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Brazil 100 XBOX Live Gift Card A$19.83 @ G2A


Hi Xbox Gamers,

Not sure how useful this will be for all but it's a literal bargain in my opinion that I had to share.
So I created an Brazilian Xbox account in the past to purchase cheap games from their store and with this recent sale and exchange rate it's even more cheaper.

The 100 Brazilian real Xbox cards are being sold for $19.83 AUD - With the current exchange rate on XE.com 100 Brazilian buys 25.65 AUD
So you are actually making money.

I've bought 15 of these Xbox cards from this seller - Floatingclouds and all codes work and come instantly after payment

To give you an example on the savings I've made, I've bought the following;

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning FATE Edition - RRP on Australian Xbox store is $99.99 - I got it for $30

Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition - RRP on Australian Xbox store is $32.99 - I got it for $17

It's a simple process to setup a Brazilian Xbox Live Account;

Example :

You buy 50 BRL (Brazilian store)
You credit these 50 BRLs to your Brazilian Microsoft account
When you buy the game, you can’t use your 50 BRLs because you don’t see them anywhere.
You must add another payment method (credit card) on the Brazilian store. You can use yours without any problem! Only the address must be located in Brazil.
You can now buy your game with your 50 BRL 😉

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  • Just to show the purchases I've made - https://ibb.co/rbmTfK4

    Also I use these two sites to compare Aus vs Brazilian prices.



  • This is from G2A, notorious for selling stolen keys - I'm not sure about this particular seller but your xbox account can be in trouble if you use stolen keys.

    For safety I usually get my brazilian cards from seagm.com - a bit more expensive but at least not potentially stolen and dodgy.

    I'm not negging the post, but warning about G2A.

  • Can you play them on any account after you bought or just on the brazillian one?

    • Can play on any account on that Xbox

    • Nope works fine, I only have the one xbox profile and have purchase Australian games from the xbox dashboard perfectly fine.
      You do have to use a web browser to buy the Brazilian ones though.

      I would assume that as the credits don't expire once you add them to your account, Once the Xbox Series X comes out you should also be able to use it for those games too.

  • Don’t forget Cashrewards :)

  • Oh and I just noticed that you can extend your Game Pass Ultimate subscription using the Brazilian xbox credit you allocate to your account.

    They charge R$39,99 a month for Game Pass Ultimate which is approximately $10.26 AUD
    So a year of Game Pass Ultimate would be R$479.88 - $123.11 AUD

    But if you were to buy 5x 100 Real Brazilian Xbox Gift Cards it would only cost you $99.15 AUD for 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate subscription :)

  • Nah screw G2A, when you get an issue with them they'll just been your account and move on. Happened to me, I had a key that didn't work so they banned me.

  • Does anyone know where you can view your BR account balance now?

    It used to be visible under "Payment and Billing" in your Microsoft Account (in a PC browser) but they've changed that screen now and it only shows your Australian account balance.

    • Hover your mouse to Payment and Billing and select Payment Options

      • Yeah, tried that but I'm just getting a weird fonted page that combines all 4 options "Order History" "Payment Options" etc and "Payment Options" only shows my Credit Card, no gift card balances.

        Maybe its just server maintenance time in the US.

    • I've only got one account and use it for everything.
      The Brazilian setup is only ever used if I need to buy cheap games off their marketplace.

      Basically with the setup, When I purchase off the Brazilian marketplace it only touches my loaded prepaid credit.
      If I hop back onto the Australian store or my Xbox dashboard it purchases using my saved credit card.

      It's worth a try for $20 if you've never done it before. Again, use the comparison sites I listed for reference.
      From experience, Brazilian pricing is always cheaper than Australia sometimes by more than 50% but there have been rare instances where the odd game is cheaper in Australia.


      • Could you do a quick guide such as how to redeem the Brazilian credit and if a VPN etc is needed or if it can all be done from the console?

  • Also for those that aren't aware, You can also gift games using this process by entering the other person's linked Xbox email address.

    I was going to make a small side gig out of buying people games for a flat free of $5 but turns out a lot of forums/marketplaces don't condone this kind of free market initiative. Haha

    • OP do you run a separate account on your xbox with the Brazilian marketplace, or do you just use your main account?

    • this sounds like a better set up with less risk of getting your main account blocked.
      Are you able to gift ultimate pass as well - or is this just a sub?

      • Can't gift Game pass :(
        Think you're right, maybe setting up a separate account and then gifting your main account the games you want.

        Didn't even think of that… I'm going to cry if they one day block all my purchases (Unlikely but still a possibility though remote)

  • Thanks OP - purchased credit on G2A, arrived instantly and then used the links on Xbox Store Checker, redeemed code and it downloaded on my console straight away.

    • Awesome, Did you find it difficult?
      Any issues with setting up the brazilian address?

      You'll be saving a lot more now. Just keep an eye on the xbox store checker for deals. I believe they get updated weekly.

  • Price has gone up?

    Damn I was going to purchase a bunch!