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Bike Repair Stand $39.99 Helmet $19.99 Pump $14.99 Light Set $19.99 Bike Bags $7.99 28 Piece Toolkit $39.99 @ ALDI


Bicycle Repair Stand $39.99

Extendable bicycle repair stand
Quick release clamping system
Foldable and easy to store

Adult’s Bike Helmet $19.99

Integrated removable LED rear light with 3 function settings
Removable visor and polybag with pins 
11 optimised, enlarged vents
In-moulded polycarbonate construction for high heat resistance
Patented 360° adjustment system                                                                                 
Safety buckle at the chin
Partially removable inner pads
Design integrated removable rear light with 6 powerful red LEDs and 3 function settings (continuous light, blinking mode and running light)
With reflective sticker                                                
In-moulded bug net
Enlarged covering zone for neck and temple area
Rear light contains lithium CR1620 battery 
Polycarbonate (outer shell)
Expanded polystyrene EPS (Styropor corpus)
Nylon (strap material)
PU foam and velvet (inner pads)
Sizes: S/M (approx. 54-59cm), L/XL (approx. 59-64cm)

Track Floor Pump $14.99

Pressure gauge with 10bar scale/145psi
Duo pump head for all valve types of Schrader, Presta/ Sclaver and Dunlop
With 3 adaptors stored in the handle for airbeds, balls or inflatable toys
Wide pump base for stability during pumping process

LED Light Set $19.99

Front light: max. brightness 150 lumen
Rear light: max. brightness 35 lumen
USB rechargeable
Anodised aluminium
Li-ion battery, 700 mAh, 1W, 3.7V
Front light: 3 white LEDs
Rear light: 3 red LEDs
4 user functions: high, low, flash and double flash
Protection class: IP44
Burning time until low battery indicator in hours (approx.): high = 2, low = 2.5, flash = 2.5 and double flash = 5
Includes 2 mounting straps and USB charging cable

Assorted Mini Bike Bags $7.99

Choose from a Phone, Saddle or Frame bag

Bicycle Toolbox 28 piece $39.99

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  • +3

    I've read lots of good reviews about the bike repair stand. But struggling to justify buying one if I'm not really into fixing or regular maintenance/servicing of my own bikes. Is there some other use that I could convince myself to buy one :)

    • +4

      Dog grooming arm

    • +8

      Its great for cleaning the bike as well.

      • +4

        that's the reason I will try to get one. good for cleaning and lubricating the chain.

      • second this!

    • +2

      hang up shirts as you finish ironing them,

      • +22

        What will I use my treadmill for then?

        • +4

          Put the bike repair stand on the treadmill… now u have more place to hang your shirts.

          • +1

            @darthsparrow: How about bike on treadmill. Good alternative for bike trainer :)

    • If you use it just once a year maybe not worth it, but it does fold up.
      I have not use it for anything else that intended purpose.

      Camera pentapod maybe.

    • +5

      Great for cleaning the bike and lubing the chain. I only use mine about 4 or 5 times a year but it's well worth it at this price.

      • Could you mount a heavy light on it, does the end accept a spigot?

      • If it's just for that, you could tip the bike upside down on a piece of cardboard. I have 4 bikes and do all my own maintenance - that's how I've been doing it. Although if there was an aldi here I'd try to get one of those stands

    • my brother sticks a broom in it and uses it as a clothesline.

  • +7

    Thanks for sharing. Any review for the bike stand ?

    I purchased the lights one year ago, same stuff from Aldi (I think the price was 15$ only). It is quite bright, but limited battery life. Problem is that it is not charging anymore, so I can't recommend this product.

    I also purchased the same phone holder from Amazon, and it broke in 2 pieces while I was riding. My phone was thrown on the ground, and it could have been pretty dangerous if I would have been on open road. Can't recommend this product either.

    The Toolbox is ok, if you have occasional use. It misses a few tools like cable cutter or chain quicklink clamp, but for the price you can't complain…

    • +1

      The stand is fine, the weak point would be the plastic clamp at the end. But as long as you unload everything and balance the bike properly it would be fine. I wrecked my coz I got lazy, left the pannier etc on, and didn't centre it properly, it was a IGH hybrid as well, not exactly the lightest thing around.

    • +1

      I bought a four legged one from many years ago, the new ones have 5 legs.
      It works good, I have seen it in the past discounted to $25 or so when no one buy them but I paid the full price worth it if you use it.

    • +1

      Stand is pretty good. It's no park tool but for the price, it's amazing. Makes working on your bike way easier.
      folds up pretty small too.
      Try find a large bit of cardboard to place underneath to catch any lose lube or gunge that comes off.

    • +1

      The stand is fine, the weakest spot is a bolt in a telescopic bar which fixes handlebar, it is that thing hanging on the clamp on the picture. Otherwise it is quite alright and does the job.

      • I gave up on that bit (I think it got lost in the end) and just went back to using a triangle of string from bar grip, loop round saddle then back to other bar grip. Been using that method for 40+ years and it works perfectly.

        • yeah, pretty much the same here. Also, the bike I ride the most is that 400$ aldi road bike and its fork/frame has some small internal bumps of some sort, or a shim, so the whole thing does not need fixation after all while serviced.

    • +1

      Sold mine - really didn't like it. Clamp kept on twisting so couldn't keep bike at desired angle. Maybe I had a dud, this one looks different - my old one was red.

      • Trick is to wrap an old bicycle tube around the bit that keeps rotating

  • Helmet size runs on the small side. I bought a L/XL HELMET from the last aldi run, and it's still a bit small for my big head.

    The bike stand looks legit, even had the quick lever, rather than a $50 one I bought from eBay which has the really annoying screw to secure the bike.

    Its super handy for wash your bike, lubricate, change tyres or do basic maintenance. At $40, a steal.

  • I have thebike stand it’s very heavy

    • +2

      Any idea how much weight it's rated to carry? Could it hold an e-bike?

      • Yeah I say so

      • You should remove the battery first regardless.

      • Yes, it can. Balancing it is the biggest problem though. Whilst it can support the weight off the ground, the grip around the horizontal clamp is not enough for many hub motor based bikes given the weight at one end and it'll normally twist so that ends is lowest. It's a bit better if you clamp it on the seat tube, but not by much.

      • I have this stand and an eZee Sprint. It holds it, but only just. I can’t lock the angle. The motor on the front wheel is too heavy for it. I have to support the front wheel with something extra.

        • I assume that is without the battery. That must be around 20kg without the battery?

  • Anyone know maximum weight on the bike repair stand?

  • Has anyone used their pumps? How are they?
    I have been trying to get a decent one (topeak joe blow sport 3) since corona, but it was out of stock for ages.
    But if aldis pump is decent then i might as well get the 15 dollar one.

    • My aldi pump lasted like 3 years of heavy use. Eventually the handle snapped, but never had any problems. Great value for $15, I will probably buy it again haha.

    • The floor pump is pretty good from my experience.
      Mines over a year old and I use it regularly for 2x bicycles and a motorcycle.
      Only bit I have needed to be careful of is the plastic valve on the schrader valve (car type) as you can wear down the piece that depresses the valve if you are too aggressive with it, no issues with the presta side of the double head.

    • Have been using it for 2 years, this just works.

  • +4

    Muc Off chain degreaser and lube looks like very good deals as well, might slip on the facemask and head over to Aldi on the 22nd. With the current state of life in Melbourne going to a supermarket to buy bike cleaner qualifies as a holiday

    • +5

      For the degreaser and cleaner, buy car products, you can have 5l for the price of a 500ml equivalent bike product!

      • Word of mouth between bike friends suggests automotive degreaser is too strong for bike chains.

        One friend who has broken two chains in a year has recently stopped using it to see if that was causing the failures.

        • If the degreaser is too strong then can't you dilute it a bit?

        • +1

          I can't for the life of me see how a solvent based degreaser is going to weaken steel.
          FWIW, I have over 9000km on my chain (yes it's probably time for a change) and I use automotive degreaser to clean it.

          • +1

            @Tennessee Jack: youre trashing your whole drivetrain @ 9K! average duration of a chain is 2K-3K depending on conditions

            youre probably going to need a new cassette chain and chainrings after that long!

            buy a chain wear tool, use it and change it when it gets 0.75 to 1.0 wear change your chain for a new one

        • …i use kero baths (deep clean) & degreaser on a rag (quick clean) and have never snapped a chain in over 40,000kms of riding.
          you DONT need bike branded solvents for drivetrain maintenance….its just marketing

          • +1

            @franco cozzo: I used to muck about cleaning chains in an ultrasonic cleaner.

            I then moved to just wiping them down with a rag and putting a drop of motor oil on each roller - my chain life has been exactly the same.

        • +2

          I doubt auto degreaser can be "too strong" - just use it sparingly. You don't want to spray it all over your derailleurs or where it can get into the cranks. Just use a toothbrush to get it on the drivechain.

          Chain failure is most likely cause by excessive wear, riding in hard gears up slopes, or changing gears at poor times that stresses the chain - usually a combination of all three.

          I use motorbike cleaner on my mountain bike and have found it way better than the overpirced Muc Off stuff.

        • +2

          definitely the degreaser, not the shitty thin 11 speed being cross chained.

          • @oznik: This.

            I learnt the hard way… Wreaked my chain from cross chaining within about 2500km of use. Luckily was my first road bike and just Shimano 105.

            The chain kept jumping on the teeth when I put down power and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was the most frustrating thing…

    • +1

      For the record crew, I use some kind of no-name citrus degreaser that I buy in Bunnings for my chain at the moment, yes much cheaper than Bike brands but under $8 for a multi-pack with some degreaser, lube and something else as well from a recognised brand looks like value. I use Squirt lube on my main bike and its very smooth but I also have an aluminium bike permanently on the wahoo kickr and rather than waste the expensive squirt stuff on it, some of the muc-off Aldi stuff might be worth a try, just saying.

  • +1

    When are they going to sell the mountain bikes again?

  • Is there still a big rush at aldi in melbourne during lockdown?

    Bike stand seems pretty good considering everything else is $150.

    • I bought one from Bunnings a few months ago for $90, and it works well. Probably very similar to the Aldi one except 4 feet instead of 5. It seemed to be the cheapest stand around at the time and was easy - no postage.

  • I have the bike stand, I use it maybe once every 2 months, very sturdy for the price. You would have to pay $200 or more to get a better stand.

  • I never shop in Aldi, but I have been waiting for Aldi Bike Repair Stand. So how difficult to get the special buy? I seen people waiting for the store to open. I read people missed out and complain another customer bought the only 3 they have in store. Is special item scarce and hard to acquire??

    Do I need to bring Bikie?

    • -1

      Yes, heaps of hype and then there will be 3 available and 100 people missing out. With a line up an hour before open.

      It is good other businesses are stepping up and matching their price when aldi brings in their "bargains"

      Still can't believe cheap, low quality junk like this is still being supported too.

      If you don't value your time. Then wait in line and be disappointed. If you do, buy somewhere else.

      • Where can I find price match? I certainly don't want to waste my time standing next to all those virus infested commoners.

      • I've used an aldi bike stand for 5 years and its been great, I use it weekly.

        I'm nowhere near disappointed. I've used parktool stands in the past and yes they are nicer, but the aldi stand does the job and is fine for home use.

  • -1

    Does this mean the bike would be coming soon?

    • +1

      I don't think you can draw that conclusion. With bikes selling like hotcakes right now, it might be harder for Aldi to get a good deal from their suppliers (or not, I don't know how the business works).

      The previous mountain bike special was in April this year and the one before that in August 2019. There have been separate e-bike specials.

  • +1

    I have the lights, they are very bright and overall I would recommend them. The red one has a smaller capacity battery, runs out of juice in about 5 hours.
    I also have an older iteration of the pump, works great even after a few years.

  • +2

    lights are more to be seen rather to lighten up your path

  • +2

    Those lights are crap, they don't mount well and the clips break easily. The bike stand seems decent for the price though, I might try and grab one of those.

  • +1

    does anyone have any idea when the motorcycle stuff will be making an appearance ? need a jacket.

    • Waiting for this too but highly reluctant to go into an Aldi in Melbourne on special buys days

  • +2

    found this review on youtube (not associated)

  • +2

    I bought the rebel sports bike stand (similar design) on offer at $30 last year. Only used it once as it wouldn't work on the kids bikes (frames too small) and just ended up getting in the way, so sold it for $50.

    Good idea if you use regularly, but I just flip the bike to work on it now. Might take a punt on the pump and phone 'tank bag' and usb lights though!

  • Has anyone bought the toolkit ? Is it any good ? Is there a sheet to explain which tool is for what purpose (it looks like there might be different styles of bottom bracket tools for example) ? Or is it like many toolkits with a couple of useful tools and a bunch of fairly useless items included to make it sound like it is a big & comprehensive kit ?

    • as far as cheap tool kits go this one is good….from what i can see:
      very useful tools include, chain wear tool, chainwhip & chainbreaker, bb removal tool, cassette tool, cone spanners for cup n cone hubs, hex keys,
      less useful/cheap tools: …couple sizes of screwdrivers, spoke tension tool and tube repair kit

      • hey any chance you could take a look at this one? How do you think this would go compared with the the unavailable Aldi product?

        • its an ok set. depends on how much you need the bottom bracket tool…i think the aldi was more desirable as you had newer standards tools & generally more useful.
          thats a bit expensive at that price…more what id expect to pay $40 for

    • I was semi keen until I saw it had heaps of standard tools and the last thing I need are more screwdriver or allen key sets. 28pcs is a stretch too by my count, they must be counting each patch in the repair kit.

      Having said that I bet if you just bought the 4-5 bike tools you actually need individually you'd pay $40 or more, even for cheapies like these. The benefit would be less landfill though.

      • ….youd pay close to $40 just for the chain whip, chain breaker and bb tool….the rest are basically freebies

        • -3

          yes. you're pretty much paraphrasing what I said.

        • +1

          3 tools for ‘close to $40’ is effectively the same statement as 4 tools ‘$40 or more’ so I don’t really understand the negs just for pointing out we’re in agreement.

          I guess there’ll be more coming now so should just bite my tongue.

    • Thanks guys. Appreciate the replies.

  • Wow, the repair stand sure went quick - I just got to my local Aldi as the doors opened, and managed to get the 2nd last one before it was all gone.

  • Even the tools were quickly gone. Anyone recommend the lights? If not, can you suggest a good Front/Rear Set? I'm starting now, would appreciate tips!

    • +1

      for a front light you need to decide if you need the light for others (drivers) to see you or if you need the light to illuminate the road so that you can ride in the dark. I ask this because a flasher light doesnt need to be as bright and is normally a lot cheaper, a light to ride by needs to be a lot more powerful and normally they cost a lot more. Also are you riding on the road or MTB. There are people that go riding mountainbike trails at night and they normally need very powerful light setups.

      • Well primarily would be for road use at night for cars and for some paths here that are pretty dark (Tempe in Sydney). I think by the time I'll go night riding in trails, definitely will be upgrading gear and all.

  • Just off the phone to a mate, he managed to get a bike stand, lights and toolkit, said it was chaos. Melbourne Iso rules meant Aldi were only letting a certain number of folks into the shop at a time and there was a queue outfront. Nervous moments waiting to even get into the shop. He's pretty happy with what he got.

  • Damn even put this in my calendar let to get there in morning but only remembered in arvo.

  • Just assembled the bike stand and tested, seems sturdy & stable.

    One question though - one of my bikes has a flat-shaped too tube rather than circular. So the stand’s clamp isn’t able to evenly hold on to the tube. Is that an issue or is there a simple solution please?

    First time using such a stand, so a bit of a noob question.

    • +1

      I have the same situation with the frame. Used some old packing material between the clamps and the frame to protect it as well as spread the load a bit across the bike frame between the clamp's contact points. Worked out nicely.

      • Ok thanks!

    • +1

      you should clamp to the seatpost not the top tube, particularly if your frame is carbon fibre. I dont have one of the Aldi stands but most of these types of stands the clamp head can be adjusted to be horizontal rather than vertical. The only time I would clamp to the top tube is if the seatpost was aero shaped and didnt fit the clamp and then i only clamp very softly

      • +1

        Yes, I did a bit more reading and that seems to be the recommended way to avoid potentially damaging the tube. Only annoyance for me is that my seat is quite low down the post and doesn't have quick release, so will be a (minor) hassle.

        Thanks for the heads-up though!

  • Rolled into Aldi Norwood (Adelaide) at 9:15am and no stands or toolkits. Rookie effort on my end!

    • -1

      I would say more pathetic effort on Aldi for advertising something that they are not going to make available to the public. They opened at 8am on Saturday and the stuff was gone in less than 30 minutes. Is this ethical?

      • What exactly is unethical about it?

        They had more stock in one store than 5 local bike shops would have combined.

        • It is unethical that they do not even have enough stock to cover 1 hour worth of demand, let alone the whole week the special goes for.
          Infact they did not even have enough stock to cover 1 hour worh of demand!!!
          At 8.30am they run out.
          I visited 3 stores and in the third one a staff member kindly checked on the computer for me and told me that there was no stand or tool kit left in the whole QLD.
          That is just a joke. Aldi is not just some little store that cannot anticipate demand and plan for it. They are doing it on purpose to get people in the store.

      • +1

        It's not ethical, it's a more akin to playing for small lottery win. It's just to draw people into stores so they buy groceries there. What I find strange is people are accepting of this from Aldi but if Colesworth tried to pull the same stunt they would be howling and rightfully so. Aldi should have the concept of Rain Checks which go back to manufacturer back order if necessary, now that would be genuine limited time pricing….

  • I've read through the comments in the thread on the tool kit, consensus seems to be that it has good coverage for the price. Trouble is they are unobtainium and no Aldi has any left. Can anyone let me know if they have tried these generic chinese kits the likes of which are found on ebay or other market places?