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29% off Saratoga Blend Organic Fresh Roast Coffee 250g $13.39, 500g $18.61, 1kg $29.79 + Free Post @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


Discount Code at Checkout "AIRJO29"
Code posted exclusively to OzBargain
29% Off Saratoga Blend Only
Roasted Today - 100% Organic
Free Shipping (note* - shipping via Auspost - delays in system averaging 2-3 days longer than normal - longer to Victoria)

Deal = (250g for $13.39) (500g for $18.61) (1Kg for $29.79)

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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  • Sold! Literally drinking a mug of enterprise blend from the deal last week as I type this.

  • Great stuff foonman!!
    It's on the way!!


  • Heard good things but haven't tried yet. Might be the day. Where are you guys from?

  • Hey Dan, do you stock any decaf? Thought I saw some the other day, but I may be confusing with somewhere else.

  • Also grabbed one, even if just for the fact that you pre-grind for cold-brew. Saves me an extra step!

  • Ordered the Enterprise (250g) last time and now just ordered the deal at 500g this time around. Mrs. is loving it.

    Was gonna try Twilight but it's not on sale. Maybe next time. Also appreciate the grinding option for Cold Brew.

  • I ordered the Twilight blend from a recent OzBargain deal and have been pretty happy - just placed an order for 500gm of this blend too. Thanks!

  • Giving it a crack. Cheers!

  • Hi Dan, okay for french press as well as espresso?

    • Hey Junglegreen - Yes indeed. Good for both.
      You will see different characteristics in the flavour profile from each method.
      Both delicious!!


  • Is this blend good for lattes?

  • Thanks ordered to try

  • I'm on the GC so why not try you guys out. Ordered thanks.

  • Do you guys have a storefront where I can come for some great coffee?

  • Perfect timing - we're on our last beans and I've been keen to try something new. Order placed.

  • It's been 6 days since I ordered and paid extra for express and it's still not here :( qld to qld

    • He there st.
      If you contact me via the website I can look into the tracking for you.
      That's not a good result - we will sort it for you one way or another.


  • I'm wondering how does it compares to Grinders?

  • Picked up a bag. Haven't had a nice bean in a while now so looking forward to it. The red velvet powder looks cool too. Is it a good seller?

  • I bought from these guys in the last deal. The coffee is so smooth and no joke, the coffee is definitely strong! The roast is quite dark so you get a massive hit of coffee from the first sip.

    If you want to really taste the coffee, use the double shot basket.

  • What are the flavour notes?

  • I like the taste of Nescafe Blend 43. How does this compare?

    • Any coffee will taste better than Blend 43! Even Aldi cheap Aldi Lazzio beans will be heaps better than Blend 43.

      I will soon find out what Airjo tastes like, but I expect it to taste at least 100x better than Blend 43 :-)

  • Are the beans Arabica and are they ethically sourced? Not that this will matter for everyone but it might for some. Thanks.

  • Thanks Dan. You had me at strong in caffeine, I have purchased a bag.


  • Ordered the 500g to try it out. Thanks.

  • Bought 500g too to try it out :)

  • 1kg ordered this morning, thanks for the share

  • 1kg ordered just now, thanks for sharing.

    Will order other varieties if this one tastes as good as it sounds :-)

  • Looks great, just ordered a bag.

  • Ordered 500g, thanks. Are they in resealable bags?

  • Purchased, thank you

  • Ordered 1 kg to try. Thanks.


    Is that the normal pricing, and same product as advertised on your website?

    • Thanks masta187 - there were old listings of older products we had actually let drift (see different packaging).
      Normal pricing is as per our website as it has always been.
      Thanks heaps for your order.

      Looking forward to your feedback.


  • Done, ordered 1kg to try! Thanks for the deal OP

  • Damn was about to get some but deals over? :(

  • Ahh Bummer, was looking to try this but the party is over :( waiting for your next deal Dan the man!

  • Hey rep, sorry if this comes across as negative, but I think you should change your wording in the deal (or amend the website). Your website appears to be accepting orders for the Saratoga Blend (so it appears it is not 'sold out' as claimed), and the deal says it doesn't end for another 5 days, but your site no longer accepts the code. Seems wishy-washy.

    Sorry if I'm mistaken and you have fixed the website, but it allows me to add Saratoga to cart in any quantity desired. And yes I am annoyed at myself for getting all the way to the checkout and creating an account a couple of hours ago, but having something urgent to deal with and then missing the deal now that I finally have a chance to make payment! Looking forward to the next deal. Is there any way to subscribe to your future deals, aside from making a search alert?

    • Is there any way to subscribe to your future deals, aside from making a search alert?

      Click subscribe on the store page and you'll get an email any time a new deal is posted:

    • Hey bohdud - absolutely appreciate your connents and agree we could have done better today.
      We quite simply were under prepared.

      Will do better next time.
      Website fixed.

      Thanks and apologies for the confusion.

      • No worries, and congrats on so many sales with this deal! Upholding your quality of service is more important than getting greedy and taking sales that will take lengthy delays to fulfil, so you did the right thing by not overselling stock in this instance. All the best and I'll be keeping a keen eye out for the next deal (assuming future deals as good or better than this one).

    • Hiya Rep,

    I'll second the motion regarding a lack of communication.
    You indicated that we had six days to complete the order, yet it was taken offline in around three hours.
    Next time round can you please provide a more accurate ordering time frame so your product offer can be taken up.
    Someone else's coffee will now get purchased because of this, and that is disappointing for both of us.


    • Hey Paklog - as above, we apologise for not being on the ball with this offer.
      Sorry we couldnt help you out in time.


    • same here. I missed on the offer too. I guess rep thought they were losing money on the deal since a lot of people were ordering.

    • You've played the card that it's disappointing for them, but I doubt it. They sold their full allocation for this promotion, and have still gotten their name on your marketing radar. Mission accomplished.

  • Auspost really dropping the ball…

    Gold Coast to Gold Coast…. ordered/shipped Tuesday and won't receive till next Tuesday

    • Hey Jonnir
      Sorry to hear that
      Will try and chase it up for you but as you know it’s a public holiday here tomorrow.
      Fingers crossed for Monday.

      I think their estimates are generally conservative at the moment and most parcels are arriving earlier.

      It’s a tricky time for freight and shipping all around.

      Apologies again.

      • Would of actually thought it would be here next day and at worst day after to beat this public holiday….

        Maybe need to look at better local postage

        • Thanks Jonnir.
          We are actually going through all systems and processes after this sale. Our limits were tested (and broken)
          Local postage is definitely one of them.
          Likely to finish with a auspost/courier mix.

          Again, apologies for the delay.
          We will do better for you going forward.

          Most importantly we are super confident you will love the coffee. Please judge us on that when it does finally get into your hands!!


    • Have you received yours? Ordered mine LAST WEEK on Monday and still not here, about to be 2 weeks :(

  • This highlights the efficiency or lack of by Aus Post looking at tracking my delivery has gone from GC to a sorting facility in brisbane then dispatched back to GC probably the standard process unfortunatley and would be faster to use pigeon for local delivery.

    • Hey Hornet400.
      Coffee will still be great!! Have confidence in that.

      As above, reviewing shipping options, haven’t got pigeons on the list but hey, crazy times……


  • @AIRJO CoffeeRoasters
    I've noticed that Saratoga blend is back in stock. Considering that the original deal ends this Sunday, would you be able to reinstate AIRJO29 coupon code? Thanks.

  • Hey guys, ordered on the 10th last Monday but still haven't received anything :(

    • Hi okbianca

      Can you contact us through the website so we can lock in which order is yours and check tracking for you?
      There's some delays in the shipping for sure at the moment. They are getting to there destinations eventually, just a few days later than usual.
      We can check yours for you when we here from you on the site.


    • I'm still waiting also but I'm in Melbourne… land of eternal slow post due to covid crud!! :(

  • Mine arrived last Tuesday so 7 days GC to GC. Very nice coffee. Hopefully others recieve there's soon.

  • Got mine today (ACT). The jelly beans were a pleasant surprise :)

  • Great news!!
    Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the coffee 😁

    In the meantime, keep the jelly beans on the “low down.” We ran out of those on the day too and not everyone was as lucky as you 😉


  • Coffee flavour is quite strong but not bitter and quite well balanced . Dosed at 19 g . Quite a good bag of coffee beans. Would be keen to try some different beans .

    • Thank you so much suudo!!
      Awesome to hear you are enjoying the Saratoga Blend.

      The “Party Pack” is on sale at the moment which has a sample pack of each of our 9 blends. This is a good way to try them all 👍🏼

      Thanks again.
      Really appreciate you sharing 👍🏼


  • Hi Dan,

    Got the coffee, requested the cold-brew-ready grind, but not sure if that's what happened.

    Normally want it to be extremely coarse, the coarser the better.. even just hitting the beans with a hammer to crack them into large pieces is good.

    I think I ended up with standard ground coffee (no mention of a different grind type on the packaging) and it's suuuuper fine, like normal ground coffee - too fine to use in a cold brew steeper, as it all passes through the mesh and you end up with a cloudy mess.

    Any ideas what may have happened?

    • Hey Samba
      That sounds very odd, our apologies for the error.
      If you contact me through the website I can identify your order and help you from there no problem.

      There will be a reference to the grind type on the front label (in one of the circles), either way we will sort it for you when you get to me through the site.


      • Hi Dan,

        Looks like you're right, it does say "Cold Brew" above one of the circles. The grind is way too fine compared to what would normally be used for cold brewing. Needs to be as coarse as possible, and the grind here is quite fine, so it just goes straight through the mesh material it's meant to steep in.

        • Apologies samba I have only just seen your reply.

          If you contact me through the website I can find your order and try and see if we have made an error at this end.
          Either way we need to get you the right product.

          Just use the contact form on the site and we can go from there.
          Will sort it for you.


        • Hey again samba - keen to help you out here - can you contact me through website or email [email protected] so I can identify your order and get you all fixed up.


  • coffee tastes pretty good but I asked for Aeropress grind and it came very fine grind. Not too happy becoz of that..

    • Hey there OzFrugie.
      So sorry to hear you are not happy.
      If you could contact me through the website I can double check at our end if we possibly made a mistake and sort that out for you.

      You can email me directly on [email protected] or through the contact form on the site.

      Keen to sort it for you.


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