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Intel Core i9-9900KF $599, Intel Core i9-9900K $649 + Delivery @ PC Byte


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  • Not worth ditching the iGPU for 50 bucks IMO, at least not with what I do.

  • Is there any benefit with a 9900K over the new i7 10700K? They're around the same price, aren't they?

    • marginally less memory latency and core latency due to no two dead cores on the ring bus, and these fit into cheaper motherboards that have been on runout since they're meant for last gen.

      also you can mod z170 and z270 boards to take these things but intel won't tell you that

    • If you’re looking for a drop-in upgrade for a 300 series motherboard, it’s cheaper than i7 10700k + z490 board. If you are starting from scratch or upgrading from a 200 series board, or earlier, you’d be getting the newer stuff anyway and you wouldn’t bother with these cpus.

  • This sale is available again as far as I can see… only the 9900K is $10 more… although same prices as previous clearance deals…