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Kingston A2000 M.2 SSD 1TB $148.95, 500GB $81.95, Kingston A400 SATA SSD 480GB $74.95, 240GB $48.95 + Del @ Shopping Square

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  • The A2000s cost an extra 5 cents at Centrecom. I think it's worth it to buy from a more reputable store.

    Edit: A400 480GB for $78 delivered at Centrecom too, though I'd strongly recommend getting one of the Barracuda 120s at Umart. The 250GB model is $45 + Delivery and the 500GB $79 + Delivery, both have a DRAM cache.

    And the 240GB A400 is $41 + Delivery at Centrecom. This isn't a very good deal.

    • got my a2000 from centrecom, took a few days for them to get in, c&c , and because it’s a shop front i guess i keep someone in a job ….. shipping kills many of the deals compared to c&c if you live or will be passing by a store.

      • Centrecom have free shipping for everything above $70 I think.

        Edit: Nooo it's $79 haha what a joke they priced the A400 just under that. The only cheapest thing at SSQ is the A400 480GB then.

      • I ordered something with ShoppingSquare late last month; their site errored out and prevented card payments. As a result, I had to using the BPAY payment method that takes absolutely ages (I think it took like 4 days before the payment cleared).

        2 weeks later, the damned order still hasn't shipped.

        I shudder to think how shithouse the aftersales would be if something needs an RMA.

    • I also ordered from CentreCom. Whilst I'm not averse to Futu_Online/Shopping Express (and have bought from them before via their eBay store), CentreCom seems to have a pretty positive reputation.

  • i want to upgrade my SSD storage. Can someone recommend a good fast SSD for my Dell XP 13? Looking for 1TB.

  • This 480Gb or This one for for just a little more? $79 + Delivery Crucial MX500 500Gb


  • M.2 SSD is not the same as M.2 NVMe…

    • But..but m.2 NVMe is an SSD!

      What you meant to say is m.2 SATA SSD is not the same as m.2 NVMe SSD

      • Isn't the 480GB a Sata SSD , same as the cruical MX500 ie a sata SSD?
        What am I missing?