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G.skill Trident Z Neo Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) RGB 3600MHz DDR4 RAM A$423.50 + Delivery @ Newegg Global


64GB (2x32) DDR4 RAM, 3600Mhz, RGB, Ryzen Approved (3rd gen).

Shipping to Brisbane was A$30 before I cancelled order :_)

EDIT* Price went up a few doll hairs overnight.

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C18D-64GTZN***

  • DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800)
  • Timing 18-22-22-42
  • CAS Latency 18
  • Voltage 1.35V

Crafted from top-notch components, the Trident Z Neo Series desktop memory is rigorously tested for the best possible stability on the latest Intel & AMD processors and motherboards. Vibrant RGB lighting adorns your battlestation or workstation pleasingly. Dual-toned heatspreader enhances heat dissipation for extreme performance.

Optimized DDR4 Performance for AMD Ryzen 3000
Engineered to scale memory performance with the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors on the X570 platform, Trident Z Neo is optimized to push the platform to its maximum speed.

Dual-Tone Design
Designed with a contrast of black brushed aluminum and powder-coated silver, the Trident Z Neo dual-toned heatspreader adds power and boldness to your next-gen build.

Sleek Beveled Edge
Inspired by the racing stripes of sports cars and supercars, Trident Z Neo features a beveled edge along the top of the signature tri-fin design with the asymmetrical slant to achieve a sleek and clean look.

Powerful Overclocked Performance
Crafted with hand-screened memory ICs and custom 10-layer PCBs, each and every module is made for maintaining the best signal integrity to achieve fast overclocking performance.

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  • Wow that’s cheap…

    • +1

      I feel like 4x16GB would be more useful for me. Maybe split em up later etc.

  • damn, if my board could support 256gb i would go for this, looks like im stuck with 128gb.

    • +1

      what applications do you use which is so demanding for memory?

      • +65

        Probably Chrome with a few tabs

        • -6

          You cant even get chrome to use more memory even if you wanted to. I got 64GB, the stupid thing caps out at 4GB.

          I'm like trying to get chrome to use as much as it wants, but it doesn't want to. Rather it just wants to slow down or refuse to load pages when you have too many chrome instances open.

          Chrome is designed for the lowest common denominator.

      • +1

        I was srs considering buying this deal so i could build a two in one pc

        • +8

          I find linus’s videos are somewhat beyond the practicality level. I watch his stuff more for the entertainment part of it. don’t get me wrong i’m not hating or anything and infact been a sub from early days…

          • @nsuinteger: I was just gonna do this on Ryzen. Games don't need a lot of CPU for the most part and I have some garbage video cards lying around. I'm hoping for this to be expired soon.

          • +8


            and infact been a sub from early days…

            speaking about things that have been here from the early days, let me tell you about our sponsor….

        • +2

          I've done something similar before with Proxmox.

          I had:
          - Windows 10 with 16GB assigned with RTX 2080 Super passthrough.
          - macOS Catalina with 8GB assigned with Radeon Pro WX 4100 passthrough
          - Ubuntu Server with 4GB assigned with Intel iGPU as mediated device/Intel GVT-g passthrough (Quick Sync acceleration only, no display output)
          - With KVMGT/Intel GVT-g, I still had display output on the host (Proxmox) which was very handy for troubleshooting.

          If I were doing it again in future and didn't need ECC support, I'd probably do it with Intel consumer chipset. Having the iGPU for full passthrough or mediated device passthrough is just too handy, especially since you can split the iGPU's Quick Sync acceleration across two VMs and also keep it available to the host. When you're doing multiple discrete GPU passthrough, PCI-E slots get scarce very quickly, so not needing to reserve a GPU for the host is useful.

          Overall it was a fun experiment, but not something I'd want to use as a daily driver. These days I use a dedicated hypervisor box for tinkering and I keep my home gaming desktop separate.

      • +5

        Whatever you haveth, Google Chrome will taketh

      • +7

        Virtualisation, I can use 120gb of ram easily on my pc running virtual machines.

      • +1

        When you use virtual machines(networking stuff- gns3 with Cisco iOS/virl)…Ram And Processor cores/threads are very critical.

      • if he is a video editor 64gb is pretty average. I know when I use DaVinci Resolve studio I can max out 32gb of ram easy with 4K video.

        mainly people that require at least 32gb or above are video editor or photo editors. 64gb is the sweet spot for video editing.

        128gb or more is really if you do 8k video editing.

    • I mean, my partner uses my computer for 3DSmax and such, and it seems to do okay with 32GB with the same spec as this deal (speed wise) - so I too am curious what you need 128GB for, let alone 256GB.

    • +10

      this is fast af, from a good brand, rgb, ryzen certified blah blah.

      32GB traditionally is more expensive than this. That's why I posted it?

      • -3

        Ah sorry I forgot the word "modules". Never saw how expensive it was since I've never looked at the prices of these.

      • +2

        I also must ask while on the subject of 2x32GB is this also a bargain? It looks pretty cheap for 3600CL18 with tighter tRCDs if you're saying 32GB is so expensive.

        • I dunnno guy. I was searching OB for DDR4, saw this same kit for $450 expired, wondered how much it was now and it was actually cheaper. If it was 4x16gb I would have bought it. No one needs 64GB of ram all the time but no one wants single channel ram either.

          RGB makes it go faster with better handling when you need to switch apps real quick or take your rig out to the country. It's like turbo charged red paint.

          • +2

            @jonathonsunshine: I'm so confused as to why this post and the previous are popular, when you can get a faster kit for $359 AND local stock. Is it the RGB? (please don't make an RGB joke I'm sick and tired of them).

            • @Void: I guess its due to the value of it… I paid $179 for cl18 2x8gb neo sticks recently and compared to that perhaps a good deal…Who’d actually need them is another topic.

              e.g. this

              • @nsuinteger: Except there isn't even a performance advantage, in fact it's more of a disadvantage considering the 1ns shaved off of tRCD.

            • @Void: Can you please point me to that 16gbx2 ram kit for $359

              • @JPerez: Lol $359 that's the same price as the 2x32GB kit I just linked.

        • OMG!!!! that is so much better priced. don't give a crap about RGB lol so that brilliant and its LOCAL!!! well done on the find. gold star for you!!

        • I must have missed this: clicked on your link, rajeh, but no 2x32GB option (irrespective of clock speed). I'm trying to find 2x32GB 3600MHz that will fit under a Noctua NH-D15. And of course, be at OzBargain prices :)

      • I agree with everything except RGB, I really dislike it and to me it's just a gimmick. Just adds to aesthetics and nothing else some people like that and some people don't and that's ok.

  • Damn, this almost looks like it's half price.

  • must resist……

    • Yeah, I just cancelled my order by rejecting the Visa two-factor authentication…

  • Worth upgrading from a Trident Z Neo 16gb 3600 CL-14 to these?

    Paid around $400 for mine on release for the blazing fast speed at 3600mhz, but 64gb seems pretty nice now.

    Exclusively gaming.

    • +5

      For gaming it's a downgrade considering your kit is B-die and that the capacity won't make a difference for you.

      • Yes, note that this is C18, which will be a big downgrade from your C14 especially if you're gaming on Ryzen.

        Speed + latency is king for gaming, the capacity won't give you anything.

  • Looks like a local Aussie seller who seems to have a comparable price.


    • +1

      I'm not sure an extra $60 and the fact that it's on pre-order is comparable.

    • +3

      Just an fyi, G.Skill has stopped shipments currently to AU. All new orders for preorder products can only be special ordered in with an avg lead time of 30 days.

  • Nice price.

    I like the "In stock. Limit 10 per customer." LEL

  • +2

    Still got this ram from last deal sitting in a drawer. Just waiting on the 4000 series cpus and the 3000 series gpus.

    • I so tempted to be in the same situation as you… hahah

  • I bought 2 sets of these: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0865HHQYT/ref=ppx_yo_d... which seemed like a great price (128GB 3600Mhz CAS 18) for a 10900K hackintosh that I'm building…

    Can any memory experts let me know if they are better or worse than these Trident sticks?

    0% gaming, 100% dev / VM / productivity

  • +4

    Given the tighter timings, these 3200mhz 2x32gb kits are effectively the same latency and lower price for anyone looking:

    https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr... $356
    https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/team-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-s... $325

    You sacrifice RGB though, but save almost $100 for similar performance.

    The 3600mhz kit even with higher timings will be 1-2 fps faster on AMD though, because the memory speeds also sets the internal speed of the CPU's infinity fabric. That does not apply for Intel though.

    Comparison video of 3200mhz cl16 and 3600mhz cl18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnRVEgCZJ7c (note, performance increase on AMD is very small in the video, won't exist at all on intel).

    Overall I think it's worth saving an extra $100. :)

  • been waiting for a kit like this I have a ITX motherboard too so good news for ITX motherboard users.
    we can finally video edit with enough ram 64gb :D I can finally upgrade from 32gb of ram. it was getting too close for comfort keeped maxing out the ram in davinci resolve studio.

  • That's a lot of RAM, wowsers. And still leaving an upgrade path (if you have 4 slots)… that's pretty nuts.

  • I didn't know Newegg did global now. I was gonna upgrade my pc. Is it cheaper to do newegg or just go pccasegear or someone local?

  • I knew i'd regret pulling the trigger early with buying Vengeance CL16s :(

  • +1

    I bought 128GB (4x32GB) RAM from newegg. They shipped it internationally in a bubble mailer sleeve with no protection against bending during transport. One stick refused to work at at all…. currently waiting on RMA from USA… unbelievable 🙄

    • Yeah same here couldn't believe my parcel managed to fit in the tiny mail slot.

      Graphics card arrives tomorrow to finish my build hopefully it's okay.

      • which graphics card did you buy?

    • Yeah - I had similar from NewEgg, a while back, with a hard drive which had more bad sectors than good…

  • Nvm just realised this is a 64gb kit. Just assumed since I can't imagine needing 64 lol