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BWS: 20% Cashback (Cap $20, 4-8pm AEST) @ ShopBack


Nice cashback upsize for BWS. Free delivery over $20.

Purchases paid by gift card is not eligible for cashback.

Extension tracking does not work for BWS, please click through from ShopBack to ensure that your cashback is tracked.

The Card Network - 10% off Gift Cards (Excluding Baby Card) - promo code SB10

6% cashback.

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • +23 votes

    Mine didn't track last time, even though it's done before - just beware…

    • Yes, I got screwed out of about $70. Not impressed at all. Very disappointing.

      Cashrewards has a guarantee and supports charity.

      • Hi voteoften, just bumped a PM thread you sent through regarding this matter. Let me know your email address and I'll see what's happened and reassess with the team.

        • How convenient… bumping into the PM.

        • BWS does not track purchases regularly. Read the posts - this is not an isolated case.

          When it happened to me I had a trace put on it (Had to provide all of the evidence) and got the $20 after 3-4 months.

          Please look into this. Thanks.

          • -1 vote

            @MentalConfection: Assuming you are referring to the April promotion we ran - there were some issues there but it's been resolved, do check as we were on thread monitoring/responding.

            We don't see a huge number of claims relative to the number of orders that tracked so we can't say there is a major known tracking issue. One thing to note is the BWS website did appear to run a bit slower when we did our flash sales with them, and that could impact tracking. It's the checkout success page where the magic happens, and if stuff from their back-end doesn't load properly there then we may not receive tracking as a result.

            Suggestion in this case is to complete your purchase once their site appears to run a bit faster and smoother.

      • Just return the items as it's local

    • Same. I filed a support request and got it credited pretty easily though.

    • Yeah mine failed to track last time. Didn’t realise until I checked my account a few weeks ago and said it was past the 30 day deadline for escalating? Mod is there anything that can be done?

    • Mine tracked fine last time, but was a good reminder to check it actually happened!

  • How long does the cashback stay pending? Mine is saying pending from 17th July and estimates available 1st October. Is that normal to take that long?

    • Yep, definitely takes that long! But it'll eventually make its way to you provided you hadn't returned anything.

  • Disappointed with Shopback. Last time I bought through the BWS offer and it was declined.

    • Did they give you a reason why? Didn't track, or failed to meet an obscure term buried in the Ts and C's?

      • All that it says is
        “ Rejected: Unsuccessful Cashback/Bonus
        Your cashback of $0.00 was rejected and removed from your pending earnings for one of these reasons: 1. Your order was cancelled, returned or exchanged, partially or fully 2. Your order was paid for with a gift voucher 3. Payment or stay was not completed. If this was not the case, email us at [email protected] and we will check in with our merchants. Note: The partner store holds sole discretion in determining the cashback validity.”

        No idea why.

        • Did you email?

        • +1 vote

          Assuming this is regarding a claim - if this happened, an email would have been sent informing you of the rejection. Just respond to that email and PM me your email address and I'll flag your claim with the team to reassess.

          Otherwise if you can't find the email, just send through an new email to the email address you've quoted above.

  • Good Luck getting the cash back on this. Last time i did not get my cashback. After contacting them multiple times they replied me saying you did not click through shopback. its like i never used shopback before. BEAWARE ITS A SCAM.

    • +10 votes

      We're not trying to scam anyone here - and if you didn't click through you would see so in your "Click History". Every click you make to a store is logged to your Click History about instantly. Without any clicks to BWS we can't submit any claims on your behalf to them as they won't be investigated.

  • I saw that you can’t use gift cards and get the cashback but does anyone know if you can use everyday rewards dollars to pay and still get the cashback?

    • You might get cashback on the part you paid for in cash but not for thr points used.

      You're better off saving the points just to be safe.

    • I've used points before and I have been paid cashback.

  • My $5 cashbacks bonus from Menulog it's still not showing as well as other Amazon purchases that we're clearly in the correct category. Support provides the same script. It used to be good but now it's more like a lottery if you get any cashbacks or the right amount.
    If it works, that's a good deal.

  • Stack with a couple of targetted Woolworths rewards points offers including this one. Download the Woolworths Rewards App to make it easier to check your offers.


  • Damn thats a great deal with free delivery!

  • Shopback always missed trackings recently.

    • Yup. Didn't track the recent Menulog deal, then got a reply to my raised claim this morning saying it's been rejected along with the standard template of "don't click other extensions, don't click other banners, etc" when I had already mentioned that the order was made through their mobile app…

      What's the point of raising the missed tacking when they don't even read the details?

      • Hi Pandaawan, I can get the team to look into this again. If you haven't already yet, reply to the email you received and PM me your registered email address and I'll flag it with them.

  • Nice.

    Found something that I like, that's also on special at BWS.

    Now, just have to hope it stays in stock until 4pm. <Fingers crossed>

  • Shopback cancelled half of the purchases I did. Said retailer is deciding the cashback. Never have problem with cashreward. I'll just wait

  • My last purchase (17 July) through Shopback with BWS was also rejected for reasons which were spurious (a number of other claims have been similarly rejected). I have decided that the frustration and angst of dealing with Shopback is just not worth it. I will make a referral to the ACCC to see of they can do anything to remedy this unacceptable situation. Consumers should not be induced to buy only to find that the representations which motivated the transaction are not honoured.

  • Even they offer 100% i am not using it. bunch of scammer trying to rip you off through your spending.

  • +6 votes

    Shopback has been missing tracking a lot lately. If you get on to this don't expect too much from shopback. Even after the claim with invoice they will come up with useless reason to deny Cashback. I have been denied Cashback for bws deal last time as well as few aliexpress purchases over 1k.

    • Hi Cmaz,

      I can't comment on the AliExpress case but as for the BWS one (April offer), unfortunately it's been too long since your purchase so they won't look into it (claims need to be submitted within 30 days of purchase). I did try to get an exception when you emailed about this last month but we weren't able to get it through.

      • +2 votes

        That's where the problem lies. So we wait few days thinking that shopback will record the click but turned out they never get recorded and when we realise it, it's too late to claim

        Anything over 1k, in my case shopback will always try to ignore those transactions coming up with the funniest excuse ever heard.

        Basically whole point of your reply is, nothing can be done.

  • Good deal if you find a good price on an item. I find their Whiskey prices higher than their competitors.

    Would suggest comparing with the eBay Plus deal $5 off a bottle at Dan Murphys

    • BWS definitely jacked up the prices. I bought the J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky for $37 on the previous deal. It's now $43. That's more than 16% hike, pretty much cancelling out the 20% cashback

      • Try Dewars white label as an alternative.

        • The Dewars white label is not bad. I tried it before. Can't remember who suggested mixing whiskey/bourbon with ginger ale. It actually tastes pretty good.

  • +5 votes

    Shopback have gone downhill lately. My last few recent transactions have not tracked so I started video screen capturing the transactions. Even that doesn't help my case. The last transaction with BWS did not track like others commenting above

  • Agreed with the above, inconsistent tracking and no recourse makes this not a bargain

  • I never had a problem. I received my $25.25 cash back exactly when they said it would be available. Will happily use this promo again.

  • People who have problem with shopback may not have clicked through the site properly.

    I hope nothing but success for Shopback. My go to site for cashbacks. But they do need to step it up a bit lately with the offers. :)

  • Anyone recommend something worth while? Did a quick compare to Dan Murphy and prices are more expensive.

  • My last ShopBack with BWS didn’t track for some reason and I see I’m not alone. Don’t trust this deal - you’ll end up overpaying with a bad taste in your mouth.

    “After checking our partner's systems network, the reason why your claim was rejected is that BWS has determined that your order was not attributed to ShopBack. As a result, ShopBack will not receive a commission from BWS for this order, which means we are not able to pay cashback for this purchase.”

    • Just wondering if you used the shopback browser extension?

    • Hi Chuckler, PM me your registered email address and I'll see what I can do.

      • Thanks for sending through your details.

        Confirming that despite the message you received from our team, we had made some arrangements and done a bulk crediting early May. The cashback has been in your account the whole time since May, and since then can be withdrawn. Apologies that you may not have been informed of this the whole time.

        • Just confirming that I have looked at my account history, which I had not done since (perhaps in a fit of pique) and noticed that they credited my account in May. I therefore retract my previous comments, and thank Shopback for doing "the right thing" with this.

          • @Chuckler:

            I therefore retract my previous comments, and thank Shopback for doing "the right thing" with this.

            What about your NEG vote?

  • If people are finding tracking problems, then they should try and use the Shopback mobile app, which has its own inbuilt browser.

    I've never had problems with crashback tracking when I make the purchase through the app.

    You don't have to browse stores using the app. You can first decide on what you want to buy after browsing using your normal browser. Then, empty your cart. Now, open up the app, and go to the store, and login, and then just make sure to add the items back into your cart, and then finalise the purchase, while you are still in the app. (You'll see a red banner at the top and bottom if you're doing it properly.)

  • Ordered 5 items during last promo. When I went to pick it up they said one item wasn't available so I'd get a refund… which voided the whole cash back.

  • I noticed in the notes that it says the extension does not work with BWS. (Don't recall seeing this before but could be wrong). This should probably be highlighted…

    This could probably be why my last transaction did not track. Luckily I had taken a screenshot of my purchase and the Chrome extension tracking it.
    After lodging a missed cashback, I got it.

    I recommend people take screenshots of their orders. And also maybe better to use the app.

  • The last time Shopback had this BWS promotion, my click was recorded and the browser plug in was green when the transaction went through.

    Nonetheless, the cashback activity was not recorded. I lodged a missing cashback, and to their credit the investigation did credit my account wish the missing amount($22ish dollars). This did however take close to a month.

    I don't think they are scamming anyone, but perhaps the technology could use some work. Lets hope the recently released new version of the plug in has fixed some of the problems.

    • This was my experience as well with the extension.
      In the notes section it now says the extension does not work with BWS (not sure if this was there before)

    • Same. The click was registered for my previous purchase, but nothing in transaction history. I don't use browser extension though. I had to lodge a claim, and with the help of the store rep the cashback was honoured.

  • It's obvious a lot if people have been having trouble with shopack lately. You don't see this sort of backlash with Cashrewards.

  • Whoaa seems like alot of shopback fails.
    Following up is just an inconvenience which in my opinion is worth the value of the cashback itself.

  • Haven't had any issues with the last ShopBack for BWS.

  • Good deal, just remember to add the effort (into your cost benefit analysis :P) to follow up with ShopBack to redeem your (up to) $20.

  • My $25 cashback from 17 July is tracking along fine so far - due Oct 11.
    My $30 cashback from 21 April tracked fine and has been paid out.
    I'll happily make use of this offer again if I find something worth buying.

  • I have to say it's a case of once bitten twice shy for me with shopback. Far too many times tracking fails. You need to waste your time chasing it up. They MAY eventually pay but their reputation is forever tarnished in my view,.

  • I wouldn't bother.

    I lost $20 last time on this deal in April - claim rejected but no clear explanation why. Use at your own risk.

    Made me stop using Shopback on my last few transactions I was that sour.

    • Hi Braddles2019,

      Happy to check on this transaction again - PM me your email address and I'll get the team to check.

  • Registered for Shopback for a while but only been using Cashrewards

    Was about to give Shopback a go with this deal and saw this chain of complaints….

    Decision decisions…

  • Anyone else also get disgusting "lazy day" free delivery from bws?

    Good to know capitalism will survive long after the human race is finished

    • I've already been out twice so can't actually go and pick up my slab. Not complaining with free 50 minute delivery.

  • BWS worked for me last time - I did get three tracking events though. 2 were rejected and one was paid so I got my money but it was clearly a mess in the backend.

    However I have been knocked back on a couple of other items (Cotton On, Amazon) so can't say SB is my favorite CB provider.

  • I've just checked my bws history, all three claims I've made have been successful.

  • Anything actually worth getting, the prices are fairly jacked up and better off with DM's specials i've found?

  • Can't really find anything worth purchasing even with 20% cashback surprisingly. Will probably walk down to Dan Murphy's later instead.

    • Goats 6 pack, $12 QLD

      • If you're meaning the "very enjoyable beer" I don't agree with that lol.
        Although interesting to note $12 at Dan's vs $20 at BWS. This is the exact kind of reason 20% cashback doesn't exactly mean shit.

        • Yes, that one, don't care for the other wheat beers, nor paying heaps for 330mL tins of fancy crap
          They were $9.95 at one stage before got popular now around $54 a slab, wouldn't pay that but worth it for $10-12.
          Furphy alright too similar price (was $12-13 for a while but that's hardly any better)

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