This was posted 2 years 6 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2019 Tesla Model S 75D from $106,307 Drive Away (Model S Standard Range from $136,677)


Tesla have released a limited number of Model S inventory vehicles

Eg QLD Pricing:

Model S 75D in pearl white $106,307 Drive Away

The same car (now called the Model S Standard Range) with the same specs comes to $134,677

This represents a 21% or $28,370 saving!

I can’t remember how much the 75D was prior to the price drop in March this year but the prices are definitely heading in the right direction!

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  • +154

    Great - Its just under my budget ($300), I just need $106,007 now :)

    • +49

      Just wait for eBay 10% off.

      • +28

        Will be jacked by 9.99999% before the voucher becomes active though

        • +9

          Remember the more you buy, the more you save!

          • +4

            @Kangal: … and think of all the CC reward points.

          • @Kangal: It’s time to buy 20 Tesla’s to save 5%

      • surely there is always max discount cap…

    • +14

      Don’t forget CashRewards to stretch your dollar further!

    • +65


      I see what you did there. Username checks out.

    • Feels to pricey for the average ozbarginer imAgine there was a pricing error of $100 and how many attempts to buy it untill sold out.

      • +28

        Haven't you heard that the average OzB salary is 300k.

        • +12

          Wait until you see Whirlpool lol

        • +2

          you mean the average OzB "needs" a salary of 300k cause they're always spending their $$$ (on supposed 'bargains').

    • Crypto is your friend

      • +21

        how to turn $300 into $10 ;)

        • +3

          that's optimistic

        • +1

          Steal deLorean, take it back to 2016.

      • Crypto has friends, no one else is allowed to join the party though. It's done, finished, over.

    • -4

      Model S 75D… D = Diesel?

      • Dual motor

  • +30

    This is an electrifying deal!

    • +7

      ^^^^^^^ that's a shocking pun

      • +7

        It got me pretty amped up.

        • +7

          Watt are you even amped about

          • +4

            @GiggityGiggity: Don't resist the humour

            • +5

              @miarn: I think this thread is losing its resonance

              • +5

                @urahara: You should all be charged for this

              • @urahara: I always thought it had the capacitance to be funny but just wasn't executed well enough.

        • +7

          I'll pass. I'm more of a volts-wagon type of guy.

    • +1

      Is this still current?

    • +2

      Can't see this being met with much resistance. I don't have the energy for this anymore but am happy to field any questions.

    • +1

      There's no more capacity for puns.

      • +2

        Forgive me for being short, but what sparked that comment?

        • Has no energy in it.

          • @LFO: the wide range of points here is giving me anxiety

        • It was down to earth.

    • +1

      Tesla is awesome on the track. But only a short circuit.

  • +29

    Great. Was waiting for another Tesla deal. Thanks OP

  • +6

    Model 3 being launch in the next week or two here.
    I'm tempted by the S but i'm keen on the 3's size and hopefully lower price.

    • +1

      $60K base model

      • +6

        The "20 faults" piece may be harsh but it's spot on and entirely unacceptable even if you're a fanboy. Price drops of 21% are not good news for the brand when they've just reported: "GAAP operating loss of $522M, GAAP net loss of $702M, including $188M of non-recurring charges".

        • +4

          How would you know?

          Honest question. Higher price results in less volume. That is all we know. As to whether their profitability is better with smaller margin and higher volume or vice versa you have no idea. I'm sure they have tried to made an informed decision to be more profitable.

          Sorry to take the brunt of it out on you but there are so many comments like yours that are just plain uninformed. You are not in a position to know better than they do.

          • -2

            @justtoreply: With respect, are you an owner? Putting any issues of this car being an EV aside, would you accept the non-EV faults detailed? Furthermore, there are far better EV options coming from the likes of Mercedes which will certainly not have such an extensive list of "teething problems" (which is utter nonsense given Tesla was founded in 2003). I have no interest in other people's purchase decisions. Your opinion is just that.

            • @DisabledUser214128: True that I wasn't commenting on what you said with respect to faults. I was commenting on price only.

      • +7

        It's quite clear the 20 glaring problems are temporary teething issues that wouldn't really concern a new buyer. Tesla will inevitably address a lot of these things over time. If you have a new car, you have Tesla's warranty and so they really have no choice but to fix these things, even under ACL. They've proven though to spend extra care and effort on even the tiniest issues until the customer is completely happy. I've even heard Tesla are releasing their own insurance policies once they get through the regulatory hurdles - as the standard car industry doesn't understand these cars.

        Service availability and parts is a problem with any new product, as-is build quality. The iMac Pro was notorious for its serviceability issues right after release.

        Electrical fires are very dangerous yes and require a different response, but everybody seems to forget the explosive gasoline ICE cars all carry around. Not to mention the tons of petrol tankers transporting fuel to gas stations every week or two, service station explosions, etc. These aren't in the news because there are so many thousands of car fires every day and it's not news.

        Potential of a car losing value is highly speculative and proven to not be factual so far. Tesla have proven so far to hold their value much better than ICE cars. But if you're really concerned about depreciation, buying a new car is probably the least likely thing you would be doing anyway, so again not an issue.

        • +5

          Service availability and parts is a problem with any new product

          No, this is unique to Tesla. Repairs taking over 6 months does not apply to any other newly released car.

          • +2


            No, this is unique to Tesla. Repairs taking over 6 months does not apply to any other newly released car

            Exactly but some people won't look at the facts.

            Even buying a second hand one is a joke, look at the issues that richrebuilds had on YouTube buying a used one. Took something like four months of stuffing around and in one of the episodes they had another owner of a near new model 3 that was sitting in a garage for six months because Tesla hadn't gotten them the title so they couldn't register it.

            Plus all the quality control issues, poor build quality, general parts availability and costs.

            And of course having to wait hours at some service centres just to drop your car off.

            I wouldn't touch a Tesla now, I love the tech they have but too many problems elsewhere and there is a risk that Tesla will become the next Delorean.

        • +1

          "… so many thousands of car fires every day …" - evidence please!

        • +3

          14% First Pass Yield during production. For comparison, a good car plant will be in the 80% range for defect-free production.

          There's issues with the manufacturing proces.

          Telsa would be good if Musk wasn't firing all his engineers over perceived slights.

          The problem is fixable. Good practices can be installed in the factory, making a car is a solved problem there's nothing inherently unique to what Tesla is doing. The problem is that Elon Musk chooses not to.

      • +19

        I've had my Model S 75D for 3 years now, only had 1 issue with the seat autoconfig not working, they fixed it up in a day AND made it faster AND gave me a P100D loan car for the day.

        It's only been in the shop for 1 full service out of 3 years and still drives like new every day, no oil changes, no visits to the petrol station every week.

        Happy to answer any questions if you are seriously considering the switch. It's worth it. I'd never ever go back to an ICE car.

    • +2

      where did you hear about the model 3 launching in the next couple of weeks? I've got a deposit on one and haven't heard a peep about launch or test drive.

      • +2

        UK just got it today.
        other places like AU/NZ and Asia getting in the next week or so.
        News sites and twitter from elon etc.

  • +13

    Saw a Model S parked at shopping center yesterday with the number plate "LOLOIL" - it was huge, it is the size of BMW 5 series or more, so pricing needs to be compared to that class saloon

    • +4

      It’s CLS size, bigger than a 5 series.

      • +28

        Every internet keyboard warrior loves to say Tesla’s have shit interiors without actually every sitting in a Model S. Model s has a better interior than a 5 series or E class without the Designo option. Better materials, better seats, better tech. An E class with Designo ($20k) or an s class is better.

        • -4

          I sat in it… Anyway if I will go for electric I would buy Nissan Leaf probably. Not an electric Tesla car for 100 grand, that uses electricity produced by outdated coal power stations.

          • +7

            @Michael1983: Only a moron would buy a Nissan Leaf when you can get a vastly superior Model 3 for the same money. And how exactly are you going to power your Nissan Leaf without using the same outdated coal power stations?

        • +2

          I've sat in a Telsa Model S.

          Cheap feeling interior, massive panel gaps.

          Build quality does not match the price.

          • +1

            @JimB: Oh yeah a Model S has a much cheaper interior than a Nissan Leaf. My mistake.

            • -1

              @Burnertoasty: No need to apologise.

              Not sure about the Nissan Leaf but in general Nissan's have terrible interiors.

              • @JimB: You’ve never been in a Model S. The interior on a Model S is very upmarket, despite what every keyboard warrior wants you to believe. It’s better than a 5 series or E class (which it shares stalks, window switches and wood with). There are almost no visible hard plastics in an S, apart from the back of the centre console and the rear seat backs, everything else is lined in leather, wood or metal. The roof liver is Alcantra, and the General quality is excellent. Better than a CLS for the same money.

                • @Burnertoasty: lol.. Don't tell me what car I have and haven't been in.

                  Drove a Telsa? No. Sat in a Model S, Yes.

                  I actually work about 100m from a Telsa Showroom/Service Centre.

                  I guess we have very different opinions on what is upmarket.

                  • +1

                    @JimB: I guess you’ve got a different idea of what a luxury car is to pretty much everyone else, because in Australia the Model S has a more luxurious interior than any other car in its price range. If you’re in the US, where it costs the same as an S class, sure, you might have an argument.

                    • @Burnertoasty: That a little hypocritical, you are basing that judgement on your own opinion aren't you?

                      I've driven a Model S, nothing really to write home about, the novelty of the acceleration/infotainment wears quickly and you can really feel the weight & seats aren't really supportive for "spirited" driving. Range is also very optimistic, my mate who owns it gets about 300 km out of a charge.

                      Your heavily biased opinion signifies that you either own one and wish to defend your purchase decision or you are really that passionate a fan of the brand. Its nothing special, not sure why you are so aggressive - why not just enjoy what you have or actually post some supporting arguments to your claims?

                      • @Shiq1: It is special, that's the point. A 75D will realistically do about 380km on the highway (the only range that matters), 400km in optimal conditions. The newly refreshed model will do 600km on the highway in real world conditions.
                        But you're not arguing a point, you're jumping into another argument, and bringing new elements to it. The thread you jumped into is about the luxury of the car, not the range or acceleration.

                        • +1

                          @Burnertoasty: Quote JB1 "I guess we have very different opinions on what is upmarket."

                          You responded "I guess you’ve got a different idea of what a luxury car is to pretty much everyone else, because in Australia the Model S has a more luxurious interior than any other car in its price range"

                          Where is your evidence that everyone else prefers the Model S?

                          so no, my argument stated that luxury element in a car is subjective and is formed by personal opinion. ergo, it is your opinion that Tesla is more luxurious than its rivals.

                          Telsa is about as special as the latest Samsung mobile phone, expensive as an early adopter then massive price cuts as a "thank you" to those people who paid the big bucks.

                          No Thanks.

                          • @Shiq1: This sub thread is specifically about the interior of a Model S, and you’re trying to hijack it. I’ve listed the reasons why a Model S has a better interior than it’s competition in Australia, read the thread.

                            • @Burnertoasty: I'll Quote JB again on this one.

                              "I guess we have very different opinions on what is upmarket"

                              • @Shiq1: Specifically in reference to the interior. Just read the thread.

    • I see him every now and then through Kirrawee

      • -3

        Doesn’t he know his electricity is coming from burning coal and oil?

    • +3

      You do realise that a Model S will blow the doors off just about any BMW on the market?

      • +8

        Nothing can beat Tesla in a straightline , but twists and turns is another story, each has its strengths , though I'd take a Tesla, not that I can afford either lol

      • -11

        Tesla Model S - 0-100kmh = 4.4s

        BMW M3 - 4.1s
        M5 (F90) - 3.1s
        M5 (F10) - 3.9s

        Even my old 2007 M3 E92 was 4.3s

        • +11

          Not sure which model S you're looking at; the P100D claims 2.6s 0-100kmh

          • @blonky: "2019 Tesla Model S 75D from $106,307 Drive Away"

        • +5

          I love internal combustion and all, but you've done a real poor job in your comparison here.

          Electric cars have a huge wave of instantaneous torque that would smoke your naturally aspirated E92.

          Also you're comparing a new M5, which is 250 odd thousand to a standard model S, not the P100D edition or whatever it's called, which is 2.8s.

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