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Kingston 1TB A2000 NVMe SSD $159 Delivered @ Centrecom


Just dropped further. I think it's the cheapest it's ever been with free delivery. Enjoy.

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  • Soz if this is dumb, I have a 1tb 860 evo and im looking to get another 1tb for games
    Does anyone know how this nvme compares to 860 evo?

  • It was $150 with free delivery when I ordered last week

  • How does this compare with the other 1TB NVMe SSD on the front page right now? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/557526

    • The Kingston is a good value choice in an NVME drive, and will do the job for almost everyone. The WD is on the higher end, and likely overkill for most people. Both are good choices.

      • So the WD is just slightly faster?

      • So if I wanted 1 for my OS drive and gaming drive both would have no real world difference?

        • You would struggle to notice the difference between NVMe and SATA for most real world applications, especially gaming at the moment.

          This may change if games start utilising the new SSDs in the next generation consoles.

        • If you are asking this question, then you really don't have an usage to properly benefit from NVMe.

          Generally with NVMe, blasting it with a huge amount of data is unlikely, especially for general use. So, to really benefit from it, you need a lot of parallel reads/writes. One usage is 4K/8K video work or 4K extremely high fps and/or high bitrate. Multi batch processing or a server serving multiple clients or running multiple active processes is another way to take advantage of it.

          Gaming isn't going to hammer an NVMe hard enough. PS5's six channel DMA design is interesting, but we really need to see how much third party developers will take advantage of it (or will it be mostly first party developers). Also, that shift in game programming, will it really be a game changer?

    • The W.D. Black is around 40% faster than this (sequential read/write), but they're all so blazing fast you're not going to go wrong with any of them.

      I'd go for value, prioritizing storage over speed when choosing these. (Avoid QLC where possible, fortunately this is TLC.)

    • Kingston A2000 - a m.2 NVMe that's at least acceptable to justify it being an NVMe SSD. The price is pretty much at TLC SATA SSD level so what's not to like…
      WD Black - a m.2 NVMe with performance that's in most cases in the same league as Samsung NVMe's, but not priced at that too expensive level. Sure, 970 Pro still has the sustained write advantage, but most people seriously wouldn't and shouldn't be doing crazy sustained write on it.

      Reality: most home users don't really need NVMe SSDs. However, with the attractive prices, they are too attractive and too enticing.

    • A2000 - 2,200/2,000MB/s Seq R/W

      WD Black - 3,430/2,600MB/s Seq R/W

      Samsung 970 Evo - 3,500/3,300MB/s Seq R/W

      Now these figures are not the whole story and different use cases have different performance levels (and things generally get closer), but it gives an idea of what more money gets you in headline figures. There can also be longevity differences, sustained speed differences - you get the idea.

      If you scroll forward a few years, new PCs will have PCI4 and other new technologies to put these in the shade, and speeds will be one of the advances. Therefore I'd aim at the middle of the pack at the moment in the expectation that your next PC will also need a new SSD.

  • Is it using 3D QLC cells?

  • Can confirm this is a good price, using TLC and also has Dram. Now if only Kingston produced 2tb models…

  • How does this compare to the WD Blue SN550 ?

    • I've been looking at that exact one on Amazon.
      The A2000 is often considered better…. OzB generally views it as one of the best value budget NVMe drives.

      Although, some reviewers seem to put the SN550 slightly above the A2000.
      (Even though the SN550 is DRAMless)
      I suspect that it'll be hard for most users to tell.

  • Ah damn! Just bought it for 165 earlier today

  • Incredible price. I remember paying nearly $500 for my 1TB 960 NVMe drive only 2 years back…. ouch

    • @ozb1986 .. I felt the same pain, although slightly greater with the Samsung 960 Pro 1tb back in 2017 just before the prices went through the roof because the BitCoin farming boom… thank god the bottom fell out of that with SSD and RAM prices returning to reason price levels.

    • Agree, bought this drive earlier this year for $265 :(

  • i have a question about this, I intend to plug it into a PS4's USB port via a external nvme enclosure. so technically, even this nvme ssd would still be bottle necked by the USB port.

    my only concern is , will the lack of active heat dissipation , will it be worse off than a normal external SSD?

    • Same question here.

    • I don't think it will be taxed enough to need to dissipate so much heat over USB 3.0

    • It will be bottlenecked by the USB 3.0 port, but speeds will still be great.

    • It is a waste of money. USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure for NVMe SSD isn't cheap. Make sure you get the right one, a lot of cheap USB 3 m.2 enclosure for SATA3 only. Those won't work. Most sellers know people want USB 3.1 gen 2 NVMe enclosures so they are not selling them cheap.

      However, if PS5 supports USB 3.1 gen 2, then when you play PS4 games on a PS5, you could get some benefit. There is no chance this NVMe meets PS5 NVMe SSD requirement.

      Lack of active heat dissipation

      USB 3.1 gen 1 / USB 3.0 is not going to keep it busy. Also, what kinda of junk enclosure you are thinking about getting making you feel there is no heat dissipation?

      Honestly, with the final big first party title, Ghost of Tsushima, now released, you are thinking about upgrading PS4 storage? Shouldn't you be prepping for PS5 or XBox Series X?

      • it so happen that i have an extra nvme usb 3.1 enclosure… has heat sinks and pads

        so on that front, i already have an enclosure, with no nvme SSD.
        regardless, so with these, they won't be 'actively cooled' by any casing fans if i use it with the PS4. so that's my main concern.

        Honestly, with the final big first party title, Ghost of Tsushima, now released, you are thinking about upgrading PS4 storage? Shouldn't you be prepping for PS5 or XBox Series X?

        already completed GoT :)
        i think it will be a while before i will get PS5, so the external ssd would help with expanding storage.

    • If I were in your position I'd just buy something like this and avoid the hassle of external NVMe cases (which can have heat issues in my own personal experience). Similar coin once you factor in the case, but you get something which works out of the box and I doubt there will be a significant difference in user experience on a PS4 between an NVMe SSD in a case and a SATA SSD.

  • Just to ask, what is the best usb enclosure for this one?

  • With all these NVMe deals lately, I'm seriously considering getting a PCI-e adapter for my old junker and upgrading to one of these from a 120gb Sandisk SSD I've been on since 2017!

    Apart from the sheer volume upgrade, is NVMe vs. SATA SSD worth the hassle of getting an adapter for an older Mobo?

    • Make sure your old motherboard supports booting from PCIe first. Also, do bear in mind, most motherboards nowadays has 1 m.2 NVMe slot wired directly to CPU. They might also have another one wired to PCIe lanes.

      Now, your proposed setup would be the latter and depending on the motherboard, you might still get x4 out of it (which is fine), but if you use it on a x1 slot / adapter (or x2), you won't have enough bandwidth to fully benefit from it. x2 is kinda still okay I guess.

      • thanks netsurfer, might stick with SATA for simplicity, I think I can set up PCI-E and boot via UEFI, but CBF for the performance benefit, especially running GTX760 and fairly outdated hardware otherwise.

        Much appreciated.

        • Yeah, best to plan for a full system upgrade. The storage side is getting a bit cloudy currently.

          On AMD side: you have X570, which is true PCIe Gen 4 throughout and B550 which has CPU storage support that's PCIe Gen 4, but CPU chipset link remains PCIe Gen 3.

          On Intel side, it's a even bigger mess. We're probably looking at 11th gen Intel desktop CPU before any real PCIe Gen 4 support, even though some M/B makers kinda jump the gun. Still, it will only be at best a half baked solution.

          Until the major SSD makers start making PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, current ones are really doing Gen 4 only on sequential level. What will happen to these PCIe Gen 3 SSDs is unclear. Will we see a clearance sale?

          • @netsurfer: Invaluable insights, thanks again! Such lack of foresight and consistency on the part of manufacturers will likely lead to further (Oz)bargains as you indicated. Kudos!

  • How hot does this SSD get? As my second m.2 slot is behind the motherboard with bugger all airflow

  • Some users have reported random BSOD due to the drivers.

  • Easily crushes the SN550 when it comes to sustained writing speeds. That DRAM helps a lot. DRAMless SSDs should be a no go zone regardless of the NAND type used.

  • I have this in my laptop, where I find it is quicker is booting, other than that I think feel it comparable to a ssd.
    While speed is good it might be marginal increase over ssd. Really programs don't load any noticeable differences between ssd and this drive.
    This is what I find on my laptop.others may have different experiences.

  • Is this compatible with Dell XPS 9370?

  • will this work on macbook pro early 2015 model?

  • umart also have this for 159 for those who want to pickup

  • I've been waiting for 13 days for my payment to be processed. I wish I hadn't gone the bank transfer route to avoid the credit card charges, or that I had chosen a company that responded to email with action rather than generic "we will forward onto x department" messages.

    Lessons learnt.

  • Looks like the price has dropped further down to $149 del

  • Yep just noticed price drop to $149 w/ free shipping! Great deal

  • Seems that the deal is still available.

    Does anyonw know if this will work for Lenovo IdeaCentre 510S?

  • just be careful dealing with them one month later and I still don't have my SSD and I'm missing out on better deals (and desperate to get a new SSD in my system)