switch cables for the savings. Let's hope seagate isn't as bad as many people say.

  • Okay…so, in other words…is this ext. hdd good or bad? because i purchased it just now and I really don't want to regret my purchase.


    I heard a drive expert say that the drives they use in external USB are less reliable than those they sell as naked internal drives as they use ones that fail the quality standard for running 24x7.
    That said they are fine for what they are being sold for which is occasional backup duty.

    • ^

    • It sounds a little bit like hearsay. I regularly leave external USB drives plugged in and on 24x7 and don't have problems with them. Would Seagate deliberately sell a product that fails in normal use? Unlikely.

      • they will, depends on what model
        the GoFlex 3TB uses XT model, I would say those are much better than the LP models!

  • By reading the recent reviews about this particular drive on the Amazon site it seems like a bit of a "hit or miss" with it. Some think its great, others say its crap and they would never buy a Seagate again.

    And the comments made by Jabot518 support those comments and suggest that this ain't such a great buy.

    I think the risk is too great with the Seagates in general so I would pass on this.

  • standard delivery to Australia takes roughly how long?

  • i just bought one and est delivery nov 7 - nov 21. to be fair i did pick up a gtx560ti in the process…real night and day price differences btw here and the states :(

  • Bugger,
    looks like it's gone.. :(
    it now tells me i can get a refurbished drive for $125 (+shipping)
    I've done a search but no 3tb's for this price..

    Darn it.. i knew i shoulda checked here earlier! :)


    Amazon is showing USB 3 Seagate Freeagent 3TB new for $139.99 with free (US) shipping ! Dont know if they'll ship it to Oz though ?

    Only 3 left - tick, tok … .

    • I can't find too much about the differences between this and the Ops posted drive..
      what are the advantages of this drive over the desktop external drive? (apart from being able to change the interface, and the backup software?)
      Is it really worth the extra $$?

    • yeah, looks like it's the only option to go since the original ones are gone
      but they don't ship to oz
      damn…i missed the bargain

  • guys download this and disable the drives built in sleep function

  • Does anyone know a reliable source (e.g. computer magazine etc) that rates or compares hard drive manufacturers?

    • This is the only reliable article I have found.

      Seems that Hitachi was the most reliable at this particular company. Some people swear Hitachi makes the worst drives. Seagate had a bad run a couple of years ago. I remember a time when shops were swearing off Western Digital and telling customers not to buy them. It varies.

      Both Hitachi and Samsung have had their HDD divisons bought out. Only Seagate and WD remain as truly independent companies.

      • Agreed - my most unreliable drive was an IBM Deskstar 60GB (now Hitachi). I've had Seagates and WDs fail. I've seen loads of Samsung 20GB drives fail, but haven't had one of their modern ones die.

        It seems to come and go in waves… Best is to not put all your trust in any drive, and backup.

  • Seagate Expansion 2 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive


  • I'm in the unenviable position of having to recover a 1TB drive who's MFT corrupted. Doing a DD of 1TB requires a HDD > 1TB to create the file. So, if you ever need to recover from one of these, it's going to a) take a while, b) need a bigger disk :)
    PS. File scavenger and getdataback failed me, so I'm going old skool with Linux and some forensics software.

  • Low price for a HDD this size. Thanks mate!

  • seems to be sold out now

  • it's restocked now
    i cancelled 2tb and reorder 3tb again

  • Thanks, just ordered mine.

  • latest dick smith catelog has this same drive for $179

  • Great deal - if I want 4, is there anything stopping me placing two orders?

    EDIT: Looks like there is, the maximum quantity after ordering 3 is 0. Might get a friend to buy another for me.

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    Thanks frozenkuku for the heads up on the restock , cheapest 3tb drive with shipping in Oz stock is nudging $200 on staticice. Ordered already, not going to wait for the next one as has been over a month since 3TB got down this low. The only thing that comes close pricewise is the Hitachi which has been getting pasted in reviews for performance and reliability. I'm a die hard Western Digital fanboy, but I ain't paying $200+ for a caviar green 3TB !

  • So I buy my external hard drives on the assumption it will fail, that's why I buy two.

    If these fail, how do you get a replacement?

  • Wow, back in stock at $249 each! Glad I managed to get in on the deal :)

    It'll be interesting to see how badly the floods affect things.

    • seem like hard drive prices will be up high for a while (probably 6 months or more)
      I read some news saying Seagate, Hitachi & WD are all affected!

  • Has anyone's arrived yet? iParcel seem to be taking their sweet time for me