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Baseus 30000mAh 65W Power Bank with Free 100W PD Cable US$39.59 (~A$56.08) @ BASEUS Official Store AliExpress


Noticed the Baseus Store on AliExpress is having a sale from 10-12 of August. Link

To get the above price :

  • Redeem seller coupon US $5 off $45 located below price

  • Apply promo code BASEUSSUPER5 at checkout.

Price in title inclusive of GST.


65W Power Bank


Battery Capacity: About 30000mAh/3.8V

Rated Capacity: About 18000mAh

Energy Conversion: About ≥78%


Type C Input: About 5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3A 60W(USB C PD 3.0)

Micro Input: About 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A 18W

Input for iP: About 5V/2.1A


Type C Output: 5V/3A,9V/About 3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A 65W(USB C PD 3.0 QC3.0)

USB 1 / 2 / 3 / Output: About 5V/3A 15W

USB 4 Output: About 5V/4.5A,4.5V/5A,5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/2.5A,20V/1.5A 30W(SCP QC3.0)

USB 1 / 2 / 3 + USB 4 Output: About 5V/3A 15W

USB 1 / 2 / 3 + Type C Output: About 15W+45W

USB 4 + Type C Output: About 18W+45W

USB 1+USB 2+USB 3+USB 4 + Typ

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  • +16 votes

    Cheap. I have never seen a power bank with this many ports before.

    Incredible specs for its price. But I don't like Aliexpress. I just don't have much confidence in warranty claims and returns.

    • Same, like the power bank but I've been burnt on ali

    • +4 votes

      I’m exactly on the same boat. Have been buying from them for years and never had any issues until few months ago. When I tried to use their customer service assistance it was nothing but terrible. They kept sending the same response, the website is confusing and the buttons/fields seem to be on purpose trying to dissuade you to escalate issues. Since then I’ve been avoiding AliExpress as much as I can… But something the deals are too good and the items too cheap not to risk :)

    • I've had OK experience with AliExpress, about the same level as eBay, which is not saying too much.

      Based on previous experience, I'd just be very wary of the specs: if it says 30000mAh, it is probably 20000mAh.

    • Ordered Besaus 65w GAN charger+100w USB c cable from AliExpress. Took rd 20 days to arrive Melbourne. USB C cable was faulty, contacted seller, no response. Filed a dispute for partial refund, still waiting for money. Another a few days later, the charger stop working. Couldn’t file a dispute anymore, all robot reply. Contacted seller, asked me to send him a video to proof it was faulty. A few days later, He claimed he couldn’t watch the video. I reupload another video to OneDrive and google drive and email, as he claimed he can’t access YouTube. Overall, Seller have many excuses to reject a warranty issue or exchange. I m still waiting for response. Overall already taken 3 weeks since I received the product. There r many good reviews about Besaus products. However Just beware warranty and communication is none existent.

      • That's encouraging, I ordered two last night! I think it's implied though that if we're ordering from China customer support will be horrendous. I guess that's the risk of low prices.

        • it's only because aliexpress doesn't protect the buyer beyond you not receiving the item.

          Once you've received it, everything is going to demand photos or video, even if it's a sound issue or something you can't capture with a camera.

          ebay protects the customer much better than aliexpress which is why I try to avoid it if possible. I wouldn't buy anything expensive from there anyway.

          • @lostn: Yeah, I buy a fair bit of low value stuff of Aliexpress. Every non delivery dispute has been awarded in my favour - even if it does take forever to ship and get payment. When I shop on Aliexpress I know the price of admission before going in.

  • Are you sure battery can be shipped here?

    • Usual problem is they can ship here but good luck shipping it back if you need to return.

  • Bought mine for $70~ a few weeks ago so this is good price. Very good power bank especially with the 65W output

  • vs Mi Power Bank 3? i imagine xiaomi to be better quality but i know baseus is probably one of the best small brand Chinese names. i have one of their iphone case and screen protector and it matches cases from apple in quality

    • I have had the Mi 16000mah for 5 years now, still going strong. Still bought the Baseus as the 30,000 mah capacity sounds awesome (unless it is false).

  • seems like a very impressive PowerBank for the price!
    I already have 3 powerbanks though… so… holding out.

    Thanks OP.

    • i have a lot more than you… and i am thinking about it.

      • LOL
        I have a 70Ah worth of Power Banks… it was fantastic for my wife and I travelling around Europe, Japan, China, etc.

        But now… without overseas travel, it just seems excessive.
        Otherwise, I'd be sorely tempted to get this for the 65W rating.

      • Remember you can't take this on planes without permission. Not like that is happening any time soon though.

  • they claim you can take it on a flight without worry, but at 30,000mah you will need the airline's approval.

    • Max is 27000mah or 100w from memory.

      My ravpower 26800 has been take on over 20 flights without problems.

      Downside of a bigger powerbank is it takes a while to charge up even with PD.

      • that's the upper limit. 30,000 is above that and you will get scrutiny that I can do without.

        Not that anyone's going to be flying any time soon.

      • 20,000mah last time I returned from Bangkok. Seems to be dependant on country / airline

      • With USB PD, the Baseus should take about 2.5 hours to charge from empty to full. The Xiaomi Powerbank 3 20000mAh takes about 2 hours.

    • Fortunately approval is easy when flying domestic. Qantas and Jetstar will give you approval for a whole year if you email and Virgin will approve it when you check in.

    • 30,000mah you will need the airline's approval

      I don't get this regulation (or why we quote batteries as mAh) - as in why the regulation is on the charge of a battery, not the energy. This is a measure of charge (1 mAh is just 3.6 coulombs), so it actually tells you nothing about the actual energy contained in the battery without knowing the voltage at which the charge is being quoted.

      The energy contained in the battery is the voltage * charge, so a 30,000 mAh battery quoted at 5V is completely different to one quoted at 20V and very different to one quoted at 120V…

      • I don't get this regulation

        Because that's not what the reality is.
        Airline restrictions are based on Wh (for example see the Rex Dangerous Goods link posted above) and practically all battery packs use individual cells that are ~3.6V. The "usual" mAh limit that gets thrown around is 26800mAh because it matches up with 3.6V to just scrape under 100Wh (26.8*3.6 = 96.48).

  • Lol the guy's accent in that video is just something else

  • 550 grams! What a behemoth!

  • I have Makita 6ah batteries with the usb attachment skin. How many times would the makita batteries charge a regular phone?. Would i get more charges out of this thing?

    • Depends on what voltage they are

    • Yes. 30,000mah = 30Ah.
      Also, its the juice it can output. With 20V output, you can charge a laptop computer that uses usbc power delivery, at full quick charge crank too. But it does 5V at 2A, plus a lot of other voltages too.
      This is an impressive bit of kit. It'd be better for travel if it were 25000 though (to deal with flight limitations). It's very heavy too, at just over half a kilo.

    • Baseus = 30000 mAh @ 3.8V, so it is equivalent to 114 Wh
      Makita 6Ah = 6000 mAh @ 18V, equivalent to 108 Wh

      They are very similar. A mobile phone with a 4000 mAh @ 3.8V battery will need 15.2 Wh to charge fully. So the difference between the two will be less than 1 full charge on a 4000 mAh phone.

  • Such a shame they would allow 18w input via micro-usb, but not just make it another type-c port instead.

    • Add a Type-C to Micro USB adapter. Then you'll have 18w input via USB-C. Not a bad idea if you're running it off a small Solar Panel or something.

  • How long would this last at 20v 3A?
    Does anyone know if the same thing is available with barrel tip connectors like laptop power supply?

    I am thinking of making a small portible boom box with a class d amp.

    • [email protected] would use 60W per hour, and the first thing the description says is "65W Power Bank"… So about one hour?

      • Thanks. I just realized that was input I was resding. Max output is lower.. I think I need to see if they do barrell connector output powerbanks instead of usb

        • I've looked for them, the only ones I've seen with barrel outputs included are jumpstarter batteries.

  • What is Input for iP?

  • Good price but man did Fisher Price design this?

  • Is this true 30000mah? Or only 20000?

  • Customer service is hopeless from Ali and the wait for an item (been waiting for 60 days now) is not worth imo. When I try to get a refund, the case gets denied saying due to covid, they have increased the disputing from 60-90 days which is BS.

  • Battery Capacity: About 30000mAh/3.8V
    Rated Capacity: About 18000mAh

    Why such discrepancy between battery and Rated capacity? I'm guessing it's due to different output voltage?

    • Powerbanks always market the capacity at the native battery voltage ie 3.8 or 4.2 volts.

      Usb output is always at 5v so obviously when you boost 3.8v to 5v to comply with usb standards then your overall capacity goes down.

  • Is there one with wireless charging built-in?

  • Battery Capacity: About 30000mAh/3.8V = 114Wh. It exceed the maximum capacity you are allowed to bring on to a flight.

  • Thinking of buying the:
    Cygnett Chargeup Pro 27000mAh Power Bank
    ALOGIC USB-C 27000mAh Ultimate Power Bank

    This device looks cheap, but I don't think I would want to plug it into an expensive device.

    Can anyone find the equipment testing report or FCC ID?

  • I would have bought it if it had been another store.
    I don't trust Aliexpress. Last time my item got severely delayed and arrived after 80 days, whereas they indicated 20-40 days delivery.
    No luck with getting any guidance or support from customer service. They kept on saying that we will refund you if do not receive the item for 90 days.
    Good luck to those who ordered.

    • Shouldn't really buy anything from there unless you are willing to wait the 90 days. Even then there is a chance it does not arrive.

      Checking my list. I bought something 25 May 2020 that I am still waiting on. I usually order and forget but I spend a few K on it every year.

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't know much about wattages and whatnot, but, how will this go charging a Surface Pro 7 over USB-C? Every power bank I've tried so far does not work when trying to charge with USB-C.

    • It will be fine.

      I have a SP6 and surface laptop 3 no issues at all with my ravpower which has later Watt output and Mah battery.

  • Only thing missing from this is a USB Hub mode. Connecting this via USB-C and four USB2 devices would be useful.

    I've only seen something like that on a Xiaomi QB815 or QB820.

  • GaN chargers are on sale too.


    Nothing with an AU plug though. EU or US only.

  • A lot of power but no barrel connector for your laptop or mini PC .
    However I found this adapter.

    Find one with a barrel connector (and voltage) that fits your device.

    65 Watts should be enough to power most non-gaming laptops and mini PCs like this.

    • most new laptops (by new I mean in the last 2 years) support PD charging via type C.

  • Thx OP.
    Hope no issue with the shipping.

  • Anyone got the Baseus External 10000mAh PD powerbank? I bought one from their ebay official AU store. But I tested the PD is not PD (failed to charge my Mi9 as quick charge, and doesnt charge my teclast x6 pro tablet (which my Anker PD power bank does)

    • Apologies for the wall of text - I bought the same charger and found the same thing and then got carried away.

      To confirm the model, like this one? - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Baseus-10000mAh-Mini-Power-Bank-...

      I chucked it on my USB Tester and it can't detect or trigger the PD protocol.

      It's rated for 5V 3A max from the USB C port (and the ad on the eBay store does say this in the spec). It does not do 9V or higher. Technically the Power Delivery profiles still covers 5V 3A use only (it's the lowest tier), but I have never seen a PD rated power bank or charger that does not do at least 9V.

      I bought it despite being 5V only because it was cheap and small, and I have an older weird tablet thingy that only likes PD chargers. And my phone only does 18W charging at max anyway, so the 15W (5v 3A) max on the Baseus is not much slower. And I figured that being PD spec it would happily hit that if needed.

      My tablet won't charge from it at all, and my phone did not hit more than 12W when charging from it, vs 17W from the PD wall charger.

      The Baseus power bank also never hit more than 12W when being charged.

      On a friends PD compatible laptop, it also only hit 12W.

      So 5V 2.4A, exactly the same as a non PD 5V USB charger.

      Your Mi9 is rated for 15W PD charging at 5V. I am not sure if that will trigger the fast charge notification or not.

      In fairness, my USB tester does not always pick up PD ratings properly, and has trouble doing spec detection with my Baseus car charger, which does output 9V.

      And I don't know how the 5V PD profile works exactly with power delivery negotiation, vs higher voltages. Straight USB-C spec includes up to 3A on 5V, so the only reason to include PD compatibility IMO is if it can max that out for 15W.

      My new USB load is still on the way, so I have not yet tested if it can actually hit 15W or not when the load is asking for more.

      It's also worth noting that while rated at 38Wh, in testing I got a max of 31.7Wh.
      Some loss is expected from the rating due to efficiency of the voltage conversion etc. But still, ~16.5% lost is a pretty poor result in my experience. Other new power banks I have tested range from giving over the rated Wh (despite efficiency losses) or no more than 5% - 10% of the rated capacity lost.

      To be fair to Baseus, they provide the rated capacity of the power bank as 6200mAh, which at 5V is 31Wh, which is very slightly lower than I achieved. So they are very up front about the real world spec.

      My guess is that to make it so small, the ‘10,000mAh’ rating is an ‘equivalent’ rating, and the actual battery inside is smaller. So they can claim it gives the same number of charges as a 10,000mAh power bank - though one with pretty poor efficiency. I am probably not going to crack it open to look at the cells though!

      So the PD nature of the charger remains to be verified. I suspect it might just be ‘PD Compatible’, the same as USB-C itself. If it actually did charge finicky PD devices, and happily hit 15W, then it would be a decent mini power bank for the price.

      If I can actually verify either way, I will post an update…

  • Has anyone had any luck using this to charge an XPS 15 laptop?
    Mine arrived today and it wont charge my laptop (go figure, thats the reason i bought it).
    It does however charge my old power bank - which charges my laptop - at 20v 2.8a. Just not my XPS 15. Anyone aware of any firmware updates for this? …..grasping at straws
    I've sent the seller a message, but dont think im going to get a resolution that im happy with.

    • Since you didn't provide model number I just googled Dell XPS 15 USB-C PD and found this:

      Dell XPS 15 9570 USB-C charging specs?
      The 9570 can support up to 130W charging over its USB-C port, which is higher than the 100W max of the official USB PD spec. Dell did something proprietary on some of its docking stations and some of its systems that are designed for 130W to allow those docks to provide 130W over USB-C and those systems to receive it over USB-C.

      I've read that the XPS 15 9570 won't even bother trying to work with any charger that provides less than 60W, and even using a 60W source would be problematic if you're trying to use the system while charging (as opposed to charging while it's powered off) because you're providing less than half the power it's designed for

      and another thread about Dell XPS 15 9500

      Note that the XPS 15 is designed for a 130W power source, so even an 87-100W power source would be undersized, which means that even if it can make the most of that power source, you might still see reduced battery charging speeds and throttled performance. The only 130W USB-C power sources I'm aware of are Dell's own 130W USB-C charger and then some of their docking stations that support delivering that.

      Sounds like you might need to order a USB-C charger from Dell

      • I'm running the previous gen Dell XPS 15 9560.
        My other usb pack which has a max PD charge of 60w - 20v @3a - charges the laptop no worries.
        This battery, which should charge a little higher at 65w (20v @3.25a), doesnt charge it at all, however, it will recharge the power bank that does charge my xps 15 at the same power rate (20v @ 3a) so it should be able to recharge my xps 15.

        I've also come across some websites mentioning that this power bank is XPS 15 compatible.

        Cheers for taking time to reply!