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JBL Link Portable WiFi Speaker with Google Assist - Black $99 @ BIG W


Ripper of a deal and reviews of the speaker are promising.. looks to be the same deal from June which had expired.

Comes with charging cradle in the box (Looking at you, Ultimate Ears, charging $50 for a charging dock)…

$99 @ Big W, $249.95 RRP (on JBL website)
Seems to be plenty stock in most stores. Also free delivery for those of you in VIC (or you can do contactless drive up pick-up).

Product Description:
JBL Link Portable delivers bold, dynamic JBL 360-degree Pro sound for up to eight hours. Keep the music going with easy Wi-Fi or Bluetooth streaming in any room in your home. With the Google Assistant, make music requests, access Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music and listen without interruptions. Just say "Hey Google" to get started. Fully wireless, waterproof and durable it can handle an accidental soak or a few bumps and bruises. Charging is a breeze with the convenient, easy-to-use cradle. Complement your style with one of six eye-catching colors (availability varies by region).

JBL 360-Degree Pro Sound

Surround yourself with music. Enjoy crystal clear highs, sharp mids and deep, powerful bass. JBL Link Portable pulses sound in every direction thanks to a full-range transducer with 360-degree capabilities.

Wireless streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Stream music on your JBL Link Portable effortlessly. Keep the music going with seamless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth streaming and easily access your Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music with no interruptions.

Hands-free help from the Google Assistant

Just say "Hey Google" to ask the Google Assistant to play your favorite songs, and get easy access to all your music.

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  • Does anyone know if the WiFi streaming for Spotify goes via Google? I have had so many issues with the music pausing/stopping/not resuming with the Google Home/Mini's.I love the ability to say Hey Google, but i'd prefer not to use the Spotify/Google functionality.

    • +1

      I'd say that it does use the Google protocol as I think it plays it through the Chromecast that is built in.

  • Thanks OP they have confirmed my order

  • Thanks OP, have ordered.

  • +1

    Yep thanks OP, clicked 10 minutes ago and its ready to collect

  • Officeworks have just reduced it to $99 as well, and they have the Music Link for the same price.

    • +1

      Pretty sure it was after my price match, as they had to confirm with Big W that it was the same product.

    • +1

      Still cheaper @BigW with discounted eGift card & possible 2000 Rewards points.

    • How does this compare to the music?

  • https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/jbl-link-m...

    about to purchase one, then I found this.

    which model is better, music link or portable link?

    • Not battery operated.
      Dustproof rather than waterproof.

    • -1

      link music is the higher end model of the two. plus with the link music it's powered by AC so has to always be plugged in. Link portable gives you added flexibility of battery and AC.

      • +1

        i meant link portable* is the higher end model of the two (based on their RRP)

    • +1

      They both are rated at the same power output but not sure if that translates to identical sound quality. I like the idea of having a portable smart speaker so I went with link portable.

    • Link Music has no battery to be portable. About sound quality I don't know.

  • Can anyone help me make a decision between this or Harman Kardon Citation ONE? I can grab the HK through Telstra plus for around ~$90 plus the accumulated points i have. Thanks

    • HK is a more powerful speaker 20w vs 40w. But JBL is portable. Personally I'd buy HK if I were to buy this at RRP.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought the last one in stock at Big W Jesmond.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. I didn't need or want one, but have just bought myself a Fathers Day present.

    • +3

      happy father's day to you sir.

  • Has mic? for conference room solution.

    • it has mics but not sure if they can be used for voice calls as their main purpose is to detect voice commands. Maybe someone who has this or a similar JBL product can confirm.

      • +3

        I just watched this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY1_a-TlySI

        He says no calling functions. If you're bluetoothed to it, you won't be able to select it for your call.

        • good to know mate, will help others to make the informed purchasing decision

        • I watched the same review and then purchased!

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    Thanks op got the last one in Plumpton.

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    Thank you… awesome buy. I ordered mine online and can't wait to sync to my google home hub. Google is so much better than I ever thought possible!!! 10 times better than Siri.

    • +1

      yeah i've got a couple of google speakers around the apartment (a google nest mini on each bedside table in my bedroom, a google home max speaker on my office desk as well as another one on the other side of the office) and a google next hub max in the kitchen. so handy, especially now that i've started kitting out the apartment with philips hue lights, playbars and light strips!

  • +1

    nothing within 5km of me…. damn this stage 4 ruining everything

    • can you get it delivered? free delivery in VIC

      • +1

        it says delivery: nostock

        • damn that really sux :(

  • +1


    Does anyone know what the "always listening" Google Assistant impact is to the battery life/drain?

    I rarely need to charge up my BT speakers but none have GA. Wondering if this feature means you'll have to charge it up much more frequently.


    • +3

      Just hit the mic mute button on the back and that will disable* the listening mode.

      *Just kidding… Google never stops listening!

    • +1

      If you are going to keep the speaker at one place most of the time, you keep it on the wireless charging cradle for continuous current supply. You can just pick it up if you are moving for few hours. I think with full charge it will give 6hrs of use.

  • +2

    Looks like it's now out of stock online with both Officeworks and Big W.

    Local stock still available.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, purchased 1 from Big W for home delivery using GC.

  • -2

    Australia post also has this for same price.

    • +2

      I think Auspost has JBL Link Music which is different

      • Its called JBL Link music wifi speaker, using Google assistant

        • yeah thats shorter and odd loking speaker.

        • +1

          As discussed above, also at OW.
          No battery!

  • Is it better than flip 4?

    • +1

      don't think you can really compare them as they're used under different use cases - flip 4 (and the newer flip 5) are both bluetooth only, meant to be more portable, and from what i understand are stereo, not mono.

      link portable is WIFI and bluetooth, mono only but loud, smart speaker with google home integration etc.

      • +1

        Hit F5 & the 1st thing I noticed was your avatar change, scrolled down and realised masks are now the default.
        PS. Thanks, bought one for Vic delivery. Hopefully it isn't canceled.

        • haha yea i only just noticed that now too!

          I don't think they'd cancel your order, it's not a pricing error. So unless they suddenly run out of stock then you should be good to go.

  • Ordered from Big W and paid the $7.90 postage. Officeworks and Bing Lee both price match but mostly out of stock. No postage options for either of them.

    Bing Lee has the white model for $99 which was my preference but nearest one was 1.5 hours away.

  • Out of Stock for delivery to 3003, checked Big W, Office works and Bing Lee

  • Does this make any sounds when it is switched on or off. I would like a speaker that doesn't to assist with settling my kid to sleep.

    • You can set the volume to 0.

  • +2

    Geez ive sold a few of these today
    How many?
    Oh, at least seven in the last hour
    Youve been ozbargained, mate

    He reckons he might have one left, BigW Cumberland Park

  • If only it had an aux. input.

  • +2

    Just got 2 from hardly normal in store in vic $99 each price match was $249

    • +3

      that's hardly normal of them to price match with that much of a price difference (last time I tried to price match a router they were so adamant that I couldn't get it cheaper anywhere else with stock)

    • +2

      I legit waited an hour online for them to price match and the guy was just like nah can't do it. Everytime I answered his question he would take 20+ mins to respond to me, not even kidding.

  • What is the difference between JBL Link Portable, which is in the tile,

    and the JBL Link 10 (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jbl-link-10-google-voice-...),

    and the JBL Link 20 (https://www.google.com/shopping/product/3410475946760412149?...)


    • 10: older product with 5 hours battery
      20: a stronger 10
      portable: newer product with 8 hours battery and may be some improvements

      • Thanks Kaio, that explains a lot! I saw that you read my other comment about being sold a used product. The bluetooth pairing history shows it got paired up in March 2019. Would that suggest that this product came out at least a year old now, from 03/19 to 08/20?

  • Bought the last one from Top Ryde store

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Didn't need one lol. But got one anyway!

    • +1

      No worries. Isn’t that what ozB is 95% all about? ;)

  • -1

    How is this thing IP7 rated when the USB-C port is totally exposed?

    • USB-C port is not on the speaker, it is on the detachable charging base

      • +1

        Hate to break it to you but there are two ports. One on the charging base and another in the back of the speaker itself

        • Ah right I see that.. Was planning to give it a shower now can't 😕..

          • +3

            @ujwols: Why not? My phone has an exposed USB-C but has a waterproof rating. Are you suggesting JBL is lying about the certification?

  • OOS?

  • How does this compare to UE Boom 3 in terms of sound quality?

  • Does anyone know if I can set up my netflx to play video on my TV via chromecast, while simultaneously only playing the audio via this speaker?

    • No

  • Seems good price thanks.

    For those wanting google home features it is worth mentioning it may miss some of the genuine google branded functions. I’ve discovered my Sony speaker can’t do some stuff such as identify a song, make phone calls, so I suspect there will be more.

  • +1

    Have had the JBL Link View for over 18 months as it's awesome as a kitchen screen/speaker while prepping meals or just hanging out (need to kep an eye on the kids to make sure they don't use it to sheat on their homework though). The family uses it all the time - everyone taking turns (mostly) to throw up a song - plus the usual Google stuff like adding things to the shopping list, turning lights on and off or opening and closing the garage door. Sound quality is way more than adequate for those purposes. Also have a few Google Home Minis around the place in bedrooms, study, etc. but nothing for outside - now we do! We have good wifi coverage around the pool so will no longer need to take a phone and separate bluetooth speaker with us when we want to listen to some random tunes or the cricket commentary while cooling off. Hoping the sound quality is up there with the Link View.

  • Thanks OP - nabbed one.

  • +2

    4 Google home mini (3 opened and 1 still in sealed box) and 3 Echo dot 3 (still in the box sealed) also have 1 kiwi portable charging base for my mini), thanks to ozbargain and I'm still thinking about buying this.

    Should I ?

    • +1

      You wouldn't be alone there!
      The persuasive power of Ozbargain!!

      Only got around to setting up a GH mini this week - bought for $20 over a year ago. 2 free ones from inactive Telstra accounts still in box. A $10 Echo dot 3 set up last week to compare & another coming.

      Off to pick up one of these being held at bigW.

    • +1

      once you start you can't really stop.. I got 2x Nest Mini starter kits from Big W when they were on sale earlier in the year, then 2x Google Home Max speakers for my home office, then a Google Nest Hub Max for the kitchen. Started adding smart lights and also smart plugs into the mix and it's just continuing to grow.

      • +1

        Sounds… well, Viral!!
        Thanks for the Deal, "huey"👍

  • +2

    In the Harvey norman store trying to do a price match. One of the big w stores which is 40 mins drive from my place showing low stock in the big w website so I decided to try my luck in HN. The experience is horrible, they saw the website showing low stock but they still called the store to confirm, and then I heard the HN staff asked on the phone : “are you sure you have one in stock? Can you double check?” And then I wait 20 mins and he said they took down his details and needed to check the warehouse to see if they actually have it in stock. HN will do their best not to price match a product for customer, they are the worst !

    • +2

      not surprising.. -_-' they didn't want to price match Officeworks for the $30 difference of a router last time i was there, until I told them fine I'll just walk across the road and by it from them instead.

  • Just bought this from BigW yesterday and loved that!

    Reminder there's a minor issue of "sorry I don't understand" which had already existed in previous model: https://www.reddit.com/r/googleassistant/comments/i6o1p8/goo...

    • "Sorry, I didn't understand" This occurs after every command.
      Haven't had that issue.

      • Haven't you had that issue?

  • +1

    Bought one today from BIG W Brookside. After I came back home, found that the packing box was cut open before, with a new sticky tape on top of the original seal. At that point, still didn't think that I got a 2nd handed one. Opened up the box, everything seems new, till I set it up with my Google Home.

    In the Google Home app, in the Paired Bluetooth Devices section, I can see two devices been paired up on 26/3/2019, named "CSR Audio Dongle". This couldn't be possibly the factory testing device right? It seems like someone paired/used it before.

    It basically means that I got a second handed device from BIG W Brookside Brisbane. Well done. Will call their manager tomorrow. Sooooo pissed!

    • In my experience, they repack returned products with their own sticker like "Checked and repacked by Big W staff.", blue texts on white background.

  • just bought this. just wondering, since it doesn't have aux, can I use this as my PC speaker? can we connect our pc to this speaker through wifi?

    • pair via bluetooth

  • Hi Guys, Out of stock everywhere at Big W, and OfficeWorks refuse to match (even in the store).
    Either way free delivery from Brisbane at $81

  • Just bought one. Very impressive for $99. Thank you.

    • Got mine today.. very happy with the sound quality!

  • Are there any other alternatives, that act as a google home, + can take bluetooth as a speaker?

  • Thanks Op, brought one Friday, then brought another one for the wife in the salon on Saturday, then went back and brought the last one in stock at my local monday. One for the Lounge and one for the kitchen. :)

  • +1

    Updated price at the moment at Big W $95

  • anyone know how to pair this with bluetooth?

    • depends what you're pairing it with.. but you see the bluetooth button on the speaker? press it and it will be in bluetooth pairing mode.

      • (any bluetooth device) yeah tried that and no wont pair, seems crippled to the ggooggle home app. Not sure why you would cripple a speaker this way.

        • Pairing worked fine for me that way with phone & TV.
          Sounded better casting to this device from phone than through Bluetooth.
          TV sounded crap through this mono speaker.

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