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RØDE PSA1 PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm $116.41 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


I was looking around for boom arms and prices. This boom arm has a lot of good reviews and this is the cheapest price I can find online.

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  • This seems obscenely overpriced. I picked up a Neewer one recently for $15 that holds a Blue Snowball perfectly.

    • Each to their own man, It's good to hear you are having a positive experience with yours!

    • It's definitely expensive and somewhat hard to justify the price, however, I have had mine for several years now and am glad I spent the extra for the it. It's absolutely solid after years of use, doesn't squeak or anything and easily holds heavier mics without any issues.

    • I'd trust almost anything Neewer branded, except things made of plastic. That Neewer stand is also rated for 1kg, like OPs stand. https://www.amazon.com.au/Neewer-Adjustable-Microphone-Suspe...

    • I agree, to each their own. I've owned a lot of mic booms and stands over the years. You get what you pay for. It does depend on your use case and the weight of your microphone though too. I've had a couple of those cheaper mic arms and they're ok for really light-weight mic's, but for anything heavier (Rode Procaster, Electro Voice RE-320, Blue Yeti, etc), they don't have the strength to hold the mics up without drooping over time. Also the Rode PSA-1 I think is a bit larger, further-reaching and more stable than those cheaper units.

    • Pretty sure not the same thing, the metal would cost more than $15 and also it's australian made.

  • Reviews seem like there’s some inherent design flaws

  • One of the bigger differences in paying more for these arms is holding more weight, less creaking when it moves, and cable channel routing. This ones a pretty good and very popular one.

  • Rode make wonderful Microphones I have and love their Videomic Pro NTG but this is way over priced. Just get a cheapo one off ebay or Amazon they work fine.

  • I have this Rode product and the main issue is that you do need to have a heavier mic or it won't stay in position, but it's great!
    …As an example, it doesn't stay put with a NTG3 but is flawless with something heavier like procaster.

  • I bought the Neewar for my Rode NT1a and had to overtighten it to get it to stay put. So I upgraded to this and there is no locking it just stays on the spot. I think I paid about $150 from a local music shop. To each their own but these are a nice upgrade and a good way to support the locals.

  • Really happy with mine, been able to hold my Razer Sieren for a few years and still going strong.

  • I've been looking for a professional mic for a home studio that can be mounted on a keyboard stand (I have a a K and M 18660 Spider Pro). With this boom arm do I still need to buy a mount to hold a microphone?

  • I actually had a really good experience with Rode support as well. One of the thumbscrews for mine wouldn't tighten properly anymore after a little while (probably faulty or maybe I over tightened?). I contacted Rode who sent me a new one at no cost, with no trouble at all. Still working perfectly fine to this day 🙂

    • I had the same experience. My rycote shock mount broke and they also sent me a new one, no questions asked. Will continue to support awesome Australian companies

  • Bought mine from Scorptec in June for $119 after being on the waiting list for over a month. Works excellently for my Shure SM7B. Yes its ozbargain and there are plenty of cheapo ones on aliexpress/ebay/amazon but do you really want a $20 stand holding your $600 mic?

    A mate who works at CameraHouse has told me that Rode’s supply line is being absolutely smashed and cannot keep up with demand (probably from the heap of people wanting to stream from home now). Sure, it’s close to RRP and expensive for what it is but there is no real alternative for this quality which is available right now.

  • We've got 3 in our recording studio they are fantastic mate you won't regret it.

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