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Samsung GLAP Gaming Pad Android Controller $126.70 (Was $159.95) + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Stumbled onto this deal while looking for a telescopic controller for my phone.

Although more expensive than competing products, user reviews indicate the GLAP is of higher build quality and doesn't suffer from latency or deadzones issues that you typically see on cheaper products (ipega 9083 etc).

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  • At that price, another alternative would be the Razer Kishi which is usb-C connection rather than Bluetooth as well.


  • This really does look VERY good. I just wish I had the SD version of my Note 10+ so that I can run the more modern emulation on it. Would have been a no brainer to get if that was the case.

    • Maybe when Samsung catches up & releases a 'gamer' phone they'll stop this Exynos madness.

      • Mind you.. for regular "work" processes (Non GPU), Exynos is generally faster than the SDs and I work out of my phone quite a bit on DEX / Linux / RDP. No complaints about that. If only they added more GPU units to the processor and updated the GPU GL/Vulkan libraries for better instruction set.. or ditch Mali altogether (a bit hard given Adreno is owned by Qualcomm).

        • My concern with the Exynos isn't the speed. It's suitably speedy for everything, including gaming.
          It's the cooling that's the issue.

          The Exynos starts throttling due to heat much, much faster than the SD. There's a huge drop after about ten minutes. It holds for a while then drops again, and keeps dropping, the longer the session goes for.

          Not an issue with work-oriented devices that aren't constantly running at or near 90% for long periods. In a 'gaming' phone, however, sadly not up to snuff.

  • Ipega 9083 with the updated Bluetooth controller reviews just as well. Also the mould this is using is almost identical to an older ipega design, probably uses the same odm.

  • What the bad thing of using DualShock 4? Is it more lag?

    I dont feel the lag, but I only been using DualShock 4 in my phone using usb OTG, and only for SNES and genesis emulator (RetroArc), and been thinking to buy something like this:

    And I'm not a pro gamer, so may be the reason I don't notice the latency?