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G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 2666 CL18 $342.10 Delivered @ Newegg Global


Seems to be a pretty good deal .

DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300)
Timing 18-18-18-43
Voltage 1.2V

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  • Errmogod

  • 2666…

  • Nice color. Looks expensive.

  • How do I know if I need more Ram? I checked and on average my task manager says its only using 50% or so of my 16gb…. When I open many many tabs sometimes chrome goes a bit funny.. is that software based issue?

    • Chrome loves ram. Unless you're opening 30+ tabs (some number for "lots") or playing some pretty ram intensive games, 16gb is plenty for you. Being at 50%, or having 6gb workable spare, is quite comfortable.

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        Yes probably 40-50 tabs, 64 bit. Maybe something else is at play in the OS.

    • GET IT. GET IT. (sometimes you just need a little push. haha)

    • You don't need more. Honestly. If you're not running virtual machines or weird stuff then 16gb is enough.

      Lots of Ram gets used as cache just because it doesn't need to be freed up for any particular task. Your OS will clear it when required. Having more ram for cache isn't going to give a noticeable real world benefit.

      I've got 16gb and 300 chrome tabs (most not opened in the current session though). All good.

      Any software that isn't 64bit is limited to 4gb anyway.

    • If you don't if you need, then you don't need

    • Those people tell you not to get extra ram because you don't need are the ones that worried about cost. If you have the bucks, go for it. You may need it one day and that solves it.

  • Timings are shit, but I'm sure you could overclock it to at least 3200CL16. I've never seen DDR4 which can't do that given 1.35V. I'm sure the Royal part will counteract the bad timings though.

  • Has anyone proposed with it yet?

  • I kinda like how it looks. Clean flat lines. Better than 80% of the other serrated crap on the market. Credit to them for making something that stands out.

    Dunno about the price vs speed though. You're gambling on ocing.

  • What beautiful pair of sticks. So exquisite and loving those clean lines. Woulda preferred 2 pairs to complete the look.

  • These are JEDEC timings, any reason why they dont have an XMP profile for these modules?

  • Maybe easier selling my 2x 16gb sticks then upgrade too these, then trying too match my 2x 16s on an AMD system,.. 👍

  • Am I the only one that thinks these are ugly af? If you like minimal + clean lines, look up the non-"royal" Trident Z's.